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ListedBy is an Awesome New Website for Real Estate Buyers and Sellers

Anytime a new technology comes out, a few hardworking
people who rise to the challenge, can find gold in
it. I believe is gold. It’s a new spin
on real estate combined with social media. is a free website that allows real estate
sellers and buyers, licensed or not, to market in one
spot. One of the cooler features of ListedBy is the
social networking aspect of it. This feature allows
you the seller/buyer/agent to all have real-time
conversations about the property in question. This
also gives all parties a chance to get to know each

This website is BRAN NEW. It was just recently launched
and is already gaining a lot of traction. There are
people looking to buy and sell real estate joining this
new wave of doing business daily. This is seemingly an
easier, less stressful way for all parties involved to
feel comfortable about the whole real estate process
and with each other.

There is a little secret I uncovered when I was on the site
that I want to share with you. AGENTS: There are people
on this site day and night trying to advertise their property.
If you are good at your job and have the needed sales skills
to do so, reach out to these people! You never know if they
may be open to an agent. You also never know if they are
real estate investors who buy and sell over and over.

Realtors can also use ListedBy in their listing presentations.
Inform your sellers that this is another powerful piece of the web
that their property will be listed on. With the “auction” feature
that ListedBy offers, you can always present that as a resort or
method during your listing presentations as well.

The last thing I want to mention about this website is the
ad portion. As I mentioned before, this is a new site that
is gaining traction, so you can get in on the advertising at
a good rate right now as well. Imagine your properties or your
face showing up on the homepage every time someone went to the
site. I’m personally always on the look out for new ways to
attract leads and ads on ListedBy is a perfect place to do just

As always, I’ve produced a short video that gives you the 50,000
foot overview of what all the site can do. There is so many more
functions and services available but I did not want to spend all
day going over it ;-)

Enjoy the video and be sure to reach out to ListedBy and tell
them I sent you. I promise you can’t go wrong getting your
name and properties in more places online.

Source: via Ryan on Pinterest


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