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Posted on December 12, 2012

Ryan Stewman



Last Tuesday my friend Kent Littlejohn was nice enough to invite me to give a webinar to his sphere of influence.

He asked me to share my facebook syndicate program with everyone. We promoted the webinar over a 48 hour period and had 323 registrations. My gotowebinar account will only hold 100 live attendees. So over 100 LIVE people were kicked off.

The logical thing to do was for us to throw an encore presentation. We marketed the encore presentation for only 6 hours and again had over 100 people show up and many got kicked off. I’m sure it frustrated a lot of people. I made a special one-time-offer to the live attendees as well.

The information I shared on the live webinar is so important to the future of facebook marketing, that many of those who attended immediately changed their whole philosophy around how facebook marketing takes place in 2012 and beyond.

I’m a BIG believer in taking super complex issues and simplifying them down to their most basic form. I’ve developed a great skill for making complicated shit easy to understand, sometimes to a fault.

Facebook is changing rapidly, just like google did in 2003. The pressure from Wall St, Advertisers and investors to perform and earn money is a HUGE weight on facebook’s back. Facebook has to walk a fine line between keeping the public (us) happy and keeping the investors (them) in check and satisfied. It’s because of this that your posts are probably not being seen like you think they are.

If your posts are not getting the comments, likes and shares they used to, you have not lost your cool factor. We are in that sweet spot on facebook that allows us average people to still
be found in the newsfeed without paying, but you have to know how to do it. Having your posts show up in the facebook newsfeed is the equivalent of having your website show up on the front page of google. We can all agree that the front page of google is a coveted spot, I challenge you to think of the facebook newsfeed the same way.

On this week’s episode of Rock Star Closer Radio I’m giving you the audio version of the webinar I did live for 200 people so far. Many people have taken action and bought into the facebook syndicate mindset. This is the way the top 3% earners of all social media marketers do their business. Enjoy the show…

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