| 8.15.2012

Rock Star Closer Radio: How To Be a Hardcore Closer

How to be a Hardcore Closer in 2012?   The truth is, that was not the original name of this show. I was stood up for the first time, this week. Shit happens I guess.   So I did this show on the absolute fly, but I think it actually went petty well. I’ve had a strange series of events happen to me this week, and I turn them into an effective message for all of us sales people.   I give a step by step game plan on what it takes to be a hardcore closer in 2012. It’s not as much as you probably think, but it’s not exactly easy either.   When I did this show, my mouth was so dry, I kept having to pause to take a deep breath. Texas in August is like 199 degrees and my allergies were killing me. [That’s my story and I’m sticking to it]   Enjoy the show, it contains a strong lesson.  

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