Show Up and Close

What The #Hell You Are Doing with #Hashtags You #HashHead [Ryan’s Rants]

It cracks me up when I see people
pretending like they know what the
hell they are doing with hashtags.
They look like hashheads, not hashtag
Facebook is not a place for hashtags.
The Hashtag was created by twitter
and now works on Linkedin, Google+
and Instagram among others.
The HASHTAG is not just some cool
way to turn a sentence into a word.
When I see people doing so, I have this “marketing
gone wrong” scene in the back of my
head. The host/guy from “Unsolved Mysteries”
is there, and he’s telling a sad story
of dumbasses using hashtags for no reason.
Now, if you do this currently, don’t trip,
there has never been a better time to
stop, then now. haha
Hashtags are awesome, but you need to know
how to use them. No one wants to look
like an amateur on Facebook.
Enjoy the Rant:



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