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The HOA Can Kiss My H-O-Ass [Ryan’s Rants]

The HOA is THE #1 deal killer and time staller
in the real estate industry. It does not matter
if you are a Loan Officer or a Realtor, the HOA
hates all of us equally.
Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, I know
there is a need for HOAs. The HOA keeps your
neighbors from painting their home forest green.
They keep the other neighbors from building a barn
in their back yard and filling it with loud animals.
I know they serve a purpose, but boy oh boy, can they
be a pain in everyone’s ass too.
At one of my rent homes in Mckinney, Texas I got
a ticket from the Craig Ranch HOA because they could
see my trashcan through my garage window. I was super
pissed and asked the HOA nazi why she was peeking in
people’s windows in the first place? I guess power
on any level, can be abused lol.
I always wondered it the HOA head person actually lived
in the neighborhood. What a great stress reliever that
must be when the kids and spouse drive you nuts. “I’m
leaving you here to go harass the neighbors.” Jeez…
The single entity that I hear the most complaints about
is the HOA. They are a 3rd party disinterested entity that
could care less about a $400,000 loan, they want their $500
annual fee that is owed to them. HOA property management
must be a friggin gold mine. Literally all they have to
do is make sure the neighborhood yards are mowed and write
a letter to those that aren’t.
One thing is for sure, if an HOA management company every
opens a facebook or twitter page, they will get blasted by
the masses. Imagine what would happen if they actually had to
take responsibility to the people they are responsible for…
This week’s rant is all about the HOA in my hood. Boy they
are nazi’s for real. All over my shit and worried about the
wrong things.


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