Show Up and Close

These Political Polecats are Pulling America Apart [Ryan’s Rants]

“I’ve had it up to here, with the
likes of you people!” I’m sick and
tired of people putting evil, political
shit on facebook. I’m a firm believer
in saying what you want, but it is distasteful
and un-American in my opinion.
Do you realize we are Americans before
we are anything else. White, Black, Gay,
Straight, Christian, Muslim and everyone
I missed, are Americans first and “media
labels” second.
America is a great country and we
are dividing faster than the build
up to the civil war. The media has
us segmenting ourselves. They have us
programmed to believe their every lie,
by way of social proof.
Don’t fall for it! The next time you
talk bad about anyone in America, just
know that you are talking bad about
America itself. WE need to stay united
not divided. We need to express acceptance
and drive at the same time.
Enjoy my positive spin on evil shit
with this week’s rant:



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