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Rock Star Closer Radio: The One Where the Guest Speaker NO Showed

I’d like to sit here and tell you everything is
always perfect in “Closer Land” but I’m not that
good at lying. I’m always transparent with you
guys, because it’s how I roll. It’s the only
way I know how to be. So this week you can see
right through me.
So the truth is; I had a guest speaker
(who I won’t name and will refer to as
“them” from here on) that did not show up
today. That IS NOT how I roll. Life will
sometimes throw lemons at you. Hard, and
when they hit, they feel like baseballs.
Do you ever feel that way? ehhh me either…
You know why? Because I’m prepared, I carry a
bat with me at all times. ;-)
So this week, I had to get my bat out. I’m
not much on sports metaphors, so we will just
leave that there, before it gets out of hand.
I got stood up. Between being married, and a
kick ass businessman, I don’t get stood up often.
But when I do (in my dos equis voice) it always
sucks. And pisses me off. But like water on a duck
who gives a f…
A few months ago, I did a “Ryan’s Rants” titled
You Stood Me Up You Evil Bastard“That was the
last time that I had been stood up, until today of
course. I meet with people online and over the phone
every day and one thing I know we all need to be more
of, is FLEXIBLE with our schedules. We can’t sit back
and expect our clients and the world to revolve
around us. We have to be proactive and make sure
our business is properly handled. No one cares as
much as you do. You can always make time for what
matters and now a days, if you don’t follow up
or call people back, they KNOW you are careless
or straight up neglecting them. No one is dumb.
Think of things this way: If you know something,
assume your client does too, when it comes to
Now I’m not stupid, I know at times I can be
intimidating (on accident of course) and it
can be a lot of pressure for a person to get
on the air in front of 30,000+ people and talk.
So I usually chalk up missed appointments to
that. It’s just a sometimes casualty of war.
That’s no excuse though, and it does not make it
suck any less.
The good news is that I always have something of
value to give our community. I may not have it written
down and properly formatted for LIVE radio, but nevertheless
I make it happen. This week is no exception. I give you
step by step instructions on how to build a facebook
friends list and influence them into buying your stuff.
Assuming you are cool and your stuff is good, of course.
I take you on a trip, showing you how to convert microsoft
outlook contacts into raving facebook friends. We all have
(or better have) an email database of past clients and referral
partners. Have you ever thought of emailing that list and
asking them to “friend” you on facebook? Why not? Once you
listen to my story about cell phones and websites, you will
feel silly about not connecting with everyone on social media.
After I teach you what to write, and how to get them
to connect, I talk about what steps you need to take
to create a relationship with them. A real, responsive,
relationship. This allows you to connect with your
perfect customers and be the “go to” person when they
think of your product or service. Even when talking
to their friends. They will become raving fans and a
human billboard for your business, if you do it right.
So life threw a lemon at me and I turned into
marketing gold for you guys. By the way in Texas
“guys” is a term for “people” in general. Much like
“y’all” So I’m not trying to leave out my lady readers,
I want to be clear on that. I did not have a plan,
but I always carry a plan b. You never know when
you may need it. Especially after Tonja crushed
it last week, I must keep improving!
Grab a pen and a paper or your ipad if you’re
cool, and take a few notes. I’m going to lay out
a simple, yet effective marketing strategy that you
can implement in just a few minutes a week. (if you
are a lazy ass)
Enjoy the show.

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