| 8.1.2012

Rock Star Closer Radio: Live From Inman Connect with Wendy Forsythe

Today I had no battle plan what so ever. The only plan I did have, was that I was going to do this show on the fly. I figured that I would just find random people to put on the spot, on the show.   Well, sometimes things just work out. I was fortunate enough to meet the EVP of Atlantic and Pacific Real Estate, Wendy Forsythe. Wendy totally nailed this impromptu show. I had to have her on the show once Maria Mull told me about all of the great things Atlantic and Pacific Real Estate have to offer.   Wendy Forsythe has vision and is doing her part to create jobs, good jobs, in this so called “bad economy”. Take a few minutes and listen to her vision, along with the possibilities an agent has with APRE.   Enjoy the show:

Live From Inman Connect with Wendy Forsythe   

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