| 6.15.2012

Get Rich Quick Schemes Really Work [Ryan’s Rants]

A few months ago, I was up early one Sunday morning, as I turned on my TV, there was an infomercial on. This Big Shot internet guy was telling the world how “easy” it was to make a GO-Zillion dollars (real numbers y’all) by being an affiliate marketer. Being no stranger to that arena, my ears perked up, and I bought what he was selling for $20. (Alert #1 went off when the product was only $20…) When the package arrived, needless to say, it was not “easy”! There were at least 6 months worth of hard work, invested money and dedication involved, before a real person could make any money doing what was “advertised” All this made me think, and as you probably guessed, I put my thoughts on video here.

Get Rich Quick Schemes Really Work  


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