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Growing Your Referral Network Using Facebook Friend Suggestions

We’ve all heard the saying “your network
is your net-worth” a million times. At
least I know I have. We have heard it
so much because it is true. My favorite
spin on it is “the more hands you shake,
the more money you make” that’s an old car
business saying. By using the facebook friend
suggestions function, you can grow your network
Knowing that you need to grow your network
to continue to generate leads for your business,
have you ever thought about giving to get? By
giving to get, I mean giving referrals
to the people you would like to get referrals
from. The undeniable law of reciprocity
says if you give to someone, the scale of
“I owe you one” is uneven and the mind
must balance it out.
So here are a few ways to use facebook
friend suggestions to grow your own referral
Method #1:
The next time you go to an offline networking
function, take the business cards you get and
instead of calling or emailing, friend them up
on facebook. Start a FB chat with them in the
next few days [this makes you different then the
others that only call and email] and ask them
what kind of referrals they are looking for.
Look through your friends list and suggest 1
or 2 people you know could help them or vice versa.
They will forever be grateful. After you have
done this, check back in with them in a week
and see if anything became of it. This also
gives you the chance to ask for them to return
the favor. With a little patience you will
consistently grow using this technique.
Method #2
Another great way to easily give referrals
in facebook is by @tagging a friend’s name
that provides a service, on a live post.
For instance, if you post “I’m looking for
a plumber who knows a good one?” and I comment
with: “call @John Smith, at 214-555 5555″
this alerts my friend that they have been
tagged in a post and they can immediately
respond in most cases. Again follow-up with
your friends in a few days to see if anything
came of it. If I did ask them to suggest a
few friends for you as a favor.
Method #3
This one is cuts right to the chase. We
all have friends on facebook that will
give us referrals as soon as you ask them.
Start a chat with a couple of them and simply
say (if you talk like me) “hey homie I hope
you are crushing it. Hope pfffft I KNOW
you are crushing it. Any way I was thinking
of a way we can both get a few new referrals.
Go suggest some friends for me on here that
could use my services. YOU KNOW HOW I DO IT.
If you want me to do the same “no prob” thanks
in advance” This is a direct approach but I’ll
bet you a buck, you have never just asked you
A-List friends or connections for a friend
suggestion/lead/referral. “Kno ‘m sayin mane?”
There you have it! Three super easy and cool
ways to connect, not only yourself, but your
friends too. And they will love you forever
because of it. Truth is, you will love them
forever too if they do it right.
This video will show you step by step how
to suggest friends and where to find the
“suggest box” it’s not exactly easy to find.

Between you and your 2 best facebook friends,
I’ll bet you are sitting on at least $10,000
of annual business and you are missing out
on it. So now you have an easy way to expand
your network and generate leads from
facebook. It really is that easy, you just
have to be the one to take initiative.
If you are looking to know more about
how to use facebook and other social media
sites, to generate an endless stream of
leads for your business, click the POSTfuser
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