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What do I do? I work like a motherfucker in business and in my home. I cuss a lot. I smoke, drink and occasionally say things that may piss you off. I've been told I'm one funny sonofabitch too. My Job: I'm the best in the world at what I do. I help high-level sales people (mostly in the real estate industry in one form or another) reach levels of achievement in their work and home lives they never imagined possible. I raise leaders who have so much confidence about themselves and what they do, they operate from a space of POWER that few on this planet even know exist. Yea! I'm that guy. My Family: I have the CUTEST kid EVER too. I know we all say that shit, BUT I MEAN IT. My son Jax is also a better salesman than I am (ask Sean Mathies) he's the future!!! My Strategy Here: I don't just say random shit on here for my own ego. (ok maybe sometimes) I'm doing my part to bring information and understanding to a society that needs it. I'm on here to attract the right people and repel the rest. If you don't like me or what I have to say, I completely understand if you never come back. Never take what happens on here personally. Just move on and get over it. I believe we are leaving our legacy here on the internet. An online journal of our thoughts with social proof and interaction. It's a beautiful, amazing thing that our future generations will thank us for. eat your heart out. Lastly: While you're here, read some shit and buy some shit

Using Your Addictive Personality To Your Advantage

Most of us salesman have addictions. If it’s not drugs, it’s gambling, the opposite sex or whatever you weirdos are into. It’s no secret that we are an addictive bunch of thrill seekers. The thrill of hunting prospects is how we make our living. We’re always looking for a high that can replace that thrill. 


That high doesn’t exist though. There’s no high better than closing a sale and getting a big a$$ paycheck from it. I’ve chased it just like you probably have and I’m reporting back that it don’t exist. Now that you know this, what’s next?


The next step is to channel that addictive personality of yours into something productive that produces income and fills the thrill so there’s no more void. I’ll bet you’re thinking “Ok Ryan, that’s nice and all but if it were that easy…” Track with me here, I’m gonna do my best to deliver you from bondage my brother.


First thing you have to do is create new habits. Notice I didn’t say get rid of old habits? That’s because if what worked for me, works for you, they’ll drop off. Creating new habits isn’t exactly easy but the process to getting there is. Habits aren’t formed overnight. Even the ones you want to form.


Creating a habit simply comes from repetition. Nothing more, nothing less. If we fill your time with rewarding habits, you’ll not have time for the negative ones. When I say negative, I mean the ones you know you need to ditch. In order to create a lasting habit you need to repeat the ritual of creation every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for a minimum of 21 days.


Yes, that’s three weeks of practice to make it permanent. Like I said earlier, habits aren’t created overnight but they are easily created.


How do you create new habits? Good question! Lemme tell you. First you need to make a list of new habits you’d like. For example, if you stay up late drinking, you need to make a new habit to wake up early. At first it’s gonna be a bitch, but if you bite the bullet you’ll end up going to bed earlier and drinking less. Knowing the consequences of one habit against the next, causes you to get clear on which one you really want.


I like to pair my habits. For example, I not only get up early, I get up early with a mission. That mission is to have all emails, texts, chats, blog posts and gym time out of the way before 9:30am. This keeps me from staying out partying on weekdays. I know that if I do stay out, I’ll suffer from it. In one of two ways. Either from being tired and strung out or from the guilt of not doing the work I’m supposed to.


It’s hard to get ourselves to believe our own lies, but when we do it’s dangerous. When you don’t believe your inner excuses or lies, you feel guilt when you don’t keep your word. I find that the guilt of breaking a promise to myself weighs enough to keep me in line most days.


What you’ll find is that the thrill of the gym or more sales or whatever you do, will fuel your adrenaline way more than any quick fix drug. I’m not telling you to quit drinking and drugs, I’m just telling you how you can create new habits that counteract to them and force you to choose.


I drink. I smoke. I’m aware of the consequences of both. Because of this, I use in moderation vs what I used to do and just go all in whenever the mood felt right (every day)


After 21 days of sticking to the script, you’ll find yourself a new you. Yes, it’s going to be hard at first, but as each day goes by it becomes easier and easier. The more you repeat the habit, the more it sinks in and sticks in your mind. Eventually it just happens second nature.


That’s all good about habits but what about addictions?


When you’re an addict like me, you seem to find yourself consumed in one form or another with something you like. If you like the wrong things, all that needs to be done is shifting your focus. Often times we love one aspect of the thrill but hate another.


A good example of this is loving to close sales but fearing the prospect declining your offer. While closing a sale is the best high there is, losing one is the pits. It sucks big donkey you know what. Especially if it was a deal you were relying on.


Eventually one of two things happens to a salesman. Thing 1 is they get enough “NO” answers, that the pain of NO outweighs the pleasure of YES and they stop calling. Thing 2 is they create the habit of ignoring NO and keeping blocking it from effecting their confidence.


You’ve got to learn to use the pleasure of winning to outweigh the pain of losing. What I’ve done is just like ignoring the voices telling you to get high, I’ve ignored voices that say “no”. It’s not that people don’t tell me “no”, it’s that when they do, I block it out and move on to the next one. I block out the bad to make room for the good.


Another example is us being addicted to our phone. Sometimes it’s sports, sometimes it’s social media. If you’re going to have the habit anyway, make it productive. Instead of scrolling ESPN, scroll linkedin. If you’re going to be on Facebook, use that time to prospect instead of trolling.


It’s as simple as switching a few things up over and over until you’ve fooled your brain into thinking that’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it needs to stay. Only 3 weeks and you’re good. Can you do it?


I’ve channeled my addictive personality into something positive and you can too. You can find better ways to live your life before it’s too late. I’m no life coach but I got a sh!tload of life experiences. If you’d like to find out what it takes to work with me direct, and create winning habits, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch accordingly.


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How Taking NO For an Answer Hurts Your Prospects More Than It Does Your Bank Account

We all know that the ‘NOs’ don’t pay the bills. It’s our job as salesmen not to take NO for an answer. But man, those prospects love to say it. Matter of fact they don’t always say “no”. What they do instead is dish out a bunch of BS that we have to decipher through to get them over to “yes”.


You and I both know that the word no hurts our paycheck, which hurts our spending, which hurts our family, etc. But how does your prospects telling you “no” hurt them? It hurts them a lot more than it does you believe it or not.


Remember when you were a kid and you’d get your ass spanked from your dad? He’d always say “Son, this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you.” Even though that was a line of total BS coming from dear ol dad, it applies to our prospects too.


If a prospect wants to buy something but doesn’t buy today, how long will they toy with that buying decision? Makes you wonder how may hours they will waste thinking about what they want, looking at what they want and then thinking some more.


If you let the prospect tell you “I’m just looking” “I’m just here for information” or “I’m not going to buy today”, you’re doing them a huge disservice. With the time they will waste, that eventually leads them to the same decision they should have made on day one, they could have been with their family or doing something more productive with their lives.


Worse yet is when you, the salesman, know they need what you sell. You know it will help them. You know it will dramatically impact their quality of life and you let them shut YOU down. If you KNOW they need to take action and you let them fail to do so, it’s on you. You’re actually hurting them by not closing them.


What if another slime bag salesman closes them on an inferior product that costs them terribly down the road? What if your lack of ability to close them leads them to losing out on millions of income or clients? Your lack of ability or effort to close them could hurt them more than it does your paycheck.


I personally hate it when I know a person would greatly benefit from what I offer and they talk themselves out of it. I also hate to put massive sales pressure on someone, but if I know that’s what needs to be done for the benefit of the prospect, you bet your sweet a$$ I’ll be on them like flies on sh!t.


If I’m 1000% for sure that they won’t fail with what I sell and I know I’m willing to follow up and through with them in order to ensure so, I will stop at nothing to close them.


Each person in my Tribe (personal clients) that I went after, I went after with veracity. I knew I could change their lives and I wanted it more than them. I said everything I had to, in order to let them know I was going to go all in with them and I wanted it more for them than they wanted it themselves.


People are often scared to pull the trigger and make a decision not because they don’t want what you sell, but they are insecure in their ability to use and profit from what you offer. Often times it’s their inner self that’s holding them back. If you’re the big thinker, it’s your job to show them why they can’t lose by buying your stuff and how they will lose if they don’t.


Let’s give a real life example here:


A guy goes to a mortgage banker. The banker pulls his credit and tells him he’s approved for a loan. The client then tells the mortgage guy that he’s going to shop around and be back. The mortgage guy knew he had the best deal for him in town but he just let the client go.


Meanwhile, a week later the client shows back up at the bank and says he’s ready to go with the deal they cut him. The bank then pulls his credit again to make sure he hasn’t incurred any new debt and they see the guy applied for 8 mortgages at 8 different banks. As a direct result of that, his credit score dropped 100+ points.


Now, the very deal the bank offered is off the table and the client is now unable to buy the home. He now has to find a last minute apartment and reestablish his credit in the next 6 months. All this happened because when the banker knew he had the best deal, he didn’t articulate that to the client and he let him hurt himself.


This type of scenario happens every day in all of our businesses and industries. By the salesman not stepping up, closing the prospect and getting him protected, he blew the deal and screwed the prospect.


When you know, you need to close. When that voice in you head says “don’t let this one go”, you need to go for blood. It’s not always fun, it’s not the cool thing to do, but it’s the right thing to do and you know it.


If you’re looking for more skills to close people who you know need to be closed, I’ve got the perfect sales training program for you. You can check it out along with some free videos at Also, if you’d like to have a sales conversation with me about hiring me to help you or your sales team, simply fill out the form below.


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11 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Date At Least One Salesman In Their Lifetime

While the public perception of a salesman is not always the best, one thing is for sure. The ladies love Closers. Why wouldn’t they? We are some of the funniest, most interesting characters in the world. We have experiences every day that normal people can’t even fathom. 


When a sharp dressed salesman hops out of his clean ass ride and grabs his briefcase, any lady within 100 feet and eye contact is not responsible for her actions. We have everything a woman wants in a man. Good job, killer threads, great grooming and magnetic confidence.


I think every chick should date a successful sales dude at one point in their life. Especially before they settle down. They need a taste of what it’s like to be with a hunter who goes out and closes sales daily to feed himself.


Ladies: if you don’t at least date one salesman in your life you could end up settling down with some lame duck and you not even know he’s lame. Sad. Here’s 11 reasons why you should at least date one Closer before you settle down.


We Have Extreme Confidence: It’s no secret that ladies love a man with confidence. It’s one of the most primal attractions there is between a man and woman. Us salesmen have an overflowing amount of confidence. We professionally change the mind of strangers every day. That takes confidence, it ain’t for the meek.


We Know How To Party: Salesman love to celebrate. After bonuses, big commission checks and all that fun stuff we went through hell to get, we like to reward ourselves. Trips to Vegas, bottle service at top local clubs, you name it we do it to enjoy our accomplishments.


We Know How To Talk To People: A salesman never waits in line at the club. They close the bouncer on letting them skip the line. We order all the right things from the bar. We treat the valets with respect and also those who serve us. This makes people like us everywhere we go. It’s nice to be the chick on that guy’s arm.


We Have Lots of Connections: In my case, I’ve sold so much stuff to so many people that everywhere I go, people seem to know me. I also know salesmen in damn near every industry that I trade referrals with. We got the hook up that’s what we do.


We Are Very Spontaneous: The guy with the 9-5 salaried job can’t drop what he’s doing and spontaneously fly you to Vegas to have a blast. He’s got to much to lose, a budget and all those issues. Not us, we make our own money and rules so if we hit a lick, we celebrate. Also most of us make our own hours.


We Are Good in The Sack: It is what it is. Most of us workout, have great body language and can pick up on others really quick. This translates over to the bedroom too. Plus, we got a lot of aggression to release too.


We Look Sharp: We dress the part every day. Most of us are in suits and ties. This means if you meet us for a date right after we get off work, we still look sharp unlike most dudes. We know we have to dress to impress our prospects so we stay on top of our thread game.


We Are Full of Energy: There’s no such thing as a successful and boring salesman. We have to have energy in order to keep the attention of the prospect. This is good for you ladies too. We pay attention when you talk, we engage you and all those things your normal dudes don’t do.


We Are Hilarious: Half of our job is to make people laugh and smile when they are buying from us. We got more stories and jokes than we can remember. After you get a few drinks in us we just might tell you a few but make sure you don’t take a drink during the punchline.


We Know How To Shut Down Drama: When the drunk guy hits on you despite you telling him you’re with someone, we know how to defuse the drama in a cool way. Sure we can fight, we are competitive too, but every day we deal with heat, so it’s no big deal for us to easily diffuse situations the normal dude would only make worse.


We Make That Money: “Girls don’t like boys, girls like cars and money.” Good news is most of us have both. As a salesman our goal is to get paid as much as possible as often as possible. We grind 25/8 and anyone who dates us gets to experience the fruits of our labor with us.


If you’ve never dated a successful salesman, you owe it to yourself to try it at least once. Unless you’re a boring chick, I bet you will never want to date a lame duck again. We may not always be marriage material but we are always that guy you tell stories to your friends about for years to come.


If you’re wondering how to find a salesman so he’ll ask you out on a date, go to the luxury car dealership, go to the model home of a builder development, go to a jewelry store or anywhere expensive goods and services are sold. The dude that walks up and asks you how he can help, that’s the one you want to flirt with…


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5 Awkward Moments That Happen In Every Sales Call

There’s no such thing as the perfect sales call. Often times they can be some of the most awkward situations we’ll ever be in. Also they can turn out to be some of the funniest stories you tell around the office for years to come. 


When you make dozens of sales calls on a daily basis you run into a lot of different scenarios and situations. If you’re like me, you enjoy the awkwardness. I have thick skin, my prospects may not, so I embrace the awkwardness. Especially when I’m streaming it live on periscope (ryanstewman) it makes for good video.


Most of us have a story we tell every time a new guy shows up on the scene. Whether it’s about that one car you took on trade, the house you got the appraisal back on or the credit score you got from that one deadbeat, you got a go-to story you tell.


In that story, I bet all 5 of these situations existed. Matter of fact, it’s hard to have a sales conversation where you ask for the business without going through these awkward moments. It’s just a part of what we do. The sooner you embrace the awkwardness, the better.


The silence after the offer – You know how it goes “He who speaks first loses the sale.” Your potential client knows this too. They know that when you make the offer and you shut up, their job is to torment you by shutting up too. It can be hilarious, especially if you’re selling your product to another salesman.


Here’s how you can avoid this situation more times than not. When you make the offer, simply finish with a question. That provokes an answer from them. Instead of saying “It’s 19.99″ say “It’s 19.99 would you like to purchase it today?” It forces the silence out.


The accidental talk over – They simply took a breath and you thought they were done talking. Now you have to wonder if they think you’re a windbag salesman or not. No one likes an interrupting salesman. But you didn’t mean to. It doesn’t matter.


To avoid talking over someone on accident, simply count to 3 when they go silent. That gives them enough time to breathe and you enough time to think of what to say. Slowing the sales conversation down is always a good thing anyway. We like to talk fast and fill dead air when we really don’t have to.


The “no, you go ahead – I hate it when we both go to talk at the same time. For obvious reasons involving manners you let the client speak first. When you have short term memory issues like I do, it’s hard to remember what to say when I let them go first. They say “What where you going to say” and I honestly don’t remember lol.


Avoiding this situation is as simple as taking notes. When you get a good idea, write it down and then bring it up AFTER they are done with their part. Saves face, saves time and makes the selling process move smooth.


The explanation of how you got their info – If you call internet leads or make cold calls, people always want to know how you got their info. Your leads may come from 20 different places, so how in the hell are you supposed to know how you got it? Explaining this can be weird and uncomfortable for both parties.


The moment when they hang up on you – When you call, introduce yourself and they hang up, what do you do? I usually call right back and say “sorry we got disconnected”. If they do it again I call back and say “dang, my phone is messing up. Sorry about that”. At this point, I enjoy f#cking with them.


The best way to deal with them when they hang up on you is to send them a quick text asking if it was phone trouble or they are not interested. In that same text, type why what you sell is awesome and end with letting them know that if they change their mind, you’re always available.


If you’d like my help on closing more sales, check out my online sales training program at It’s designed for you to listen to one audio per day, every day before you go to work, forever.  Through repetition you’ll become an armed sales soldier.


If you’d like my personal help and you want to talk about what it takes to hire me, simply scroll down and fill out the application below. From there, once I read it, I’ll be in touch with the next steps.


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and share this post on social media.


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How To Run a Facebook Ad From Your iPhone

Did you know that Facebook has a mobile app for running ads? It’s the bees knees for those of us on the go. I don’t know about you, but I use my iPhone more than I do my laptop. I’ve always wanted the privilege of running my entire business from my phone. Beautiful business woman using her smartphone (telephone)
When you run ads from the ads app, it’s actually quicker and easier than setting ads up from your desktop. If you’re not into using the power editor, this app may be the best thing for you. As with most apps, Facebook has found a way to keep it really simple.
Enjoy this quick tutorial video where I show you the ins and outs of how to run ads from the palm of your hand. It’s super easy and quick. If you’d like to learn more cool stuff like this and find out what it takes to work with me, simply fill the form out below.

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5 Reasons Donald Trump Is A Stone Cold Closer

Hate him or love him, you gotta admit the man with the bad hair is a badass. Donald Trump is not only filthy stinking rich from many wise business decisions, he’s one of, if not THE, best salesman in modern times. Donald Trump


Think about it. He’s sold his way into owning the Miss USA pageant, being a TV star on The Apprentice and causing controversy on news programs and social media. The guy is a professional mind changer. He’s got power, influence and know how that makes them work.


Yeah, I know that lately he’s been saying some outlandish stuff and I’m not here to talk politics. I’m just here to elaborate and appreciate the dude for being one hell of a closer. Matter of fact, I’d be willing to bet that Donald’s hair is a better closer than you are.


We all know Donald as a ruthless real estate investor and casino owner. We’ve seen him hire and fire people on live TV. We’ve even seen him talk sh!t live on TV to high powered celebrities, big time CEOs and even multiple Presidents of the USA. The guy has balls and it takes balls to be a salesman.


Right now, like it or not, The Donald is taking on his biggest sales position ever. Selling the citizens of the United States of America on his ability to not screw up our nation any worse than it already is. That’s one hell of a high gross sale if he can pull it off.


Again, I’m not promoting or voting for Mr. Trump. I’m simply going to show you how his methods of selling are some of the most powerful and bold sales tactics that exist. Like him or not, you could get closed by him. Like most of us salesmen, people may not like us, but they will damn sure buy from us.


There are several distinct reasons ole Donnie is able to close millions of Americans into trusting him on a broad scale. I’ll do my part to list and elaborate some of them here. You’ve got to do your part and take this knowledge and implement it into your own business.


The first thing that makes Trump such a badass closer is his brutal honesty 
Now I’m no fool and neither are you, we know enough to know most people are full of sh!t, but at least Donald pours it on like it’s real. When in sales, if you come across as brutally honest and set real expectations, your prospects will respect and obey you.


When you are able to look any man in his eyes and say what needs to be said without showing fear, you can pretty much close anything. It’s hard to do that with lies. Being brutally honest makes you come off as genuine, and that’s an attractive quality to a lot of prospects.


The second thing that makes Trump a killer salesman is his confidence
If I had 8 billion dollars, I’d be confident as hell as well. Shiiiiit, I don’t even have millions and I’m already cocky AF. We can all be confident with big numbers in our account. Trump though, he’d still be confident even if he went broke. He believes in himself and his ability.


Some call it arrogance, some call it ego, but bottom line is that it’s a belief in ones self enough to not listen to people who don’t matter and trust your gut. The ole hairpiece knows he can rely on his smarts. Even when Macy’s, NBC, Universal and others boycotted him, he still had the balls to stick to his guns and ended up getting most of those contracts back.


The third thing that makes Donnie a closer is his experience
Fortunately Don has 8 billion dollars worth of experience. He’s worked on projects from real estate to TV and he’s ran, sat on the board and funded countless businesses. When he gives a sales pitch he can back up the facts, features and benefits with his personal experience. He’s been there, done that.


Knowing that what you say and what you offer will work out the way you’ve experienced it before is a sure way to gain the trust of your prospects. If they know you’ve done it before, even if you’ve failed but learned from the failure, they will trust you and give you the business.


The fourth reason Donald closes like a bar at 2am is because he’s not scared to lose the sale
He has money. Donald has contacts. If the person he’s pitching doesn’t want it, he will find someone who does. The prospect knows this. They know Don is gonna do it with or with out them and they don’t want to miss out. They end up being the ones who are scared NOT to buy.


When you got a helluva track record of winning more than you’ve lost, the prospect is often willing to trust you enough to buy. They don’t want to miss out on where you’re going. It’s not easy to get this type of reputation but once you earn it, you don’t you dare burn it.


The fifth reason Donald could close a priest into buying a prostitute is his resourcefulness
Donald has the connections. He’s got the knowledge. He’s even got the money. He’s damn near got it all. When you’re supplied with an endless network of connections that can help with anything you or those around you could possibly need, others feel secure and sure that you can deliver.


When you’re the go-to guy and the first point of contact when your prospect needs something, you learn to leverage relationships really quick. Just like if Donald wants to borrow money from the bank, he may offer to connect the bank CEO with a couple of his friends to work with. The power of leverage is real my friends.


The big question now is: Can Donald sell his way to being president?


It’s definitely going to be his hardest sale yet. He’s a polarizing dude, so like him or not he’s going to attract a large crowd. Like Kim Kardashian, nobody I know admits to watching her shows, but some one is or they wouldn’t play on TV all day long. Donald is like a Kardashian, he’s secretly everyone’s favorite person to watch.


I’m no Donald Trump but if you want some serious sales help, I can definitely show you how to close more sales and market yourself in the most effective way possible. If you’d like to talk about hiring me as your personal consultant, simply fill out the form below.


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7 Hardcore Closes That Save Sales and Seal Deals

We all want to close more sales. Right? I mean, if you’re in the sales industry and your goal this month is not bigger than they goal you set for last month, you’re in the wrong industry. Maybe you should try being an interior decorator or scientist.


For those of us with serious goals on our mind, the only way we can hit those goals is by simply closing more sales. Nothing more. Nothing less. In order to close more sales, not only do you need more prospects, you also need better calls to action, so you can make the most out of the prospects you pitch.


The best closes are simple but bold. They consist of wordtracks the average salesman is afraid to mutter. Closes that convert contain confidence. When you’re able to say what others won’t, you’ll close what others don’t.


I’ve put together my 7 favorite, go-to, wordtracks that get the job done when used. I’ve personally recited these closes 1000s of times each. I spit them out from muscle memory these days. If you’ll memorize and use them in your every day closing convos, you’ll see the difference.


Take Away Close: You’re #1 on my list but since you turned me down I am going to work with John Smith now. Do you know him?


Most people view take away closes as “you can’t have it” BS. I do mine a little different. When a prospect says they are not interested, this sh!t works. Before you have the meeting, do your research. Find out your prospects competitor’s name. As soon as they say “no” simply tell them it’s a damn shame that you’re going to have to do this stuff for (insert competitor’s name)


Hey by the way: Hey by the way, this is what I do, if you like this and want more help with it I can help you but I want your business in exchange. What’s it gonna be?
Passively selling can be extremely effective if used correctly. This sale works best for when you are creating the bond and trust. When the small talk is gone and the offer needs to be made, this can be one of the most effective, yet easiest phrases to throw out.


If not you who? I understand you are not interested so who do you know that will be.  I’m going to make an example out of someone.  If it’s not you, who would you like to see me help?
Sometimes you get turned down. The prospect huffs their chest and just says “NO” Most people expect you to just take their NO and leave. But not you. You’re gonna thank them for their time and ask who they know that you can help. Most people will give you referrals just so you’ll not ask them for biz again. #winning


Lead by Example: This is what worked for the last agent and I.  If you would like those same results for you, cool.  If not, I’ll be on my way. [results in advance.]
If you have the ability to show your stuff working for someone else, especially if that someone else is an authority figure in the market, you’ll land more deals, plain and simple. Lots of people just talk and make noise. If you come correct with real life examples of success, it’s going to make it harder to say “NO”


You want it, don’t you: I closed 3 deals from social media last month.  Surely your friends want to do business with you right?  

This gem includes one of the strongest elements of influence there is – social proof. Showing the prospect that other people similar to them have the results they want, will make a competitive person think they can do it too. That’s when you get ’em!


I know but: I know you’re loyal but do you want to grow your business or do you want to continue to feed theirs?
No matter what is said, it is all voided by what comes after the ‘but”. This is the close you go to when they tell you they already have a relationship with another vendor in place. If what you sell is better for them or their clients, why wouldn’t they want to push your stuff on the same terms?


What’s next? Absolutely I’d love to make that happen for you, what’s next?
Action words get deals closed. Nothing is worse than playing the “he who speaks first loses” game when you just made an offer. Instead, what I do is keep the momentum flowing by making the pitch then asking them to make a decision. Simple. Bold. Effective.


I’ve recorded a free sales audio for you to listen to in traffic or the gym that will lead you to more closed sales. You can download this audio for free here –


Also, because I like giving cool sh!t away, here’s a short video I recorded back in the day, that explains these closes and how to use them in real life closing situations.



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Close More UPs and Eliminate “Be Backs” Using These 5 Strategies

Car guys all know the feeling. A person walks though the front door of the dealership with that special look on their face. The look of a buyer. They don’t ask for service, they don’t ask for the desk. They just “came to look”. New car




As a car guy, you show up and say hello. You take them to the table and get their information so you can call and harass them daily until they buy or die. They seem cool and ready to make a decision. You’re looking forward to closing the deal.


You take them out, land them on the ride they fit, and talk about all the features that come along with it. They’re in love. They like everything about the car. You get the feeling they are about to buy from you.


Then it happens. They say they want to look somewhere else or even worse, “think about it.” You sit there confused. You thought you had a buyer. You thought they came to purchase a new vehicle. Instead, they came to waste your time and bullshit.


How could this have happened? You did everything you’re supposed to do. The land was good, the deal was right, but somehow they still walked on you. sonofabitch! Nothing is worse than working for free. The average customer has no clue what all goes into showing a car.


Nobody likes to lose a customer. Even worse, no one wants to spend the next two weeks following up with someone who could stop prolonging the wait and buy today. The time you’ll spend trying to get them back to the dealership could be best spent trying to get new people in, not re-closing be-backs.


People hate car dealerships. They mostly have negative connotations attached to them. They don’t like the wait, the sales staff or the amount of money they are going to spend. Knowing this, the fact that they are there at the dealership is a HUGE sign that they need to buy. And NOW!


It’s been proven that if you can one time close a prospect, you’ll sell more cars in less time. UPs come in the dealership to buy. Often times they just meet a car shower not a salesman. The main difference between a car shower and salesman is finesse and know how.


Allow me to arm you with some ammo that will help you win more sales battles.


Make them feel like they’re the most important customer you’ve ever had:
When’s the last time you ran into a salesperson who gave you all of their attention? It’s probably been forever. In the world of ADHD, iPhones, emails and multitasking, it’s hard to focus and pay attention to any one thing. When you shift all of your focus to the UP they will feel the difference.


If you make them feel like they are your ONLY car deal and you’ll stop at nothing to make them happy, they will get comfortable enough to buy.


Example: I had an UP walk in one time that had been to another dealership. As soon as they told the salesman at the other place they were just there to look, he went through the motions of selling a car but didn’t think it was a sale so he didn’t put in the effort.


When they came to my dealership I left my phone in my desk, took them to every car they wanted to see and eventually, in less than 1.5 hours, they went from looking to sold. All because I showed them that I cared. Simple.


Assure them that you’re working hard to meet all of their demands:
All any prospect wants, is to avoid being ripped off. All any salesman wants is to close the deal. The fear of loss in these two situations is real. When the customers sees you working hard for them, it’s gonna be hard for them not to close.


The key to this is to repeatedly ask them for what numbers they are looking to hit, and keep bumping them up to reality.  Going back to the desk, showing them other car options with less features and an all out display of hard work will entice a lot of people to feel comfortable enough to buy from you.


Example: The desk will hate you but if you can position an US vs THEM battle that clearly demonstrates you’re fighting the desk to get the price down, people will want to reciprocate your effort by buying. One time I put on a big act with my desk manager that got loud. The deal was an 8 pounder and I made the customer feel like I was literally fighting for them. They bought because they felt like I worked hard for them.


If you can get them to laugh, you can get them to buy:
There’s no doubt that a lot of tension is involved in car deals. People are about to sign up for a massive amount of debt or pay a big chunk of their cash. The car buying stress combination can be enough to put any nice person on edge.


Easing up this tension by making the prospect laugh will not only increase your chances of closing the deal, it will make the process more enjoyable for both sides too. Side note, always keep it clean and avoid politics, religion or ‘good ol boy’ talk. That sh!t never goes down a funny path.


Example: One time I had a guy who fell in love with the truck I landed him on. It was perfect. The right price, the right color, the right features. He was sold, but his wife, who was with him, was not. She was in no way at all emotionally involved like he was.


When we got out of the truck from the test drive, I opened the door for his wife. As soon as she stepped out I jumped in and locked the door. With just him and I inside I asked “what do I need to do to make the boss happy?” From the outside she acted like she wanted in to listen to what we were saying but she already knew. We all had a good laugh, I made her happy and the dude got his truck.


Show the significant other the light:
Often times, the spouse is the one that Fs the deal up. Maybe it’s not even the spouse, but the person who has a say but doesn’t drive the vehicle. Disinterested third parties can really throw a wrench in your sales game.


If you don’t make some kind of connection with the third party purchaser you’ll never sell the metal. Most salesmen avoid the 3rd party and that only complicates things. They have a say therefore they want to be catered to as well.


Example: I had a husband and wife combo come in to look at a really nice crossover for the wife. The husband was the typical tough guy know it all type. I spotted it right away. The wife loved the car and def wanted it but it was the husband’s call.


After I showed the wife all the good stuff and got her hooked, I made the husband feel like he called the shots and already knew everything. This made him look cool to his wife (in his head) and like he was in total control. Sale closed, no big deal.


Get them emotionally involved:
Nobody ever said to anyone “man you look good in that house” but they sure say ‘man, you look good in that car.” There’s emotion and ego attached to certain cars. The biggest struggle in the auto industry is designing vehicles that are practical and appeal to our egos.


There’s a reason they want the car that they do. Whether it’s to look cool, haul kids around or do outdoorsy stuff, there’s always a reason. The sooner you can uncover that reason and start selling it, the easier the sale will be.


Example: I had a couple walk in one time. Dude was 25 or so and his GF was around that age too. He came in just to impress his girl by taking a test drive in the race car. Once I got him in the test drive he melted. It was everything he wanted.


When we got back to the dealership I had him imagine what banging his GF and even other chicks in the back seat would be like. I even told him he could probably score road head right off the lot. Within 15 mins he was signing my foursquare.


Not every UP will close. Not every deal is text book example material. The key is practice and being aware, not just going through the emotions. I know, it can be hard, especially with long hours and all. Trust me though, it pays to pay attention.


If you’re a finance guy, desk manager or GM and you want to talk about how my expertise can help your salesforce, simply fill out the form below and schedule a time to speak with me.



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Rockstar Closer Radio: Mac Daddy Moves with Ryan McKinney

One of the best nights of my life happened on the watch of this week’s guest. We had a killer night in NYC that we swore we’d never talk about publicly. We had some pretty good company that night too.Ry Mac


Ever since we hung out that night in NYC, we’ve been friends. Ryan McKinney is one smart dude. Matter of fact he’s one of those dudes who was destined to do the smart, tedious, internet number crunching and content creating.


Ry Mac and I spend 30 mins together on this week’s show shooting the shit about life, business, kids, product creation and other random topics. As always, you’ll be glad you tuned in.


You can find Ryan McKinney on Facebook. He’s pretty active and will generally respond to you in a timely manner.


Be sure to subscribe, share and show some love for this week’s show!


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Why You Should Stop Trying To Please Everyone Immediately

Are you a people pleaser? Are you one of those people who puts on a facade in public, but behind closed doors you’re losing your mind? Let me give you a simple piece of advice: Angry upset boy, little man blowing steam, coming from ears




First off, you CAN’T (don’t take it as a challenge either) please everyone. Scientists haven’t completely mapped out the human genome so what makes you think you’ve unlocked the code to human utopia? While I can appreciate you having big ass goals, that’s just stupid.


Second, most people don’t want to be happy. Even more over, most people don’t believe they deserve to be happy. They carry around all sorts of BS guilt and are only truly happy when their lives are in chaos.


From just the above two points, you should already statistically be convinced to stop trying to make everyone happy, including customers and prospects. Yet, I know how it is. You’re going to need more than just two paragraphs of logic bombs to get you to stop being Sally Save-A-Ho.


Just yesterday I was on the phone with someone I have a massive amount of respect for. One of the questions I asked my friend was if I should change up my brand and try to go after more people with a slightly more PC message. My friend flipped out and gave me some of the best advice ever.


He said that people who aren’t true to themselves are getting eat up alive on the inside. They want to be one way but can’t due to public pressure. Most of that pressure is self inflicted too. The only way to find happiness is to be comfortable with who you are and embracing it. Solid advice to say the least.


It got me to thinking about the journey I’ve been on. I’m happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. At the same time I couldn’t give two sh!ts about how most people feel about me. I’ve decided that I’m ok with not everyone liking me. Matter of fact, I’m ok with MOST people hating me.


Now look, I’m not out here trying to make enemies or anything like that. What I’m doing is attempting to keep from wasting my time with people who aren’t like minded. When I say like minded I mean excuse free, action takers who don’t judge on language or other ‘judgey’ behavior.


A man who surrounds himself with too many advisors soon finds confusion. Everyone has an opinion. To the point they will annoy you to death arguing for that opinion. Most people will offer you theirs without you asking for it. They’ll say “I don’t think it’s a good idea to say that” or some sh!t where they are trying to tell you how you should do you.


It’s kind of crazy to think that there are people out there trying to control us by subjecting us to public pressure to their standards not ours.


On my journey, I tried to make everyone happy. Circa 2010 I wasn’t cussing, I was Mr. Motivation and I had this luke warm message that did nothing but fall on deaf ears. I carried this fake ass appearance for about a year until I got tired of not gaining momentum.


The problem with being luke warm is that you can’t start a fire with warmth, nor can you freeze water with warmth.  What I’m saying is, my message was bland and it fell in the middle. I’m not Joel Osteen and I can’t write a message for everyone. So I stopped.


I started being the Ryan online that I was in the office. D!ck jokes, cussing, locker room humor, drinking etc. Guess what happened?


As soon as I got real with who I was, people started flocking to me in droves.


At the same time, they also ran to the hills in droves. The first time I dropped the F bomb on Facebook, I got tons of unfriends and private messages scolding me. On the flip side, I had a lot of people reach out to me and thank me for keeping it real and saying what they wanted to but couldn’t.


Let’s relate this to marketing. Good marketing attracts those who can benefit from what you sell, and at the same time repels those who have no use with it. This keeps you from wasting time trying to sell your stuff to someone who can’t use it. This also allows your leads to be warmer due to the attraction model.


In order to attract and repel you have to take a stand on one side of the other. The more you try to please the masses, the less sales you’ll make. It’s ok to not make a sale to someone you wouldn’t mesh well with any way. Some people don’t deserve to be sold by you.


The more you take a stand, the more confident you appear and the more people will see you as a leader and make the decision to hate you or follow you. That’s all you can really ask for is for people to decide if they are for or against you. At least once you step up, they’ll know where you stand.


At first, don’t expect it to be easy. When someone you like unfriends you it might hurt your feelings. Don’t sweat it, people change and they’ll come back if it’s meant to be. Meanwhile you’ll find  yourself attracting new friends who you mesh better with anyway and who shares many of the same views as you do.


If you’re not polarizing in one way or another, you’ll never close the volume of deals you want. Get real, get in your face and get in a position to where you know where you stand. If you’d like my guidance or help with this, simply fill out the form below and let’s have a sales conversation. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog while you’re here.

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How To Close High Ticket Sales Using Text Chat and Email

It’s getting quiet on Earth. People are talking with their mouths less, and communicating with their fingers via technology more and more. Instead of talking heads, we have rambling fingers. If you don’t get proficient at selling via writing, you’re going to miss out on a lot of sales.52a948f4-38b1-4e84-b57f-19e0ead3985f


According to an AT&T report published in 2012, 86% of all phone calls went unanswered in 2011. That was 2011, the number is even higher now. People are using the phone less and less. It’s more convenient to text or email than it is to sit on the phone.


Text also removes tone and emotion from the equation. This allows people to communicate without the other person seeing their facial expressions or reactions. In some cases it keeps the peace. In others, words and tones can get confused and cause accidental issues.


The art of selling is one thing, the art of selling via writing is another. Much like face to face and phone sales, sales writing takes daily practice. Like anything else, the more you practice writing, the better you’ll get at it.


In my opinion, anything above one thousand dollars in price is a high ticket item. Damn near anyone can charge a few hundred dollars for their service or product. Nobody really misses a few hundo if they blow it. However, a thousand bucks starts to enter a territory of pain of loss if not invested properly.


With email lists, social media and text capture communication methods, it’s easy for prospects to reach out to you and ask you a question or say thanks. Some people simply let those opportunities pass. I use them as an excuse to have a sales conversation.


Most of the time, I close!!!


I’m one of those dudes who’s always ahead of the learning curve. I’m scared that if I’m not on top of what’s to come, I’ll be left behind. When I say ‘scared’ I mean, like, I have nightmares about being left broke and out of date.


That being said, I’ve been closing sales up to twenty thousand dollars at a time via Facebook chat, emails and text messages since 2008. In my mortgage days I’d close entire loans via the internet application site I rented and email. Seriously I’d do ENTIRE mortgage transactions without ever picking up the phone.


When I got into consulting and selling high ticket products I continued to use my writing to close prospects. From writing blog posts like this, to writing on my Facebook wall, I’ve learned how to attract and close prospects for big money without ever picking up the phone.


To make things easier on me, the writer of this post, let’s call chat, text and email ‘text’. When I say I close via text it means one of those three methods. There’s no need for me to keep writing all three down. You get it. Right?


When you conduct a sales call via text, the best part is that you’re in control of the speed of the conversation. While you’ve got to respond quickly to the initial text, you can take your time and reply with calculated, proactive sales skills.52a948f4-38b1-4e84-b57f-19e0ead3985f


In face to face or phone selling, you have to stay talking. It’s a reactive selling process. You give a pitch. The prospect gives you an objection. You come back with rebuttal. You’ve got to be fast on your feet too. No one is impressed with a salesman who needs to think about his answer. When you’re on text, they don’t know if you are thinking about it. They don’t see you scratch your head. They damn sure don’t see you google the answer!


When you sell via text, you’re mostly selling proactively. This means you have to know your prospect’s objections BEFORE they give them to you. The more you can give them objections and then solve the objections for them, the more sales you’ll close. I call this selling via distraction. If I can give them objections to think about, chances are they won’t create their own set of new ones.


Selling via text also allows you to control the pace of the conversation. You’re not under immense pressure to reply immediately. The prospect doesn’t know if you’re at work, on the phone or googling the answer to their questions, they just read your reply when you send it to them.


I’ve got a pretty simple formula that I use, that works, that my clients also use, that works for them too, that I’ll share with you. As cheesy as it’s gonna sound, I call it my TEXT method. Yep, watch out, we gettin fancy ova hurr.


My TEXT selling method is four simple steps. You can’t move on the to next step without completing the current step or it won’t work. You cant skip the ‘E’ and go right to the second ‘T’ or you will blow the sale. Stick to the formula, don’t move on to the next step until you’re sure you got the one you’re on done.


Lemme break it down fo ya


  Take the time to find out why they reached out to you
  Enter a sales conversation with them
eXtract their problem from the conversation
  Tell them how you can fix that problem with what you sell


Let’s talk about that first T. Before you can just start spouting off what you sell and the cost of it, you need to find out what they hit you up for. My favorite reply to text questions is “Cool, what made you decide to reach out?” This is a powerful way to start figuring out what it is that they want from you.


Also when they tell you why they reached out, they’ve already made their first decision with you involved in it. You’re on your way to building a bond and closing.


The only catch is, they will usually only give you half the real reason they reached out. Very few will get straight to it. Most will give you a “I’m just looking for information.” type excuse. It’s your job to get them to expand on that.


The next step is the E. To enter a sales conversation via text, with them. Many salesmen want to flip a prospect from a text conversation to the phone. I think this is a bad idea. Since they are already comfortable reaching out to you via text, you need to sell to them in their comfort zone. This tests your sales skills way better than the phone.


Also, let’s define a sales conversation. A sales conversation is a buying conversation between a person with a product for sale and a prospect with interest and the means to make a purchase.  Not every conversation is a sales conversation but it’s your job to attempt to make the person enter one, every chance you get.


The best part about selling via text is that you can have multiple sales conversations at once. You can literally be chatting and making multiple offers at once. You can’t do that on the phone or face to face unless your really good at conferencing and group speaking. Hell, you can even be closing on multiple chats while on the phone!


After you’ve completed that step you can move on to X and really get down to business. The old saying “no one wants a drill, what they want is a hole” is so, so, true. Many salesmen are trying to sell drills when what needs to be sold is hole capability.


How can you sell someone a solution to a problem you don’t know exists? You can’t. You won’t. You can assume objections, but you can’t assume problems. Especially because everyone thinks their problem and situation is unique.


By asking questions, you can get flip the conversation and get the prospect telling you what they want, what they need, and what they’ve done about it. First of all, this gives you an idea if you can even help them, second of all, it gets them to confess they have a problem they need help with.


At this point you’ve got them to make a decision and admit they have a problem. These are two of the hardest things to get prospects to do. There’s just something about text that brings it out of them.


Lastly, the second T is to tell them how you can help. Once you know and understand their problem, you can clearly see if and how your products or services can fix their issue. Basically this is the part where you make an offer.


The key to remember when making offers is that they don’t care what all ‘stuff’ you have for them, they care about the end result of their problem being solved. The less you talk about what you have for them and the more you talk about what the end result of buying from you is, the more sales you will close. Trust me, I’m really f@cking good at this!


If you’re looking to close more sales via text, I’ve got a way for you to learn more and get on the wave of the future of selling. My sales training program Show Up and Close is packed full of wordtracks, chat videos and ways to make sales via text. You can literally learn how to make sales without ever meeting someone or using the phone. Simply go to for a free video to get started.


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7 WordTracks You Can Use To Overcome Prospect Objections

As a lifelong student of the sales game, I’m always arming myself, my sales team and my clients with wordtracks that if memorized and used, can help when you are in heated sales negotiations. Girl talking to mobile over isolated background.


The key with wordtracks is to not only memorize them but use them on a regular basis. If you do phone, car, or real estate sales and you find yourself needing a quick comeback for an objection, a wordtrack can save you in a pinch.


Remember flash cards in school? Think of wordtracks like flashcards. The faster you get at spitting them out, the more sales you can close using them.


I’ve come up with 7 of the best wordtracks I know. These are my personal go to closes that I use regularly. Yes, they may seem simple and that’s exactly why they work. The less complicated you make the sale, the better.


1: I completely understand where you are coming from, sign here.
Sounds too easy huh? Truth is, this wordtrack works more often than you’d expect. It takes confidence to look a prospect in the eye, right after they handed you a bullsh!t objection and still close them.


This close is not for the weak. Often times the prospect just wants to feel your confidence in getting the job done. Using this wordtrack with them usually opens their mind to how foolish their objection is.


2: One day you’re going to go from just looking to buying anyway, let me save you the time and turn you into a client today. Let’s roll!
The “let’s roll” on the end is crucial with this one. It keeps the momentum and energy flowing. Look, they wouldn’t be looking at what you sell if they didn’t like it. Why people deprive themselves in the ways they do, I’ll never understand.


They are most likely going to buy what you sell in the near future anyway, why not make them a buyer today? This will not only free up their time due to no more looking around, but it will give them the happiness of ownership.


3: You can absolutely talk to your spouse, would you like to use my office phone?
Oh god, they hate it when you call their bluff and pull this one on them. Even worse is when they say “I’ll talk to her at home we need privacy” I always say “privacy? no problem you can use my office.”


Most of the time the spouse knows they are shopping and has already given the go ahead. The spouse objection is simply a stall tactic 9 times out of 10. Don’t fall for it. Remember, closing is a service. It’s a favor to the prospect.


4: I like where your head’s at and the numbers you came up with but this is a real deal and the best one I can give you. Sign here.
People always (thanks largely to lies on the internet) have lower numbers in their head than what’s real. They forget taxes, fees, and whatever else they don’t take into account. Then, they always act shocked when your numbers, the real numbers, are higher than the mystical numbers they made up.


It’s your job as a salesman to show them the real math and get them to understand the numbers they have are wrong. In a cool way of course. Be calm, do the math and build value to show them it’s worth the cost.


5: I’d say the same thing if I were in your position but we can get all this done now and stop prolonging the pain. What’s next?
The “what’s next” is a big part of this. Again, it keeps the momentum up. When you overcome a big objection by using this wordtrack, you’ve got to keep them moving or they might get offended.


This close can be used when the prospect has a lower expectation of price than what the price really is. Simply agree with them that you’d want that deal too, and then show them why it’s a good idea to buy today.


6: My job is to make sure you’re happy with your purchase. I take my job very serious. What can I do to make you happy today?
Good customer service can really help close a sale. The law of reciprocity is strong if you go above and beyond. Now, of course, there’s always sociopaths who don’t care, but the majority of people appreciate being treated right.


This close will also let you know what their expectations are, assuming they tell you what would make them close. Even if their numbers or wants are way the F off, keep working them towards the middle and show them you’re on their team.


7: You can’t lose. The consequences of this decision can only bring happiness to your life. You do deserve to be happy don’t you?
A good deal is a good deal. If you know you’re giving them a great deal, they know you’re giving them a great deal, just F’n close will you!!! If you’re attempting to close on a win win or a win in the client’s direction, don’t be afraid to show them why they are winning.


People love to feel like they got over on a salesman. I learned early on to exploit this and make them think I didn’t know what they were doing. Meanwhile I’d always be two steps ahead. People love to win, show them a win and close them!


Now that you’ve got some new wordtracks to use in these everyday objective situations, use them. They won’t do you any good if you don’t move your lips and say them to living, breathing prospects.


Again, I know they may be simple but keeping it simple keeps it selling. Trust me on that. Simplicity sells. That’s why super hero movies sell and documentaries don’t. Simple. Sadly most folks are simple and that’s what they need anyway lol.


If you’re looking to step your sales game up with wordtracks, strategies and methods that will enable you to close more deal, I’ve got my Show Up and Close program that will change your life. Seriously, I’ll even give you some free videos in advance to prove it. Simply go to

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The Psychology Behind Being A Solid Salesman

Ever see a successful salesman who did not have much of a personality? What about a sales guy who’s quiet? Although they are a strange phenomena, there are some serious reasons why they are a Closer without the typical Closer persona. Salesman psychology


We have this inner perception of what a salesman looks, acts and talks like. Often times, that perception is wrong. Some of the most powerful closers I know are quiet, humble and caring people who genuinely mastered their craft in order to better serve those in need.


That’s what it’s really all about anyway. Being the best salesman you can, in order to close those who need your services the most.


According to what we learned in school, we have 5 senses. However, recently I read an article that said we really have 9 senses. One of those 9 senses is intuition.


With intuition we have a deep down, unfounded reason to believe or simply know that something is right for us. The problem is, most of us have stopped trusting our gut. It’s funny, the million times in your life that your gut helped you, can be halted by the one time it is wrong.


This halting keeps humans from having the desire to make a decision. Because, once a decision is made, the person who made it has to live with the consequences. Good or bad.


A good salesman knows this up front. He’s prepared to deal with objections, anxiety and even anger at times, from the prospect. A Closer knows when to listen, when to speak and when to offer empathy.


Empathy plays a huge part in the process of being a killer closer. You have to understand the apprehensions of your prospects. A Closer knows that the sale is never going to be a laydown.


Understanding the issues and objections your prospects have up front, and having empathy for them, and more over, having the ability to demonstrate genuine empathy, will get more deals closed, no matter what your personality type is.


On top of empathy, a solid salesman will also need a massive amount of patience. The more a salesman listens, the more the chances of making a sale increase. The more a salesman talks, the less likely he is to close.


How can you close a sale, if you didn’t listen to the problem?


Most salesman assume that they know what’s best for the client. While they may know what’s best, they often don’t try to uncover the ‘why’ behind what’s best. Every buyer has their own personal motivation, the sooner you learn how to uncover their why, the better you will be at making sales.


Prospects can get mean and mad too. When being forced to make a decision, even one they know they need to make, frustrations get high. A solid salesman knows to keep cool and press on. The less emotion on our end towards the prospect, the better.


Let the prospect release their emotions. All you need to do is simply absorb those emotions and not let them get to you. This is why so many salespeople hate the phone. If the prospects emotions get sideways, most salesman follow suit.


Here’s the breakdown and recap: You’re gonna need confidence, empathy, knowledge, patience and the ability to play on the intuition of the prospect.


With these skills and abilities, you’ll be able to connect and close more sales than you have in the past. It’s these skills that allow a master salesman to prosper even though he or she may not fit the typical salesy mold.


In order to be a Closer, you don’t have to talk fast, walk with a swagger or be an asshole willing to say things others won’t. These traits will help in some cases, but most likely hurt in more than they help.


When I was younger I’d see guys making tons of sales and think to myself, “that guys sucks, how in the hell is he closing deals like this?” but the truth is, I sucked. I had the picture in my head of a fast talker who could argue their way into a sale. That, my friends, is called doing things the hard way.


These days, I’m experienced enough to know the EXACT steps it takes to close a sale. It doesn’t matter your looks, your personality, or anything. it’s all about simply following a formula that leads to a closed sale or a no sale. The “I’ll think about its are the ones you want to stay away from”


If you’re interested in uncovering this formula for yourself and becoming the salesman you know you should be, I’ve got help for you. Go to and you’ll find my 6 steps to closing the sale video series for free. I created it to help people like you advance to the next level of selling.


Lastly, it takes daily practice and implementation in order for you to master this craft. You’ll never be the best salesman if you’re not talking to prospects every day and practicing your craft. Know it alls die rich in knowledge but poor in action.



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How To Turn Cold Traffic Into Warm Leads

It’s the magic formula we ALL strive to uncover in our business – turning cold traffic into warm leads. It’s not rocket science, but there is a science to it. Much like the science of turning strangers that you just met, into friends by the end of the night.curved ramp bridge


Essentially that’s all we are doing here, converting strangers to friends. Especially if those strangers are in the form of cold traffic from Facebook ads. After all, Facebook is full of friends and fans, right?


Have you ever heard of the law of familiarity? Basically it states that in order for a person to become familiar with you or your brand, you need to be in front of them 5-10 times. I know in my line of work, it takes a person 6-7 months to reach out to me, after seeing me for the first time.


During that 6-7 month period, I’m becoming familiar to the person consuming my content, ads and branding pieces. When they do finally reach out to me, they feel like they know me. This puts me in unique situation because they know me, I now have to learn about them, quickly!


The key to converting cold traffic into warm leads is leveraging the law of familiarity. Getting your content in front of the eyes of the prospect as much as possible. The more they see you, the more they know you, the more likely they are to reach out and buy something.


Another important factor in converting cold traffic to warm leads is repetition. You cant send one marketing campaign to an audience and expect them to know and buy from you. You’ve got to pick out a specific target market and repeatedly market to those prospects.


On Facebook, I have pre-programmed targeting selected in my ads manager. This insures me that my message is always in front of the same people. My audience there is around 100,000 people and until I have 100,000 clients, I’ll keep working them and making them feel like they know me.


You want the prospect to feel like they know you, so let them get to know you. I’m constantly running ads to videos and blog posts which reveal a little about me personally and a lot about my business. This is my way of letting them get to know me better.


We all know people buy from people they know, like and trust, so the purpose of all the content I create is for my prospects to get to know me. They see me on video, hear my voice, witness my mannerisms, etc. When I write a blog post or email, they read them with my voice and mannerisms in mind.


Kind of like when you see a picture of Morgan Freeman with words next to it. You always read the words in your head with Morgan’s voice narrating them. My goal is for my audience to hear my voice and see me in the same way. Distinguishable.


When I worked for a big bank in Texas, doing mortgages, we ran commercials on TV and radio. The commercials were terrible but they worked. You know why? They converted cold traffic to warm leads, all from repetitiveness and familiarity.


Think of it this way. When you go to a party and meet someone the first time, you exchange handshakes and names. Maybe you have a conversation or two with the person who introduced you. You have made a cold introduction.


Then, a week later, you’re at another party and you see the same person. When you walk over to that person to shake their hand, you already know each other from the previous event. You strike up a conversation easily and start getting along.


Repeat this process a few more times and you’ll start calling each other “friends” and that’s the same process we are attempting to recreate with ads and branding, using Facebook for cold traffic.


The benefit of Facebook is you can rapidly become familiar with comment responses, tagged responses, shares and all other forms of engagement. Within a matter of hours online, you can make a stranger feel like a friend. The NLP of social media is strong.


So the BIG secret to turning cold traffic into warm, familiar leads, is simple. It’s repetition and nothing else. If you’ll continually get in front of people, they will eventually decide to accept you or reject you. That’s all you want any good marketing to do, attract the right ones and repel the wrong ones.


If you’d like my help in finding the cold traffic that can convert to warm leads for you, simply take a few minutes to fill out the form below. From there, I’ll reach out to you with further instructions on what possibilities exist for us to work together.



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Salesman OR Scam Artist? You Decide

Do you know someone in sales who’ll say anything in order to close a deal? Have you ever overheard that same person make outrageous claims and over promise someone? fake hand shake


What about this? Ever been in a situation where you’ve had to clean up a mess an over promiser made? Sometimes it will make you question your whole existence as a salesman.


It makes you realize why people think we salesmen are shady AF. 


When I sold cars there was this dude, Kevin. Kevin would say all the wrong shit and he’d offer extras to people at no cost. Then, after they signed the papers he’d go back and explain why he fucked them over.


I don’t know how the dude slept at night. There had to be a handful of people whom at the first of the month wanted to kill him when they made their payment. I did my best not to stand next to him at work, you know, just in case.


I don’t think he was smart enough to care though. He was always broke and had to offer crazy shit just to close deals. Yet, damn near every one of them came back to bite him in the ass. He was the worst over promiser I’d ever seen.


On a side note, it’s kinda funny how karma works. This dude screwed everyone over to get a dollar but at the same time he struggled to pay his own bills. 


These types kill our credibility as sales counsel on a regular basis. When I sold cars, the first thing I had to overcome was the car salesman stereotype. Same thing when I was a loan officer.


In reality, these guys that operate this way are not salesmen. They are scam artists that float from sales job to sales job, leaving a slew of pissed off past clients in their wake. On top of that, we good guys usually get stuck dealing with the repercussions.


I think it’s our duty, as real salesmen, to put these fuckers on blast. They are throwing salt in our game, why not throw salt on theirs. 


I worked for a big ass bank once. There was a dude there who always lied to lock loans. One day he came in my office and asked me how to get out of a jam. My advice: Stop lying and stay outta jams. He wasn’t hearing it.


I used to find it strange how the swindlers would close deals and still be broke. Now I know why. Easy come – easy go. Money earned fast gets spent fast. If you don’t work hard for something, you don’t appreciate the value. No matter how valuable that something may be.


So here’s what I propose. Let’s start cleaning up our industry by calling out and encouraging people to use sales skills to close, not lies. If you come in and rescue a prospect BEFORE the damage is done, you’re the true hero.


That all starts with you. You gotta lead by example. If we clean this bullshit up one man at a time, we can regain our reputations. I know it’s grandiose but still… Plus, don’t be afraid to have the tough conversations with the offenders. Maybe they just need direction and coaching. You could save lots of people from getting screwed.


Next time you see an offense, have a private conversation with the offender. The second time, put their ass on blast. It’s that easy. If you have to lie to close, you’re not a salesman. End of story [blog post]

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Why Creating A Realtor or Loan Officer Fan Page Is A Colossal Waste of Time

It never fails. Every time I get on a strategy session [sales] call with a prospect in the mortgage or real estate business, they say “I’ve got a fan page on Facebook but it doesn’t get me any business” Fight


I immediately ask them if they know why it doesn’t work. Some say “I don’t know how to do it.” Others say “I tried ads but they didn’t work so I gave up.” I’ll even get the occasional “I’m too busy to keep up with it.”


That’s when I get right to it. No matter what they answer with, I tell them it’s wrong. The reason your page has no fans and is not spitting out leads, is because nobody is a fan of a loan officer or real estate agent.


Matter of fact, nobody even wants a LO or Agent. They have to use them if they want to buy a home. They don’t want more people involved in the process. What they want is the house they are trying to buy. Using an agent and loan officer is mandatory if they want to reach the goal of homeownership.


In reality, no one is a fan of being forced to use anything. Think about it. When you buy a car, if you want to drive it you have to have insurance. You’re not a fan of your insurance person. They are just someone you had to pay in order to do what you wanted to do, which is drive the car.


If you’re not a fan of your insurance person, what makes you think that you’re special enough to deserve fans from your clients? Most people talk to their insurance agent more often than their LO or Realtor. The truth may hurt, but you can always count on me to give it to you.


What’s worse is that most loan officer and agent’s marketing strategy consisted of them turning cold traffic users on Facebook into fans of theirs. Newsflash, unless you’re on a TV show like Million Dollar Listing, no one is your fan.


This is going to hurt, but the public views us real estate people the same way they view lawyers. They use us only when they have to, and complain that we are all overpaid and stupid. What’s funny is, much like how lawyers talk about each other, agents often say other agents are stupid and the same goes with LOs.


Now that you think about it, why would anyone want to be a fan of an agent or LO? They wouldn’t. But before you get all suicidal and worried about how people really feel about you and your profession, let’s be smart here and think about what they are fans of.


If all they want is a home and we are just roadblocks along the way to them, then they are fans of homeownership. More precisely they are fans of the city they own their home in. Even more precise is they are fans of the neighborhood they live in.


People identify themselves in three major ways, where they work, where they live and their name. Americans have a huge sense of pride in where they live. From the trailer park to the mansions, people are fans of their neighborhood. If they’re not, they move into a neighborhood they are a fan of.


So stop trying to sell the drill (you) and start selling the hole (the house) which is what they really want, a hole not a drill.


I don’t care who you are, there is a neighborhood somewhere by you that your dream home is in. You may say things like “If I won the lottery” or “When we sell this house” or maybe even “when I retire” but you have a spot picked out already, for your next home.


In most areas, there are neighborhoods that are more popular than others. Maybe they are exclusive areas, expensive areas or the part of town with the best schools. Either way, there’s always one part of town or neighborhood that’s hotter than others.


If you focus on selling homes, no matter if you are a LO or an agent, you will attract more people to be fans on Facebook. If your fan page is about a hot neighborhood and all things that go along with it, and you just happen to advertise yourself from it, your chances of getting engagement and leads will drastically improve. Trust me, I’m kind of good at this shit.


If you’re tired of wasting ad money and time trying to promote yourself on Facebook with a fan page, and you’re ready to learn what works, and make it work for you, check out my latest product, Real Estate Ads Academy. Go to and I’ll give you a free video that will show you exactly what I’m doing right now to get leads from fan pages on Facebook.


And as always, if you’re looking to work with me personally, simply fill out the form below. Don’t forget to share it with your LO and Agent friends. The more you know…



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All They Really Wanna Do Is Not Pay You

I was having a conversation the other day with one of my BFA grads and close friend, who was telling me about losing this deal he had going.  He was going to run FB ads for a small business owner he knew. He was all stoked and came to me for advice on how much to charge etc… greedy banker executive CEO boss, holding dollar banknotes


I spoke with him yesterday and asked him how the gig was going. He lost his damn mind! I let him vent for a few minutes, and I listened and tried my best not to laugh. (he’s funny when he’s pissed)


Turns out, the small business owner he was going to work with, took his detailed proposal and just did what it said himself.  Totally cut my homeboy out of the deal.  Took his plan, his idea and his shit and ran with it.  Some people’s kids


The first thing I said to him, when he was done venting was “people who bullshit you with wanting to know the details, only want them so they can NOT PAY you.”


I went on to share some lessons I learned years ago with him.  After I was done, he told me I needed to write this in a blog post.  Well here you go. lol


When I first got started in the consulting business, I’d run ads that said “free strategy sessions” and I’d basically bet I could close the Freeople, on the phone, at the end of the session. All I wanted to do was get paid on each call. All they wanted was to not get closed and not have to pay.


The ‘prospects’ and I use the term lightly, would try all sorts of stall tactics on me. They’d ask a million questions, want the complete break down of how I was going to help them and details, details, details.


I’d spend 45 minutes to an hour on each call just giving them tons of info.  Those bastards would hardly ever buy from me.  Know why? They didn’t have to, they got all the info they needed on an hour long call.  I had basically become tech support for bad salesmen, not exactly a good spot to be in.


I didn’t realize it at first.  I had a ton of ‘leads’ coming in and I was making okay money. As a salesman, I always thought as long as I had leads every day, I can pay my bills, eat and take care of bidness.


Then, after a while, all those hour long “sales calls” started to wear on me.  I was forced to come up with a new strategy.  Sure, people loved me but they damn sure weren’t in a hurry to pay me. You can get paid or be popular, I chose to get paid.


Here’s how I stopped the Tire-Kickers [TKs] from window shopping me:


First, I changed my pitch.  I went from “free strategy sessions” to “don’t waste my time unless you’re ready to pay me.” Yeah, at first it pissed a lot of people off. Especially those that procrastinated and missed the free train.  In the end, the only people who were pissed were the Freeople.


Second, when I got on the phone with someone, I asked the questions, not them. In the past I let the prospect interview me, I felt I had to sell myself to them. Now, I’m hyper selective of who I work with. This allows me to interview them. It allows me to operate from a space of power not cower.


Third, I simply stopped giving out free advice. I’m not a dick about it [in most cases] either. I simply tell TKs that people pay me for information and it’s a breech of ethics for me to give to strangers for free, what I charge clients money for. It’s awfully hard not to respect that.


Here’s the deal, when someone asks you for more information A: They’re not sold B: They’re stalling C: They are trying to figure out a way NOT to pay you. There’s hardly an exception to this rule.


You gotta protect yourself. You gotta operate from a space of confidence and know you’re their answer without giving them the answer. Simply find out their problem and sell them on the fact that you CAN solve it, not HOW TO solve it.


You need to come to grips with the fact that you don’t owe anybody shit. You don’t have to prove anything except that you earned every penny they paid you by doing a good job. Nothing more. Nothing less.


Magicians don’t reveal their tricks. They simply amaze the audience. More so even, the audience doesn’t even ask the magician how, because they know he won’t tell. Take a tip from the magicians of the world. Keep it mysterious.


Another tactic I use to thwart the TKs is by creating content that relays results in advance. Instead of spending time on the phone explaining things, I’ll shoot someone a link to a blog post, video or audio that will answer their questions. I’ve essentially created my very own FAQ and called it a blog.


After they’ve viewed the content, which always has a CTA and offer at the end, they have the option to come back and buy into what I’m selling or go away because they can’t deny an offer and still want free treatment. That’s just ludicrous.


If you’d like to join a community where we discuss real time issues like this on a regular basis and so much more, check out our new Select Salesman program. You can see all the details at

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How To Find and Close Your First Listing Appointment

Depending on what brokerage you join, you might just get a book and a phone and get told to “go call expired and FSBOs”.  Shoot, when you’re new, you may not even have a clue what FSBO even means. buying a home


In most workplaces for Agents, there are few people willing to tell you how they do it, because you’re technically competition.  Plus, most Agents in the office are busy and worried about paying their bills, not training the new guy/gal.


Whether you know what to do with it once you get it or not, you’re going to need to find the first person who wants you to list their home.  The good news is that some Agents who’ve been doing this for decades still don’t have a clue, so even a rookie like you will fit right in,


Matter of fact, due to a large majority of Agents being clueless, the general public mostly assumes any idiot can list and sell a house.  Sadly that’s what most of the public has experienced.


Again, this works to your advantage because your rookie mistakes won’t be much different than the ones some vets make.  But before we can even get into any of that, you’ve got to find the first person who’ll let you list their home.


Some of us get lucky and our first deal comes from someone we know, someone close to us.  My first deal came from one of my close friend’s parents.


Some of us don’t have a vast network of homeowners we know, that we can prospect to.  That leaves most agents going out and doing dangerous stuff like door knocking.  Or even more dangerous – cold calling.


Sure, you can cold call expireds and FSBOS and that’s good practice in front of people who have no clue who you are and don’t care.  Actually, FSBOs and expireds are bitter towards agents in most cases.  Calling them will teach you every objection you will ever hear.


That’s counterproductive though when you need a deal and money asap.


These days, you don’t have to go door knocking.  You can simply send private messages to your friends on Facebook.  If you run out of friends you can always post and comment on posts in Facebook Groups.


Groups for garage sales, relocations and community networking are gold mines for anyone with a personality, who can type the right words to demonstrate that personality.


Simply posting on your personal Facebook wall can give you opportunities to go on listing appointments too.


Here’s a trick I teach new Agents when they come to me.  Go on Craigslist under people seeking housing and find someone looking for a certain home criteria.


For example you may see an ad that says “Single dude looking for 2 bedroom or more home with own personal bathroom. Needs to be close to downtown. Must be dog friendly…”


You can then go on Facebook and post “As you may already know, I’ve obtained my real estate license lately.  I’ve got my first buyer who’s looking for a 2-3 bedroom near downtown that’s a great place to have a dog.  If you own a home near downtown and are thinking about selling, get in touch with me. I may have a buyer for you.”


You’d be surprised how many times I’ve told an Agent to post something similar to this, which has led to a listing AND closing.  Your main job as an Agent is to let everyone know you’re an Agent. Without being an obnoxious douche about it.


You can only knock so many doors in a few hours, especially in the Texas heat.  86% of ALL phone calls go unanswered so cold calling can be a huge waste of time.  Meanwhile Facebook Groups and posts can reach 100s of people in just minutes.  And it doesn’t cost a dime.


Once you get someone willing to let you come over and put a listing presentation on for them, that’s when you use the rookie angle to your advantage.  After you’ve gone through all of your presentation you end with this.


“I’d like to thank you in advance for letting me represent you in the sale of your biggest asset.  Much like you, I don’t have a lot of experience in doing this.  I can however, tell you that you are my only client right now so that means I can dedicate 100% of my time to selling your home.  Trust me, this is a commission only job,  I want the money as bad as you want to sell your home.  You’ve got nothing to lose, sign here.”


There’s only one step left, after you make that promise to them and they sign the listing agreement, you make 100% damn sure that you deliver exactly what you promised.  That’s not only how you get business, that’s how you stay in business.


Wanna know more about group prospecting and what to say on social media to get more leads? I mean, surely you want more than just one listing right? Simply go here and you can get a copy of my Social Media Syndicate for 50% off the original price.


Learn it, implement it and earn it.  I wish you all the best in your new career.



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