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Why You Facebook Faking? [Ryan’s Rants]

I don’t know about you, but
when I run into someone I am friends
with on facebook, but have not met
in real life, I get excited to connect
with them offline. Not everyone is
feels the same way as I do though.
I was at a networking event the other
day, and I ran into someone that I
know 100% for a fact, that we are
friends on facebook and that person
knows who I am. I’m human, I have the
basic need for acknowledgment just like
everyone else. So when this person acted
like they did not know me, I was a little
in my feelings.
When I left I thought to my self “Why you
facebook hating on me?” but not everyone
is a “nice” person like me.
Bottom line; if you see someone offline,
that you know from being connected online,
go say “Hello” and meet them in the
“real world”
Enjoy this weeks rant:


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