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google+ for real estate

Google+ Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Google+ is really the best
social media network around
right now. The #1 reason it’s
not as hot as facebook is easy
to explain.
Remember when you had...


The Easiest Way To Start A Real Estate Blog

I have finally heard it enough.
Realtors, Loan Officers, Lawyers
and many more, have told me hundreds
of times, “Ryan,I’d like to blog
but I don’t know what...

Jennifer Aniston

This IS NOT a Damn Porn Site [Ryan’s Rants]

I was visiting with a close friend,
after an expert panel I was a part
of yesterday. She tells me she
was talking about me to another
professional, (always a good thing) and

Facebook haters

Why You Facebook Faking? [Ryan’s Rants]

I don’t know about you, but
when I run into someone I am friends
with on facebook, but have not met
in real life, I get excited to connect
with them offline. Not everyone...


The Best Way to Post On Facebook to Get Comments

The whole idea of Social Media is to be social, right? So why not try to be the center of attention? The more eyes on you, the more chances you have to fill a need.
There is a shift...