Hardcore Closer’s Review of the Revestor Website from Shark Tank

Posted on November 11, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Friday night my wife and I were watching MY favorite TV show Shark Tank. There was this guy on there pitching this “Revestor” website. To me, the product seemed cool and could totally serve our niche. To the Sharks, the guy was talking big numbers without any info to back it up. I could tell the CEO was really nervous, but the act that followed after Revestor, the one with Bruce Vilanch, was even worse, so that saved Revestor some face. Now I could
 have it all backwards, the CEO could have went in trying to get publicity and not really wanting to go into business with any of the sharks. After all, the sharks are looking for companies/ideas that can be turned into 100 million dollar or higher companies. I think Revestor is a million dollar website, but not a 100MM or 1B website.

Either way, it’s still pretty useful to our community.  So I decided to do a review of the revestor website from shark tank and let our community know what it is all about and if it can benefit us. It CAN and in a MAJOR way. I have to say I like it and it’s features. 


When you land on the home page of Revestor, the first option you have is to search by city, state or zip code. Once you enter the location you are searching for property in, it pulls up potential “investment” opportunities.

The page that offers the “green homes” (that’s the color of the houses that present investment opportunities) looks just like a google map. There won’t be 100s of homes for sale in a small area. You may only see one or two “deals” out there.
This is a good thing. The software automatically sifts out the homes that are not worthy of at least a 20% ROI from cash flow or flip perspectives. 



The site also offers a free flip estimate. Revestor gives you an idea of how much you are going to need to invest towards repairs, closing costs AND hold back fees. They have really thought of everything you need to get a quick glance at an investment property.







Revestor also offers a mobile app for those of us who have swapped the laptop for the iPad. The app is just as easy to use as the website.





It’s free to sign up (for now) but I heard the CEO pitch on Shark Tank that he wanted to monetize it at $100/month. If he can attract realtor ads, he can monetize it from that point and keep it free to the public which will make the site grow even faster. Without further adieu, here is my review of the Revestor website from the Shark Tank TV show. Enjoy

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