| 11.2.2015

The Reason Why I’m Not a Sports Fan and Never Will Be [Video]

I live in Dallas, Texas. More times than not, people say to me “How ’bout them Cowboys!”. I may say it back, but on inflection reveals it’s more like “How ’bout them Cowboys?”, because I have NO CLUE what their record is or how well they are doing. 
It’s not that I don’t like sports, I’m just not a fan. I don’t have time to get emotionally involved with something I can’t control. The brain space it requires to remember who wears what number, who plays what position and what their stats are is just too much. The same guys in every office I’ve worked knew more about football at age 50 than they did about how to do their job. 
I’m not knocking you if you’re a fan either. I’m just saying I don’t have the brain space or desire to occupy myself with sports and the time it takes to be a fan. I’d rather be making money. Do you know what team Warren Buffet cheers for? Whichever one is making him money from his investments. 
The Reason Why I’m Not a Sports Fan and Never Will Be

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