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social blogging for business

Social Blogging for Business


You’re not blogging? That has got to be the equivalent of an unpublished College Professor or a business that doesn’t do any advertising or showing up for work...

the social media branding

The Social Media Marketing Strategy of the Century

I was doing some simple keyword research on what to blog about and it never ceases to amaze me, some of the things people search for crack me up. Who teaches these “searchers” how to type...

using facebook to market a roofing business

How to Market Your Roofing Business on Facebook

Lately, I’ve had quite a few roofing companies approach me and ask for advice on how they can stop knocking on doors and still generate leads. So I’ve decided to show you how to market your...

sales coach

Who Can You Trust These Days to be a Sales Leader

It’s the first week in February, are you on track to keep your 2013 goals in place, or have you already regressed back to the norm? Since you are reading this, I can safely guess, you are either...