| 7.6.2013

Rockstar Closer Radio: Big Money Sales Pro with Ephraim Olschewski

The world we live in is driven by sales. Selling is what stimulates the planet. Those that are unable to sell stuff, must go to work fulfilling the products and services sold by those who can. Selling is a talent. It does not have to be a natural talent but it is a talent that can be learned. This week my guest Ephraim Olschewski is a certified sales closer. Ephraim  

There comes a point in your selling career when you are ready to teach what you know and have done. For many of us this means moving up into management and leadership roles in our jobs. For others like Ephraim, it means reaching out to the public and offering training across the board. When your sales game is to the level which you feel you can help anyone anywhere, you are a sales pro.  

Ephraim S Olschewski is just that. He’s a closer, a sales pro a teacher and a student. On this episode he talks about being heavily entrenched in the game and never taking his eyes off the prize. We go on to talk about what it takes to succeed in sales in today’s market among other things.  

I’m a huge believer in having a paid mentor. Ephraim subscribes to this same mindset. In the world of sales you never stop learning. People are changing and evolving on a daily basis and you have to evolve your game to adapt.

Enjoy this week’s show and make sure you share this on facebook or some other random social media site. Enjoy the show.

Ephraim Olschewski

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