Show Up and Close

iPhone and Android Apps That Make a Realtors Job Easier

It’s about to be the time of the
year when the sun goes down at
6pm and it gets dark quickly. As a
realtor, you do most of your showings and
listing appointments after your clients
get off work. During this time of year,
that often means working after dark.
We all know, that right now, the market
is mostly REO properties. It’s been my
experience that REO properties don’t
leave the light on for you. I mean,
who do you think they are, Motel 6?
Most of us carry a flashlight in our
cars, but not all of us.  It seems like
you never have one around when you need it.
Sometimes we simply forget stuff
and leave home with out a flashlight.
BUT, we never leave home without our
iPhones or Androids.
I found a all-in-one solution
for realtors and any contractors
that may need a quick light, but
not have one. Watch this quick video
and you can thank me later ;-)



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