Show Up and Close

The Easiest Way To Start A Real Estate Blog

I have finally heard it enough.
Realtors, Loan Officers, Lawyers
and many more, have told me hundreds
of times, “Ryan,I’d like to blog
but I don’t know what to blog about.”
I have been searching for an inexpensive,
done for you service, that could help
resolve this problem, that I keep hearing
from a lot of people.
This will work for anyone, but especially
realtors, because this is the easiest way to
start a real estate blog. Overblog is
a new software platform for social media.
It basically takes all of your posts from
sites like facebook, twitter, youtube,
instagram, foursquare and more, then compiles
the posts from them into one GIANT, DONE
FOR YOU, BLOG, that looks cool.
So now instead of coming up with something
to say on social media and a blog,
you can use Overblog to turn your
social media posts into your blog.
Watch how easily its done, and then go
set up your Overblog account. You can
see mine here.
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