| 1.23.2013

Rock Star Closer Radio: How To Avoid Stoopid Rookie Marketing Mishaps

We all think we know, until we find out the hard way,
we don’t know anything. I’m just as hard-headed as any
of you. Once I get my mind-set on something, I put
100% of my focus on it and see it through.

These days though, before I put my mind to it, I
make sure I get 4 or 5 highly trusted opinions on
what I should do. I only value the opinions of those
who have been there done that. Why would you or anyone
else seek out advice from someone who has not done what
you do before?

Over the last 2 and 1/2 years I have made some seriously
stoopid rookie marketing mishaps. I was just like you, I
did not have a ton of money to drop on a fancy mastermind
group, or some super high-end training course, so I went
about it alone and the hard way.

And I knocked the piss out of my head about at least 100 times

As soon as I hit my first online “lick” I hired a mentor. I
hired someone who had been there and done it before and could
help me avoid getting into unseen traps (they are everywhere)

Getting clarity and direction changed the game for me. I went
from not being able to describe what I do in an hour long speech
to not caring about what I do and only serving the needs of others.
[for a (high) fee of course, that is WELL worth it]

So on this week’s show, I thought I would offer some of my
personal experiences with BIG ASS MISTAKES and give you some
“insider-info” on how NOT to do the dumb shit I did.

This is a great show and full of hilarity. I’ve not always been
a fella that had his way with good luck. If luck be a lady, I’d
be a virgin. No shit.

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WARNING: I probably wouldn’t blast this show loudly from your
cubicle. The “Ladies down the hall” may hate you for it…
Just sayin. Enjoy the show!

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