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What do I do? I work like a motherfucker in business and in my home. I cuss a lot. I smoke, drink and occasionally say things that may piss you off. I've been told I'm one funny sonofabitch too. My Job: I'm the best in the world at what I do. I help high-level sales people (mostly in the real estate industry in one form or another) reach levels of achievement in their work and home lives they never imagined possible. I raise leaders who have so much confidence about themselves and what they do, they operate from a space of POWER that few on this planet even know exist. Yea! I'm that guy. My Family: I have the CUTEST kid EVER too. I know we all say that shit, BUT I MEAN IT. My son Jax is also a better salesman than I am (ask Sean Mathies) he's the future!!! My Strategy Here: I don't just say random shit on here for my own ego. (ok maybe sometimes) I'm doing my part to bring information and understanding to a society that needs it. I'm on here to attract the right people and repel the rest. If you don't like me or what I have to say, I completely understand if you never come back. Never take what happens on here personally. Just move on and get over it. I believe we are leaving our legacy here on the internet. An online journal of our thoughts with social proof and interaction. It's a beautiful, amazing thing that our future generations will thank us for. eat your heart out. Lastly: While you're here, read some shit and buy some shit

How To Market and Sell a Multi-Million Dollar Home In Any Market

I hear a lot of real estate agents tell me how they can’t get any million dollar listings, because “my market is different” or some other lame excuse they give me. I’ve even had agents who have a million dollar plus home listed, complaining about how they can’t sell it. So before we get started, lemme say this; 


You can’t sell a million dollar home with a fifty thousand dollar mindset.


If you’re going to list the home of a millionaire, you’re going to also need to think like one. People who own expensive, luxury homes don’t think with a poor mentality. If you’re going to impress someone impressive you’re going to have to BE outside of the box. Not just think there.


Before we get into this, you may be asking what in the world qualifies me to talk about this. Well, for starters, I’ve personally done live and digital training programs with the TOP agents in the country. You may know some of them like Josh Flagg, Fredrik Eklund and Josh Altman. Each of these brokers ALL specialize in selling high end homes.


During my time teaching alongside these powerbrokers, I also got to learn a lot from them. Not to mention I’ve had my fair share of high end home sellers as clients, who aren’t on national tv, as well. There’s several things they ALL do that makes them the powerbrokers to the rich, that they are.


If you’re fortunate enough to already have a million dollar listing, don’t complain that you can’t sell it. Are you just letting it sit there on the MLS? Do you think some pictures and a sign appeal to millionaires? If you do, lemme just tell you, “they don’t.” So stop complaining, and let me show you how to move a home quick.


One time when I was in NYC with Fredrik, I went to his office. When I opened the door to his office, his ENTIRE team was beating the phones. I asked him if they were calling potential clients and he looked at me like I was crazy. He said “why would I call buyers? I’m calling BROKERS. They’re asking every high end broker in America and over seas if they have a buyer for a unit in the development we’re pushing. You don’t go to the public, you go to the brokers. THEY have the buyers”


If you’re struggling to sell your million dollar listing, you need to beat the phones too. Call EVERY power broker in America and ask if they have a buyer. AT least make them aware your property exists. Just because you think there are no million dollar buyers in your market, doesn’t mean someone from Dallas, NYC or LA won’t buy it as a second home or investment.


Getting in touch with brokers who are gatekeepers to the rich, is paramount. This is how you start building your network. You can look up brokers online with the MLS or you can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to message them if you need. Nothing beats the phone though. Most high end brokers are big fans of the phone.


Not to mention being connected with all the brokers you called on. When they need someone in your area, they’ll think of you the same you did for them.


The next thing to do is acquire a list of people who have a million or more in assets. This list will be about 300,000 people. If you can get the emails, you can blast them, or even upload them into Facebook as a custom audience and re-target them. The best thing to do would be to do a mailer, post card style with pics and a call to action via website.


Send a mailer to each market you can. Hit the big areas first. Houston, Dallas, NYC, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Miami, and others. If you’re going to sell the home, you’re going to have to let as many people as possible know it’s for sale. It’s all about exposure. No one knows there’s a million dollar home for sale, on a dirt road, facing the lake, in Broken Bow, Oklahoma unless you tell them.


The next logical thing to do, would be hook up with the rich people in your town, or the biggest nearby town. Who’s one of the richest people in the area? Where do they hang out? What charities do they do fundraising and events with? Find that out, and find them there. I recently read where Elon Musk gave a charity $5k to get their attention so he could speak with the main dude. You could do the same for a fraction of that I bet.


The rich guy in your city may not buy the home, but he lives there, loves living there and could probably make a suggestion to one of the good ole boys he knows to buy it. Like minded people hang together. If you make friends in the big boy circle, you could wind up gettin more than just one million dollar deal under your belt.


You might even be able to work a deal where some of the charity people come to the listing and do an event there. That way ALL the rich people show up at your open house.  You’d have an instant prospect pool.


Let’s be honest here, if you double end a million dollar home, that’s a $60,000 paycheck. Even one siding, it is $30,000. If you have to invest $5-10,000 to get it sold, you’re still winning. Plus, if you invest in ads and sell the home quick, there will be more people hit you up to sell their million dollar listings.


Doing a bang up job and selling your first big time listing at lighting speed, can skyrocket your future in real estate. You’ve got the listing, are you willing to do the work to earn the commission that comes from selling it? Take the steps I mentioned above and you’ll be well on your way to being THE go -to luxury agent.


If you’re not sure how to upload a list to Facebook and use that as advertising, I cover how to do this and so much more in my latest ad program for Agents. It’s called Real Estate Ads Academy and you can get details at


If you’re seriously looking to invest in yourself and you’re looking for my help doing so, by all means, fill out the form below and we will get in touch and talk about what’s possible for you, with my help.


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Five Steps To Quickly Building a Sales Pipeline From Scratch

Ever been in a situation where you’ve taken a new job, selling a new product and you’re running out of cash by the minute? You’ve got to make a sale to pay your rent/car/phone bill but you’re brand spanking new. You’ve got to build a pipeline and start closing sales soon or you’re gonna have to go get a “real job” somewhere. 


Unfortunately I’ve been there more than once. There’s been a few times I’ve switched industries. From cars, to mortgages, to doing what I do now. Each time I made the change, I had to bust my a$$ to build a quick pipeline and get some sales under my belt.


Seems like the salesman in us, always loves a challenge that has a big potential pay off. Because of this, we take risks with our families and well being in new industries for a chance of success. With all BS aside, all that really matters on day one, is if you closed a sale or not.


From the experiences of starting a sales pipeline over from scratch, two or three times over the years, I thought I’d share with you what I’ve personally done, as well as what I consult my newer clients to do.  I’ve found that you can get up and closing, in pretty much any sales job with these 5 steps.


Disclaimer: I’ve ONLY used these exact steps MYSELF in Direct Sales, Online Sales, Car Sales, Mortgage Origination, House Flipping and Roofing. In other words these steps have been proven effective across multiple industries, selling multiple products. They’re proven.


Step 1: Send Out A Blast Email
Now, I’m not talking spam here. I’m not saying you should go buy a list and email it. There are several “cool” ways to send a blast email out and not look like you’re desperate for business to everyone who reads it. I’m talking about emailing people who actually might read and take action on the email.


Here’s a list of what NOT to put in the email
-Why you changed jobs.
-Why the new company is better
-Why you need to make sales


This an email you’re sending out to your existing contacts letting them know you’re in a new place and how you can benefit them and possibly someone they know. BE SURE to follow up on all the “congrats” emails and treat every response as if it’s a hot lead!


If you don’t have an existing email list to mail to, ask the new company if they have one you can mail OR you can buy interests from like mail chimp and other services. Please avoid spamming people at all costs. It’s bad for biz.


Step 2: Make Videos
I don’t care if you’re scared of making videos. You’re in a dire situation, you need to take drastic action. Don’t make videos about you, who you are, or why you’re the best. No one really cares about that. It’s telling, not selling. Videos are powerful ways to communicate, make sure you’re sending the right message.


In these videos, show off the products and how they work. Use these videos as demos of what they can expect. Recording happy past clients for testimonial videos, works really well too. Make the video about solving the problem of the prospect, not you.


Step 3: Social Media
This is where you can start mixing it up. You can share your videos with your social media sphere. You can even email the list asking them to connect with you on Facebook or wherever you’re active. Everyone has an audience online, it’s just a matter of getting your message out to them.


There’s an unlimited number of angles to prospect with on social media. I’d recommend running through your contacts lists and message your video to the people you think can most benefit from what you sell. You can find fan pages of your competitors and hit their commenters up as well. Especially the people who give bad reviews!


Step 4: Online Forums
Big social media sites like Facebook and Linkedin have groups you can join. Groups are forums of people who all share a common interest. You can easily do a search online for groups that would have your prospects in there. If you sell cars, there are car enthusiast groups. If you sell real estate, garage sale groups are awesome.


Getting involved and active in groups is huge. You’ll meet new people who actually want what you have. Just like any other relationship or sale, don’t ask for the business until you’ve earned the right to do so. Contribute to these groups, prove you’re the authority.


Step 5: Advertising Online
Sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google allow you to advertise in front of 1000s of potential prospects for just a few bucks a day. You can literally set up a $5/day campaign that will get you leads, if you do it right. Even running traffic to your new video can pay off.


Instead of door knocking, cold calling, mailing, spamming and all the other stuff salespeople usually resort to (hence the bad rep for some of us) is no where near as effective or cheap as online advertising. You could be wasting your time staying busy, or let $5/day or more be busy for you, so you can be there to make sales.


It’s not always fun and games like we plan, when it comes to starting a new sales job. Our spouses can complain, we can lose confidence and really start to doubt our decision. The fastest way to get over that and gain confidence is to make sales. The fastest way to make sales is to do the above 5 steps to get leads in the door.


Speaking of leads, my Ultimate Inbound Lead Selling System is perfect for those of you who take leads. Whether they are self generated or company provided leads, if you get leads, this program is for you. It’s important that you make the most of every lead you get, my system will help you do that. You can get a free video at


Now get out there, follow these 5 steps and get some sales under your belt, so you can get back to living the life again! You can always fill out the form below if you’re ready to invest in yourself and get my personal help too.


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Sell Like You’re Selling To Save Your Life

We’ve all heard the phrase sell like your life depends on it. Well, it does. Your lifestyle is a direct reflection of the amount of sales you’ve made. Every turn you take, your life is on the line. More importantly the difference in your life is on the line. The difference between a Timex and Rolex.


Most salesmen sell like they will live to see another day. Even worse, some sell like eventually someone will buy from them out of sympathy. Even worse than that is those salesmen who can’t sell at all and the only deals they close are laydowns that management handed them.


Knowing that most salesmen don’t place enough value on their life should empower you too. Most of us abuse all sorts of substances, and pretty much anything we can. We are some of the most self destructive people on the planet, so when it comes to selling like our lives depend on it, some of us don’t care.


We’ve all heard it. You know the 80/20 rule. I believe that’s 100% BS though. In every sales industry I’ve had my hands on, it’s been 97/3. Those three percent sell like their lives depend on it. They get it. They work it. They put it all on the line. Because it is.


We work commission. We write our own checks. Why in the hell someone would want to write themselves a small check is beyond me. If you’re gonna give me the checkbook, I’m gonna make sure it’s got a lot of zeros in it when I cash the checks in it.


What does selling like your life’s on the line mean?


It means going all in and being relentless in sales. Think of it this way. You’re being held hostage and the only way you can be set free is by persuading the prospect in front of you to give you money, in the form of buying your sh!t. You can only be released by the commission earned from that persuasive conversation.


Yes. It’s that friggin serious. 


The sooner you start treating your sales career that serious, the sooner you’ll find yourself making serious money. Serious money has a different definition to all of us. To some it’s $10k a month. To others its $10k a day. To some it’s $10k an hour. Whatever your definition is, you’ll never get serious money by playing around.


To many of us, it’s not just our life that’s on the line. As a father of two, there’s three lives on the line. As a business man who has contractors and service providers there’s even more lives on the line, plus their families. So why would I show up to a sales turn halfass? I don’t, that’s why.


I didn’t get into the sport or selling to play. I came to win. Win as many sales matches as possible. I’ve lost sleep, over objections. I’ve stayed awake at night stressing about stall tactics. I hate them. I want them to die and go to hell. Because of that, I show up every day ready to beat objections like they owe me money. Because THEY DO!


You didn’t choose this industry to live a mediocre life. Not the people who read this blog. Why on Earth you’d settle for it is beyond me. I’m not saying money is the best thing in the world, but it’s WAY up there on the list. You can’t deny it.


It’s also worth noting that only cool heads negotiate their way out of a hostage situation. You’ve never seen a movie where the hostage negotiator is screaming and bullying the perp into surrendering. You’ve never heard a hostage bully and scream their way free. That’s not how it works.


Selling like your life depends on it involves calculated moves. After all, if you make the wrong one, you’re dead. You’ve got to be cool, calm, under control, and strategic on what you’re going to say to get your way.


It will also help you to realize it’s not the prospect who’s holding you hostage. It’s their upper limits and objections. You’re negotiating against emotions not people. Sell the emotions. Close the objections. Every hero needs a villain. In sales, the villain is objections, and fears, not the person.


As salesmen we work a lot of hours. Then, we try and convince ourselves we don’t. For those of us who really enjoy our jobs, we act like it’s not work at all. BUT IT IS! You spend 6-10+ hours each and every day thinking, breathing, selling and living your work. Don’t you think you should get paid for all of that effort and time? You should.


If you’re ready to sell like your life is on the line and you’re ready to go all in and conquer the sales game, I encourage you to check out my program You’ll learn all you need to learn in order to get free from any sales hostage situation.



If you’re looking for personal help, fill out the form below. ONLY IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT INVESTING IN YOURSELF. I’m 100% dedicated to your success but there’s a ton of free content on this site. If you’re not ready to invest in yourself, that’s cool, use the search bar on this blog. For those that are serious, we’ll take good care of you.


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Why “Retired Criminals” Make Great Sales People

Some of the best salespeople I’ve met over the years, have come from sketchy beginnings. I’d even venture to say that most salespeople have sold drugs, or something illegal, prior to entering the legal sales world.  With over 68 million Americans having a record, it’s not hard to run into a “retired” criminal in the sales game. 


For those of you reading this that have been in sales for a while, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m willing to say that the sales industry has kept a lot of good guys and gals from becoming a repeat offender. I mean, let’s face it. Criminals do what they do, for money. If a guy can make money in sales, he doesn’t have to resort to illegal activity to pay his bills.


There’s a lot of companies and managers that get this too. Let me be clear though, when I talk about retired criminals, I’m not talking murderers, child molesters or rapists, I’m talking about hustlers and drug dealers. No sales managers are trying to hire Jeffrey Dahmer. We’ll give Jordan Belfort a job though!


When you’re living a life of crime, you have to learn to adapt and play many roles. You’ve got to be one hell of a talker too. It’s no secret that criminals are usually good talkers and quick thinkers. They got a lot going on. Eventually though, it always catches up to us. Crime doesn’t pay in the long run. Sales pays though!


Even when small to midsize companies hire for positions in sales, they are the most lenient when it comes to filling sales positions. Speaking from experience. I was once hired on at one of the biggest banks in Texas, the manager said , “we’ll overlook your past long as you make a lot of sales for us”


Actually, I’ve had a lot of big companies say that to me over the years. Any good salesman with a few blemishes on his background has heard it too. Everyone wants to follow the rules until making money gets in the picture.


There’s a whole barrage of reasons retired criminals kill it in sales.


First of all, if you’e gonna do stuff on the down low, but still get the word out, you have to be one hell of a networker. If a guy will spend the same energy and effort building his sales referral network up the same way he built his criminal contacts up, he’ll kill it.


Networking is key in sales. If you know how to pump people for referrals, and get connected with the prospects you’re looking to sell to, you can make a fortune.


Second of all, people who’ve lived their lives on the other side of the law have to be good talkers. They’ve got to learn the language of their network and what to, and not to say. Criminals need to play many roles to many people. This turns them into effective communicators.


Utilizing those communication skills in sales can make a retired crime committer make an honest living. After building a network, you learn the language. Effective communication with the right language is a closing combination.


Thirdly (if that’s even a word) criminals are known to make sh!t happen. Think about it. Every criminal, even the ones still in jail, are there because they took action. Be it bad or good, they didn’t sit around contemplating on what to do. They just did it. Most of them saw whatever they did all the way to the end.


Being able to make quick decisions and take action are some of the biggest plusses managers look for when they hire someone for sales. Being able to execute that action is a skill set many don’t have. Fast thinking, and good communication is all you really need to be a Closer.


Salespeople, especially those on straight commission, are risk takers. Criminals are risk takers too! They take the risk of making money or going to jail. Sales people risk making money or starving. At least in jail they offer rehab! There’s nothing for us sales addicts. Well, besides this blog.


You may never know it but there’s most likely a felon or at the very minimum someone who used to commit felonies, in your office. It’s not like people go around telling you their past. Especially if it’s sketchy and they don’t want anyone to know.


It feels so much better to use your skills for good instead of evil. Like most of us, I’ve got a sketchy past too. I just learned to a new skill and put the same amount of effort towards sales, as I did selling drugs. It’s paid off a lot more than any drug dealers I’ve ever met too. No one goes to the rich neighborhood to get drugs. They go there to visit salesmen though.


I’m all of the above. I’m a good communicator, a great networker, an extreme action taker AND a retired criminal. Truth be told, I haven’t committed any crimes other than speeding since 1999, but I still did what I did. Even with two felonies on my record I’ve been hired at some of the best, and most prestigious businesses in our country. All because I can sell. I’ve never let any of them down either.


If you’d like to learn how I got so good at sales and the type of sales training I offer, you can go over to and you’ll get a free video that will show you a few of my strategies. If you’re serious about investing in yourself and you want to take action, I encourage you to fill out the from below. ONLY fill it out if you are serious about investing in your self.


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What To Do When You Catch a Referral Partner Cheating On You

It’s like any other relationship. When you find out someone you have an agreement with cheats on you, it hurts. Ha! Who are we kidding? It pisses you off far beyond driven. Then, after the anger subsides and you start to chill, you start wondering what you did wrong to lose their loyalty.


I’ve cried more over losing some of my referral sources than I have losing women I loved. Play with my emotions but don’t play with my money. I’ll lose my dammed mind if you control and hurt them both. I’m sure all of us can agree we feel the same about that.


So what do you do when you catch your referral partner doing business with a competition?


Let’s take some time to explore some options and potential outcomes first, then I’ll share what advice I have on the subject. I’ve not lost a lot, but I’ve learned a lot from the ones I have lost. Let my hard lessons be the easy escalators to your success.


The first thing, is don’t make assumptions. Sometimes, like in the real estate business for example, the client controls who they get a mortgage from. Occasionally Agents have to do business with people who aren’t “their guy” but not by choice. The same goes in any profession.


Not jumping to conclusions is huge too. What if you draw the wrong conclusion? This could leave you looking like an over possessive ape who can’t get control of your emotions. Take time to investigate what’s going on and the reason why they are using someone else.


It’s not always you. Sometimes it’s them. Either way, if you’re losing them completely you have two choices. Offer above and beyond what the competitor offers them, or move on and be thankful for the business you DID get from them. Some relationships are for a reason, some for a season and almost none for life.


Sometimes it IS you and you know it. Just like losing your girl if you don’t show her the right attention, you can lose your referral source too. Don’t get cocky. You own no one and they owe you nothing. If you screwed up and you know it, you might just have to do what you need to do and beg them to take you back. You screw up, you need to man up.


Now that I’ve listed some scenarios and outcomes, let’s talk about what really needs to be done. Really the only thing you can do. You already know what I’m going to write, before I write it too. Don’t you? Of course you do.


You got to man up and ask them why


I’m not saying call them out. That rarely works. You can’t hate someone into loving you. It don’t work. Ask any Jerry Springer Show guest lol. You got to find out why they cheated, what YOU did or didn’t do to cause it and you have to make a decision as to whether you’re willing to fix it once they tell you.


You can’t create a hostile environment for them either or they won’t give you the real reason. If they think you’ll get mad and explode, they’ll give you the reason they think you want to hear, in order to chill the F out. You want to be cool, calm, empathetic and genuinely seeking to improve.


Don’t be afraid to let them know you’re hurt. Nothing wrong with being real and honest with them. Matter of fact, so few people are real and honest these days, that it might just be the key to winning their heart/business back. Honesty and empathy are so rare these days, it’s a blast of fresh air coming from someone. Even in what may be an awkward situation.


What happens when they say your competitor is cheaper, better, faster, bigger or whatever? What if they break up with you after “the talk”? I mean it’s always a possibility. They could get caught and end it. They could straight up tell you they got a new (sales)man!


If you’ve overcome their objections and they still ain’t having it, the only logical thing to do is punch them in the f#cking face. Just kidding, never resort to violence. What you do is ask them who they know that you could meet who would be a good replacement. Be bold, be calm, be direct, but ask.


Showing them right there and then that you are moving on and already looking for a new partner to date might make them realize they didn’t end your career. They are also highly likely in that conversation to send you a referral to someone new. If they want to get rid of you for real, what better way than to pass you on.


If you are passed on, here’s the ONLY thing you need to focus on with the new partner. Making them better than the old one! Make them miss you. Show them your value. Go right after them and the person they cheated on you with and crush them in your marketplace.


Do it cool. Do it professionally. Do it relentlessly.


Don’t let up until they come running back to you begging for you to take them back. At that point it’s your job to keep them as a side b!tch and reward the loyal person you’re crushing it with. Sometimes you gotta remind someone. Sometimes they forget.


It sucks when you get cheated on. We’re salesmen though. It’s part of our game. There’s always someone willing to step up and do something you don’t. Innovation drives our industry. It’s best to arm yourself with the best sales tools possible. I recommend you purchase and learn my selling system. You’ll close more people and lose less partners with it.


If you’re looking for more personal help, fill out the form below and we’ll set up a time to talk about how what I sell can benefit you. Do NOT waste my time. Only fill out the form if you are serious about investing in yourself. I’ve got tons of free stuff on this site. The form is for the serious only.


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How To Be A Top Producing Salesman Without Coming Off As a Complete Douchebag

I’m no stranger to being called a douchebag. Matter of fact, I’ll be surprised if someone doesn’t call me one in the comments on this post. That being said, the only people who’ve ever called me a Dbag, are people who’ve NOT been clients. 


Know why?


Because my clients friggin love me!


Even with a name like Hardcore Closer, I’m able to get on sales calls, with top producing, egotistical, salesmen, all day long and very few of them think vinegary of me. No one wants a rep like a bad used car salesman. Although, in used car salesmen’s defense, it’s usually used car buyers that are the problem, not the salesman.


The majority of people think you have to be some pushy, assertive, aggressive, @sshole of a salesman in order to close a lot of deals. Although, those qualities might help at times, the truth is you don’t have to be all pushy and shady in order to make big bank in sales.




There’s actually a lot of stereotypical salesman stigmas that you don’t have to fall under in order to be top producer


-You don’t have to lie
-You don’t have to over promise
-You don’t have to sacrifice your ethics and morals
-You don’t have to use gimmicks
-You don’t have to be pushy
-You don’t need to be rude
-You don’t need to be a fast talker
-You don’t even have to talk much at all


You don’t have to do any of the above, in order to be wildly successful in your sales career. I know some really chill dudes who sell like crazy and who’ve also made millions. There’s plenty of salespeople who’ve earned millions without having to do any of the items on the above list.


So what do you do in order to reach the top without climbing over anyone?


First thing you need to learn, is the art of listening. These days, most people forget a prospect’s name .5 seconds after the prospect tells it to them. Most salesmen’s minds go right into the sell, never taking the time to know the prospect.  You can’t sell someone if there’s no bond between you established. They WILL go buy elsewhere.


The second thing you need to master is the art of asking effective questions. Most salesmen come off as complete douches because all they do is talk about them or the product they sell. They disregard and discredit any input the prospect offers up in lieu of talking about themselves.


The third thing is to know when you’ve earned the business. Why ask before they’re ready? Think about it in terms of dating. If you’re with a self respecting chick and she wants to wait a few dates, you don’t keep asking her to give you her business. If you do, chances are you need to get laid lol. Even more, chances are, if you’re that guy, you need to make a sale and you’re starving there too.


People buy from people who make them feel important, and from salesmen who are empathetic to their needs. You don’t sell you. You don’t sell products. You don’t sell service. You sell a solution to a problem in the form of what you offer. The sooner you use questioning to uncover the problem, the faster you’ll be able to position your product to be the solution.


Look, I don’t care who you are, even if you ARE top producer, you can always get better at your sales game. I’ve got the program that will help you do just that. No matter if you make cold calls, take inbound leads or whatever, my Show Up and Close program will arm you with word tracks to help you kill it. Check out the free video at


If you’d like to speak with me or one of my crew about what we can provide you with in order to help you advance in the ranks according to your terms with our products, simply take a few seconds to fill the form out below. DO NOT fill out the form if you are not SERIOUS about investing in yourself. Don’t waste our time.


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5 Steps To Creating Video Sales Pitches That Close Prospects On Autopilot

In case you’ve been hiding under a rock, or in the event you are in total denial, you should know video is the hottest form of communication we have right now. Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime and YouTube have come up and dominated the lines of communication in the last few years.


There’s some pretty heavy, behind the scenes, psychology going on with videos too, that you probably haven’t considered. Well for your consideration I’m going to break it all down for you into simple terms so you can implement immediately.


Most of us were born AFTER television was invented. Most of us grew up with a TV set in our homes. I’m so damned old, the first one I had was black and white. I grew up thinking the Smurfs were black. True story. We grew up getting our entertainment, and information from TV.


I learned to count from Sesame Street. I learned what animals were what from Saturday at the Zoo. And as I got older, I leaned that the news anchors were authorities on information. (Of course I’ve unlearned that now lol) My mind, from childhood on was programmed that whoever is on TV is important.


Also, I think it’s important to add that the #1 fear in Americans is public speaking. That’s right! We got bears, snakes and shootings but people are more afraid to talk in public than they are any of that. For those of us that are talkers, it’s weird. I’m scared sh!tless of snakes!


Anyways, getting on video is a form of public speaking. Only to most people, it’s worse! They are more scared of video than they are a room full of people. Matter of fact, I know public speakers who won’t do video. They hate video. People have a fear of watching themselves. You are usually your toughest critic.


Meanwhile, that leaves it WIDE OPEN for those of us who aren’t afraid to get on video! 


If you’re like me and you think fear is the only four letter word that ain’t cool, then video is wide open. You may not know this, but right now, Facebook and YouTube are going at it for video views. They are both trying to consume and host as much video content as possible.


This means you can clean house, in multiple ways, by using video. Way number one is influence. When they see you on video they think of you as a person on TV who conquered their fear and is important. Way number two is getting YT and FB to promote your content for next to nothing. Way three is a video sales pitch works for you 24/7 without you having to do a thing.


Now, you might think; okay Ryan but I don’t know what to make videos about or how to make them. That’s ok! That’s why I’m here and you’re reading this. I’m going to share with you my 5 step process. Because, after all, everything revolves around a 5 step process doesn’t it?


Step One: Ask A Disruptive Question
This question needs to let them know, you know. Meaning this question let’s them know that you’re one of them. It needs to repel the people who you DON’T want to watch and draw in those perfect prospects you’re making the video for.


Step Two: Bond With Them
No matter the length of your video you need to bond with them before they will buy from you. The way to do this is to identify one problem (per video you make) and talk about how you, or better yet, one of your recent clients over came it using your stuff.


It’s likely, that if you did the research and know your market, there will be people watching the video who have the problem you address. They’ll trust you a little more if they see you


Step Three: Reveal The Process
This is the part where you show them, from a 50,000 foot view, how you or your recent client overcame what you mentioned in the previous step. Now, don’t confuse them with too much information. Give them the short version which should pique their interest.


Step Four: Call To Action
This is the simplest part of the whole process, and at the same time, the one most people screw up on. All you have to do with your call to action is simply ask if they’d like getting the results you got for you or your recent client, for themselves, with your help.


If you’ve done all three previous steps correctly, this part should be a breeze. Make sure, that in your call to action you give them very specific (like you would for an 8 year old) instructions on what to do and expect when they take action.


Step 5: Ask Them To Share
You know how you’re supposed to ask for referrals from everyone, every chance you get? Yeah, this is that part. After you’ve asked them for their business, you need to ask if they know anyone else you can help. After all, you are the best right? So why wouldn’t they send referrals. All you have to do is end the video with “Please share via email or social media this video with co-workers you know need to see it. Thanks in advance.”


A call to action request for referral 1-2 combo boom! I’ve been making videos forever and wasn’t always as good as I am now and I damn sure didn’t have a fancy, internet marketing, 5 step process back then. All that aside, I still took action and I encourage you to do the same.


Look here’s proof I used to suck at videos and still did them:



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The Greatest Sales Lesson You’ll Ever Learn

Alright, class is in session. I’ll be your instructor and I expect your full attention as I embark on today’s amazing lesson in sales. I warn you, DO NOT discredit the information in this lesson or the teacher of said lesson. Let’s get into it shall we… 


Some of the best information is overlooked due to it’s simplicity. For some weird reason, people are quick to discredit stuff that is easy. Weird thing is, systems don’t have to be complicated or confusing, in order to work. Matter of fact, the exact opposite is the truth. Yet many people fail to win due to discrediting simplicity.


Before I get into the lesson I’m going to share with you, I need you to take your “simplicity discrediting” judgement hat off. If you don’t, you’ll miss the power behind this message. You’ll also miss out on all the money you can make from implementing the information you’re about to learn.


The power of simplicity can be something everyone understands and misunderstands at the same time. I’ve seen smart salesmen fail on their jobs and get outsold by guys with mid level intelligence due to the fact that the “dumb guys” did and said what they were told.


There’s no need to reinvent the wheel in sales. What worked 1000 years ago, still works today. Methods are many, principles are few, methods may vary, but principles never do. IDK who originally said that, but it for sure applies to the sales industry.


I’ve not even got into the real message of this post yet, and you’ve already learned a powerful lesson. One that pairs with the lesson I’m about to share. The powerful lesson of simplicity. You see, you and I may be smart, but we are the 1%. We sell to the other 99%. They need simplicity. We should give it to them, then sell them our stuff.


With all that said, I’ll now share with you one sentence that will ALWAYS be the greatest sales lesson you’ll ever learn (assuming you embrace it)


Sell Them What They Want To Be Sold


It really is that easy. As I stated earlier, most sales people don’t close as much as they can because they complicate things. The average client needs things delivered to them in a simple fashion. In most cases, they don’t know or care about what all goes into what you sell, they care about the result they need your product to produce for them.


Allow me to be perfectly clear with you. No matter what your boss, trainer, manager, or mentor tells you, no one is buying you. They are buying what you sell. They buy from you because you are the roadblock between what they want and getting it.


People buy what they want to buy. The salesman who can best demonstrate how what he sells can solve the problem of the prospect is ALWAYS the one who wins the business. I’ve never had the pleasure of selling anything that was the cheapest. Every job I’ve ever had in sales was always selling something way more expensive than the “competition”


In the beginning I was naive enough to think it was about me. I literally thought people paid more for my cars/mortgages and stuff because they liked me. While they may have liked me, they bought because I sold them what they were looking for.


No consumer wants to deal with you. They want what you sell, and whether you want to admit it or not, as a salesman, you’re simply an obstacle on the road to getting what they want. The sooner you know this, and act accordingly, your bank account will thank you.


That doesn’t mean some of us can’t talk our way into a sale. We can sell ourselves to prospects all day long and eventually some of them will buy from us. We can also shut up about us and talk more about what they want. By doing this, I PROMISE you, your closing ratios will increase.


Let me put it this way:
No one wants a real estate agent or mortgage – they want a home – sell the home
No one wants a car salesman with good service – they want a ride that fits their lifestyle – sell the car
No one wants a business consultant – they want more clients, time and/or money – sell the results
No one wants life insurance – they want peace of mind – sell them a worry free future

The sooner you stop selling you, your company and all that BS and you start selling what they want, you’ll make more money. After all, more money is what you want, right? It’s why you do this job. So why not maximize every turn you get with a prospect to the fullest ability to close?


If you don’t know what your prospects want, you’re a horrible salesman. There I said it. If you haven’t been listening to the objections, concerns and issues of your prospects to know EXACTLY what it is they want, you’re failing as a salesman.


Our job is to uncover a need and use what we sell to fulfill that need. Nothing more nothing less. Notice I didn’t say our job is to show the client why they should buy from us and our company. The only thing tying their need to our company is that they have to go through us to get their need fulfilled.


No consumer ever, ever, ever in a million years will ever roll over in the middle of the night and wake their spouse up and say We need to find a place with a great salesman and excellent service to buy XYZ. That’s not how it works. They roll over and say I’m pregnant, we need a new house. They say We’ve got to figure out a way to save money so we can pay off our credit cards.


Again, don’t discredit what I’m saying here due to simplicity. Most of us didn’t go to or graduate from some Ivy League school. Most of the information we learned in our education days is forgotten anyway. There’s no need to overcomplicate stuff. One of the most popular subreddits is the Explain It Like I’m 5 page. People like simple stuff. Oblige them.


I could go on forever about this, but then I’d only make it more complicated for you which would make me a hypocrite which I’m not. So I’ll leave you with this: If you don’t already know (shame on you) what it is your prospects really want, you need to listen more and uncover it.


I learned early on in my consulting business that people didn’t want a business consultant. The egotistical alpha males I work with don’t want to admit they need help with anything. What they do want is more time off (systems) or more leads (funnels). Nothing more, nothing less. When I talk to a prospect, all I’m trying to do is find out which one it is for them, then sell them what they want. I never talk about me or my background. Who the hell cares?


You may not know this, but I teach people kick@ss lessons like this in my sales training program called Show Up and Close. If you’re looking for more leads, higher close ratios and killer sales training, this is the program that will deliver you to larger commission checks (assuming you do what I teach you) You can check out the first few trainings for free at


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Rockstar Closer Radio: Ingenius Instagram Marketing Ideas with Tar’Lese Trainer

This week’s episode is brought to you by Show Up and Close is my flagship sales training program. It’s designed for you to listen to one audio a day every day. It’s the best inbound lead sales program ever made. 


My guest this week is one cool ass chick. I’ve been connected to her for a while on Facebook and we had the pleasure of meeting earlier this year. She’s made quite a name for herself across several different platforms on social media.


She’s also a plethora of knowledge when it comes to getting engagement and influence on Instagram. Tar’lese Trainer is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, when it comes to IG. This week I’ll probe her brain and see if I can’t talk her out of sharing some killer content with us.


Check Out Entrepreneur Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Ryan Stewman on BlogTalkRadio
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Seven Reasons Why Salesmen Are The Best In The Sack

It’s no secret us Closers get all the action. It’s not just because we are such smooth talking devils either. We salesmen have something primal about us. That primality attracts hot chicks in droves. No matter what shape the salesman may be in. 


Ever seen a really fat guy with a hot chick half his age? That guy’s a salesman! Chances are he’s a professional mind changer. Some people judge and say “but she’s only with him for the money”. Well, that works both ways, he may only be with her to get laid. Either way, she got closed.


It’s not just the money that attracts women to us sales pros. It’s the obscene amount of confidence we have in almost everything we do. Confidence is contagious. When you have it and others see it, others want it too. Even if you’re a fat dude and she’s a hot 20 something.


What if that animal magnetism and confidence combined led us to also be BEASTS in the sack? The ladies know. Word has been out on us for centuries now. I’ve never heard a hot chick say she wanted to be cuddled by a CPA but I have heard them say they want to be ravished by a man who can get the job done.


We Salesmen can get the job done and we are no stranger to hard work ;-)


Next time you start handling objections with that hottie down there at the end of the bar, or the hot chick from 4 cubicles down, use one of these go to reasons, when the time is right, and you go in for the close.


We know how to connect with people: The first thing you have to learn to do as a salesman is to build bonding and trust with strangers. We are expert connectors. A good salesmen knows what to say/do by observing body language and listening to those he intends on making happy.


This particular skill set also pays off in the bedroom. Being the observant folk we are, we know when the person we are with likes or dislikes what we are doing.


We are competitive: Each month us sales guys fight for the number one spot in our office or company. Most sales offices are more like locker rooms as opposed to corporate environments. We want to win. Win at changing people’s minds. Win at being the best at what it is we are doing.


This works out in the sack too! Being the competitive beings we are, we’ll work hard to give our partner’s the best service they’ve ever had. We salesmen love to leave a lasting impression on those we’ve encountered.


We know how to make people feel good: Being a salesman is all about being a people pleaser. It’s what we do. All day long we are trying to make people happy by selling them the stuff they need/want. Nobody likes to be sold and a good salesman knows that. Instead we make prospects feel like buying from us is a great idea.


Behind closed doors, with someone we dig, we will share the feel good ability we possess with the person who can feel the best. Not only can we make those who are with us feel good physically, we are awesome conversationalists that can captivate our partners mentally as well.


We have extreme amounts of energy: Ever met a lazy salesperson? No! You may have met someone working in sales who is lazy, but there’s no lazy salesmen anywhere. A good salesman knows it takes energy and enthusiasm to close the sale. You can’t have energy and be lazy at the same time. It damn sure don’t close deals.


We carry the same energy in bed as we do in the office. We go all in and give it the old college effort. No one likes a lazy lover, so we are the perfect personalities to step in and put in work. Even at the end of a long day, when Harold the engineer just can’t cut it.


We have a lot of pent up stress: There’s something about being a salesman that’s stressful. Maybe it’s only getting paid on what we sell. Maybe it’s the constant process of changing people’s minds. Either way, we have a lot of stress going on, in most cases.


When you have a lot of pent up stress, you need a release. Many of us salesmen get that release in the bedroom. Sex is a great way for us to use all our energy and focus to get a release and not be under stress of that one moment when the feeling comes.


We are completely coachable: Most great salesmen were trained by another great salesman. We are always eager to improve and looking to expand out closing abilities all the time. We want to learn. Learn about the people we meet, the mate we are with and what it is we can do to make them happy.


In bed we are 100% coachable too. You tell us how you want it, we deliver the product in the fashion you ordered it. After all, it’s what we do! You just tell us the spot and we’ll put in the work.


We love repeat business: The cost of customer acquisition can be expensive these days. Instead a good salesmen knows to ask for repeat business and follow up with past clients. We’ll work hard to keep a client happy for years. Once you’re with us, we hate to see anyone go.


Same thing applies with the people we make love to. It’s easier to have repeat business than it is to go out and attempt to sell more.  Not that we don’t enjoy the thrill of the hunt as well, it’s just always a good idea to keep repeat customers.


So there you have it. Salesman are good in bed. Don’t believe me ladies? Head on over to the nearest insurance, car, mortgage, real estate or other company and give it a try. You’ll know when you found the right salesman, he’ll say all the right words and close you. You probably won’t see it coming until you’re coming. lol


It would be weird for me to write an entire blog post and not mention my sales training program and if you’re not already closing clients and women with ease, this will help you. No it’s not a dating program but dating and sales go hand in hand. If you’re looking to hire me personally help you, simply fill out the form below.


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Why Substance Abuse And Salesmen Often Go Hand In Hand

Salesmen. We’re a thrill seeking, adrenaline addicted bunch aren’t we? The way we are depicted as loose cannons in most of your Hollywood films isn’t too far from the truth. We are the worst one uppers on the planet. We’re a community of risk takers, well, more like a fraternity of risk takers. 


As salesmen, we live on the edge. We earn our money. Nothing is promised to us. In our world whether it’s feast or famine you gotta deal with it. The old saying “you made your bed, lie in it” applies to us on a daily basis. The art of being a professional mind changer is not to be taken lightly.


The problem is, as salesmen, most of us don’t close a deal every day. Especially those of us that sell big ticket items like mortgages, houses and the likes. We ALL face a helluva lot more NO’s than we hear YES’s. We get ridiculed, avoided, ambushed, lied to and tortured on a daily basis by our prospects. Half the people we try and sell to, hate us.


We like to go on pretending that everything’s okay, but our subconscious can only take so much abuse before it fights back. It fights back with rage, anxiety and other emotions that can cost us sales. Naturally we look to suppress the ability of our subconscious to start that fight.


As you and I both know, the main mechanisms of suppression are alcohol, marijuana, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine and pills. We have to do something to release the energy, calm down and escape our reality. We are ALL addicted to the high of closing the sale, and until we feed that addiction we use drugs as substitutions.


The high is not the same though. The high I get from closing a sale, is 10X better than any drug I’ve ever done. And I’ve done a lot. There’s no replacement for when you close a deal, get paid, help someone achieve their goals to where everyone gets what they want.


The other thing about the sales high is it’s a high that pays you, and repeats itself. Often times sales repeats itself. Like if you closed a deal last month and got the closing high, then you get paid for it this month and get the money high. Even better is when that sale calls you down the road with a referral or needing your services again and you get the repeat high.


Not to mention closing a sale is the only high that gets you paid. Drugs obviously cost money. Most sales guys will spend thousands of dollars a year on drugs and alcohol. I’ve had habits that cost me $30-50 a day. That’s $1500 each month in chasing the dragon.


It’s as if all the money that comes from the real high (closing) that we all work so hard for goes towards the high (drugs) that hurts us. Like I said above, we are a weird bunch of self destructive idiots. But we live on edge. Living on the edge, straight edge, is hard as hell. It might as well be hell for some of us.


Not only are we using drugs to substitute the high of closing a sale until we get our next one, we use them to celebrate the sale too. It’s hard to escape. You make a sale, everyone wants to go out, drink, smoke and celebrate. Going out drinking and all costs you the money you get from sales forcing you to get back to the grind and close more deals. It never ends.


Salesmen are easily addicted too. We are creatures of habit who teach ourselves new habits and addictions that will benefit us in our work. Such as being addicted to cold calling, being addicted to pitching and being addicted to work. When we pick that phone up and decide to make 50 calls a day, 21 days later we have an addiction.


If you’re like me, you are definitely addicted to caffeine. I’m already a hyper guy but for some reason I feel like I need some foreign substance to perk me up. Many of us don’t stop at caffeine, many salesmen do blow, the white girl, Katy Perry, you know cocaine.


It’s not easy managing multiple addictions that counteract each other. For every high of the sale, there is no come down or hangover. Every time you ride the white horse or drink your liver into a crying shame, you suffer the come down. That come down kills your sales vibe forcing you to get up again. It never ends if you’re not careful.


When I worked in a blue collar job there were a few drugs around, but most of the workers were too poor to have any serious drug addictions. When I went to work in the mortgage industry I had no clue how rampant drugs were in the corporate world.


In the corporate world they got the good stuff too. I remember going to my first happy hour in the mortgage biz. These people drank like fish from 3pm-9pm, then switched gears to coke or whatever. Guess what, it wasn’t long I found myself doing the same stuff (minus the coke, not a fan) I’d go drinking for hours, at least 2-3 times a week and that’s not counting weekends.


I soon learned salesmen party the most because they had the means to pay for the party.


If you’re reading this and you know you need to pull it together, it’s not as hard as you think. You’ve most likely replaced the high of the sale with the high of the drug. The high from the drugs are now bleeding over into your work life and counterbalancing each other. It’s only a matter of time before one or the other takes over. Sadly, the one that usually takes over for most of us is the drug.


If you have a problem and can’t stop, call some hot line. Don’t ask a fellow salesman for help, he’ll just give you hell for being some sort of p*ssy for having a problem lol. You know how we are. The office space in most places I worked was more like a locker room.


Addiction is no joke though, if you know someone that needs to be brought back to reality, talk to them. I’ve seen way to many talented salesman dry up and fall off because they couldn’t take the success and the party caught up to them. Don’t be that guy. You’re better than that. Everything is fun but everything in moderation. Except sales. There’s no need for moderation of how many sales you can make!


Speaking of sales, if you’re looking for the best sales training for inbound and outbound calls check out there’s even a few free videos there to give you a test drive.  If you’d like to talk with me personally about what it takes and cost to hire me, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch.


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How To Easily Spot and Dismiss BS Sales Pitches

Have you ever got a message like this? “Hey man, I’ve got a billion dollar opportunity for you. You could be rich! I’m about to order my Lambo now. Join me in my company where we sold a Gazillion dollars in product yesterday alone.” 


I remember when I was first coming up in sales, people would hit me up with “opportunities” all the time. At first I felt honored and excited that people would bring me in on deals. Then, over the years, after continually getting screwed over, I learned to spot the real from the fake.


It’s kind of like dating. Once you get your heart broke enough, you learn not to just openly trust anyone who hits on you. After you’ve been let down from one billion dollar opportunity after another, you stop believing the hype. You put your guard up and you’re very careful who you give your attention to.


These days I keep my guard up full time and my BS meter on high alert. I’d rather miss out on a good opportunity than I would invest in a bad one. When someone hits me up with ANY pitch, my first thought is always “NO” It doesn’t matter who they are or what they sell, NO is my go to answer.


What’s worse is when people reach out to me and think big numbers impress me. Only broke people brag about big numbers that aren’t theirs. I don’t take credit or claim income that isn’t personally paid to me. That’s not how most people roll though. Most people try to claim credit for anything they can.


Fools think big numbers are impressive. They aren’t though. Especially to someone like who has earned big numbers on their own. If you come at me with billion dollar talk, you get dismissed immediately. I know how friggin hard it was to earn millions let alone billions.


Successful people who’ve made good money and achieved what they want in life don’t have to impress you with numbers. They impress you with vision, process and a dream.  Only poor minded people try to impress success with numbers.


Numbers will happen when you involve successful people, so successful people aren’t always drawn to numbers. The problem is, poor people don’t know this. They don’t know because they haven’t done it, lived it or made it. Once you’ve made it, it’s pretty easy to spot those who haven’t.


So how can YOU spot a BS pitch and shut it down?


Not everyone is the same. For example, me, I can be a complete dick. I have no problem telling someone like it is. I’ve even been known to twist the knife and add insults on the way out. It’s just me. I’ve been screwed over so many times that I get mad when I see someone attempting to screw. What I’m saying is: My methods work for me but you may want to be a little nicer.


First off, when someone hits you up, you need to ask what the name of the company is. Before you even entertain watching a video, getting on the phone or any of that, you need to know the company’s name that the checks will be written from.


Once you have the company name, google it. Spend 3 mins and see what the internet says about it. If it’s not on google, tell the person that hit you up to piss off. You should also check the Secretary of State, BBB and IRS standings. If they got billions of dollars they will be good with the IRS and caught up on Taxes.


Truthfully though, if someone hits you up with billion dollar figures, it’s a red alert to shut them down. Especially if they bring the numbers up as part of their quick pitch. Big numbers don’t impress success. When they throw out big numbers, quickly ask them for their last check stub. If they tell you that you can make big money, they should be making big money. Right?


Another recent example is when a dude hit me up the other day for MLM. He mentioned that his skin care company has given away 1000 luxury cars to distributors. A thousand BMWs sounds like a lot until you realize they are not free, there are over 400,000 distributors so only .25% of the sales staff got a car. On top of that, they made the top .25% pay for a car with the company logo. No thanks man.


It all started when I asked him to send me a picture of his new car. When he said he was working on getting one, I let him go. Don’t come at me with “you can get a car” if you ain’t got a car. How could I tell people you can make money online if I didn’t make money online? It wouldn’t be long before I was run off the web as a charlatan.


If I could sum this whole post up in one paragraph, it would be this one. If the person pitching you doesn’t have, own or possess what it is they are pitching you on, then the pitch is 100% BS. No ifs, ands or buts. If they ain’t got it, how can they tell you it’s possible for you to get it? They can’t. It’s a lie.


One of the easiest people to pitch is another salesman. We respect people who can sell, so we say “YES” more often and easier than others. We also have extreme confidence and believe we can do anything we want. This attitude can set us up to be a sucker early on in our sales career. Then, down the road, it makes us bitter.


How can you spot the good from the bad without losing too much time and attention?
Another good tactic I use to fend off the bottom feeders is to ask them “With your company so successful, why are you reaching out to me?” Most of the time they say something along the lines of they like me and want to help, but what they really mean is they want me to do the work for them.


This tactic throws them off because they are used to suckers asking about the money and numbers they threw out in the pitch. With there only being 400,000 people who make a million or more a year in the USA, that leaves 316 million people who have no clue what it takes to make a million. These people are easily intrigued by big numbers.


The last and best way to spot the fake from the real is to be the one asking the questions. Ask to see proof of the answers you get too. Anyone can say anything, only the truth can be proven. If they throw out big numbers make them prove those big numbers. Most can’t, won’t and will go away quick.


Don’t settle for verbal answers. Ask for details and if they can’t provide details move on. It’s one thing not to miss out on a real opportunity, it’s another to waste your time on promise after promise. It gets old quick.


If you’re one of the people I’m talking about who’s broke as F*ck and  pitching with big numbers, stop it. If you aren’t personally doing what you are telling other people can be done, then you are a scammer. Plain and simple. If you say something you better mean it and be able to back it up. If not, it’s all worthless BS.


On the other hand, if you sell a cool product and want to know how you can market and sell more of it without looking like a fool using BS sales pitches, I’ve got your back. My Show Up and Close sales training program is designed to take good salesmen and turn them into legends. Check out the free video at


If you’d like to have a no BS, straight up conversation with me about what it takes to hire me for help simply fill out the form below and either me or one of the great people on my team will reach out to you. We’ve got products from $27 to $25,000. We’ve got something that can help you no matter what your budget.


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Surviving The Small Town Sales Slump

Do you live in a rural area? Do you feel like your sales territory is tiny? I speak to a lot of sales professionals who complain about having a limited prospect base due to not living in an urban area. All it is, is another excuse like anything else. “But where I live, there are only 10,000 people in the area.” blah blah blah 


It’s been my experience that smaller markets are easier to make money in. After all, we are always trying to find niches to sell to. Think of a small town as that niche. I don’t care what you sell, the size of your local population isn’t a deal breaker. There are several ways to sell more in a smaller market and even branch out into larger markets.


The first thing you need to come to grips with is the internet. If you live in a small town, you need to rely heavily on your computer to communicate. You’ll need to utilize online tools to cut down on the amount of time you would have to drive to the nearest city too.


If companies like can get products from India and seamlessly deliver them to your door in 5 days, you can use the internet to reach someone two cities over. The “my area isn’t that big” excuse is BS. You’ve got a phone, email and Facebook that can reach anyone in the world.


You’re only limited in your market by what you think you are limited by. Whatever you think, is true. Let me say that again; Whatever you think, is true. So if you think you can’t reach prospects in the nearest big city, it’s because of your limiting beliefs, not the demands or needs of the marketplace.


When I was a loan officer, I was based out of West Dallas. The majority of the people I did business with were in Houston. That’s a 200+ mile drive. There’s no way I could have closed 30 loans a month, driving down to H-Town every day to get applications. That would be insane.


Instead, I used fax, email, Fed Ex and anything else I could to get the information from them I needed. We didn’t need to meet. Our meeting face to face was not important to the relationship. What was always important was my ability to deliver on my word.


Still today, I haven’t met many of the people who’ve bought my stuff in person. There’s even some people in the Tribe that I’ve never met in person. It’s not important to meet. Everything we need to do can be done online. It’s the same in your business as it is in mine.


But Ryan, what if you don’t know people in the other areas?


Well, worst case, you can always cold call them. I hate that though. Here’s what I’d do. I’d run an ad in the local paper there, in the Facebook newsfeed and on google adwords specifically targeted to that area. I do this in my personal business all the time.


If you’re not a part of the in crowd then you need to advertise and market. There’s no two ways about it. The longer you avoid marketing and advertising, the longer you’ll avoid those big commission checks you’ve been craving. The sooner you get the word out to the people in your area, the sooner you’ll be the go to person for what you sell.


In a small market, advertising is cheap. If one of your go to excuses is “Ads are expensive”, save it for someone else. You could target damn near everyone in your area on Facebook for less than $30 each day. Yeah, for the price of a decent meal for two, you could attract enough prospects to eat like a King!


Here’s the other great thing about advertising to people in a small market. Repetition. You see, the average consumer needs to see and hear your brand 5-9 times before they decide they are familiar with you. Once they are familiar you can move to the next phase and close them.


In a large million plus person market place, it costs a fortune to get an ad in front of millions of people 5 – 9 times. However, in a small market, you can get in front of 100,000 people 10 times at the cost of one view per million. Are you following my math here? I can get in front of the same 100,000 people ten times for the price of getting in front of a million once.


Chances are, I’ll pull more business out of the 100k pool, than I will the million. Even though it’s more people, repetition is what creates familiarity and familiarity is what gives you the right to close. If you’re in an area with less than 100,000 people, even better.


There’s really never an excuse for failure. One of two things will always happen. You can keep coming up with excuses to why a limited market and your situation are different, or you can expand your mind, territory and sales skills by not accepting BS excuses and making it happen. Two choices, which one is for you?


It’s actually easier to take over a smaller market. People corner markets on penny stocks every day, but you never hear about it happening to any Dow Jones listed companies. What’s even cooler about small markets is the extreme familiarity that you build. People will know you at the store, out to eat, and everywhere in between due to your advertising and marketing efforts. Those same people will tell other people in different areas that they worked with or met you. Word spreads fast.


If you’re in a gridlocked territory due to how your corporate job is set up, make the most of what you got in the area by advertising, marketing and closing. If you’re able to work remote and get business anywhere, use your ad dollars and systems in places that will most likely get you the most customers. That may mean outside of your metro area.


Lastly, when you do run these ads you’ll need the ability to close them. That’s where I come in. I’ve got a sales training program called and it’s a powerful, fluidly scripted program that will allow you to have a stronger sales conversation with the prospects you do come into contact with.


If you’d like to know what it takes to personally work with me or what program we might have that best suits your needs, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch to let you know what the next steps are from there.


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Overcoming The “Let Me Talk To My Partner” Objection In 3 Steps

If there’s one objection I think salesmen get the most, it’s “Let me talk to my partner”. It’s almost as bad as being put in the friend zone with a chick you dig. I don’t know a single salesman with 12 months or more experience, who’s not had this zinger thrown at them at least once. 


What can you do to close over the talk to my partner objection?


It’s a question I get every time I do a Q&A. It comes up in my sales talk with sales pros group often too. As you know, every sales situation is unique. What works in one scenario may not work in the next. Sales is a fluid practice of daily adaptation.


The main problem with this objection is that it usually comes out of nowhere from people who don’t need to talk to anyone. It’s simply a stall tactic from someone who’s afraid to make a decision OR someone who thinks your sales game is weak. Nothing more nothing less.


The sooner you start looking at ALL objections like this, the faster your paychecks will grow. Every great salesman knows that removing as many emotions as you can out of the process is the key. The more you can respond to objections and stall tactics on mental auto-pilot, the more sales you’ll make.


Getting emotionally wrapped up in objections kills your sales game.


Prospects often resort to throwing “let me ask my partner” as the last ditch effort to blame someone other than themselves for saying “NO’ While this is not always the case, it’s the case more times than not. The best way to close over this objection is to take the wind out of their sails up front.


Here’s how I handle the partner objection up front. It’s better to blow a sale 5 mins in than spend hours with someone only to find out they weren’t serious about buying anyway. I like to know what I’m dealing with BEFORE I get on the phone or meet someone.


Step One: Ask before they get on the call if there will be another decision maker involved. Let them know this is a serious decision to be made and if they have a partner, spouse, boss or assistant that needs to hear it, get that addressed up front. I get super serious and say “If we are going to talk serious business, let’s get serious. Is there anyone else you’ll need consult in our meeting in order to make a yes or no decision?”


Asking up front is fun for us salesman because when they say “Well, I have a partner but he can’t make it. I’ll relay the info to him.” ask them “Are you authorized by your partner to make a decision or do you need their blessing?” If they need the blessing suggest scheduling another time with them both so no one has to repeat the time spent.


Step Two: Offer to get on the phone too and answer their partner’s questions just like you did for them. Sometimes they tell you they don’t have a partner and then throw one at you outta no where. You know how it is, buyers are liars. When they bring this up on you, don’t get mad or try and point out that they lied. That’s ego not sales.


If this happens to you, simply look directly at them and say “great, we can call them now and since I’m right here, I’ll answer all of their questions for you.” From there you’ll usually find out if they are time wasting tire kickers or serious. I’ve had plenty of people get on the phone right in front of me and hand it off to me.


Step Three: Give it to them straight. If they insist on leaving to talk to their partner, that’s when you know there’s a 99% chance of them turning into a ghost. Here’s what I say to them when this happens: “I’ll just shoot you straight. If you’re serious and YOU think this is what the best decision is, you need to make it. Your partner is not here. They didn’t get the experience or have the same desires as you. All they are going to do is talk you out of it. I see it happen all the time. Let me help you get what you want by making a decision today.” It’s hard to argue with that.


The one thing that sales that many salesmen lack is brutal honesty. The more you can address issues up front the less you have issues on the close. No matter who they are, prospects appreciate a confident salesman who isn’t afraid to ask the hard questions. Asking hard questions shows you have no fear and all the answers.


Like I said to begin with, all sales scenarios are different. I’ve closed a sale before by saying “I’m looking at your credit, you’ve made bad decisions all your life, why don’t you make a good one for a change and go with my advice.” It’s a ballsy thing to say, but in that moment that dude needed to hear it.


If you’re a good salesman, you can add a few items to your sales soldier armory that can turn you from a good closer to a legend that future sales dudes in your place hear about when they get hired. I’ve got the tools to do just that. I’ll put you together every day before work with my program. It’s designed for you to listen to one audio every day before you hit the sales streets. There’s even a few free videos for you.


If you’d like to know more about what it takes to work with me personally, simply fill out the form below and after reviewing your application I’ll reach out to you and go from there.


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How To Silence Objections And Shut Down BS Prospect Stall Tactics

We all know how it is. We do our part. We demonstrate the benefits and features of the product we sell only to hear some BS stall tactic from the person we are trying to help. It’s like a slap in the nuts in most cases. All we are trying to do as salesmen, is get them the product they want. 


Why does doing that always have to be so complicated?


They are having the conversation with us. We know they want to buy. We know they like our stuff. We know what we sell will help them. Yet still, in the back of their mind, they are thinking of ways NOT to buy our stuff. They’ve been finding excuses to avoid making a decision since they contacted you.


It’s all a big game of cat and mouse. A big game that most of us are tired of playing. It’s like duck duck goose. In school it was fun, but as an adult it’s a waste of time and energy. I feel the same way when I hear prospects give me the same old song and dance after I make an offer.


To me, it never makes sense. To me time is money, so if I’m going to spend my time listening to a sales pitch, I’m most likely ready to spend my money. I’d never waste someone’s time as a window shopper. I don’t get it. If you want something and you can afford it, why not buy it? Especially if it’s something you need.


The second you make contact with a potential customer, that voice in the back of their head starts talking to them. Telling them things like “it’s expensive” “you can wait” “you really don’t need this right now” “you can live without it” and all the other BS we hear in our minds.


For some odd reason, most people don’t think they deserve what it is they are shopping for. Their subconscious will do everything it can to keep them from being happy. The sooner you come to grips with this as a salesman, the sooner you can start making the moves that shut these inner shenanigans down.


It all starts with your presentation, experience and how you carry yourself. As you get into more and more sales conversations, you’ll find the same objections popping up over and over. These are the objections you are used to overcoming. You know them. You know how to close over them. The key is to get them out of the way up front, and not wait to deal with them at the negotiation table.


If you’ve been selling what you sell a while and you know what people’s go-to objections are, you need to address those and get them out of the way early in the selling process. When that voice in their head tries to start talking, it will have to find new material, because you already covered the old stuff.


Stating and solving objections up front also shows the client you have experience in dealing with situations like they are in. Social proof is a hardcore influence mechanism. If you know how to use it to your advantage, you’ll close more often just by showing them you’re the person to solve their problem because you’ve done it before.


Also you need to make sure you are listening more than you are talking. The easiest way I know to do this, is by asking questions. When you get the prospect talking, and you listen well, you can hear and pick out the coming issues they are facing. This gives you a chance to close over them BEFORE they become a bigger deal.


Be sure that during the process you are asking the prospect if they like your product. Make sure you ask them repeatedly if the product fits their needs and is what they are looking for. When it comes time to close the deal all you’ll have to do is remind them that they like it and it’s what they need. What in the hell are they waiting for?


Another big issue that often comes up is price. Prospects LOVE to say it costs too much or that it’s out of their price range. These days, thanks to the internet and the lies online, people have outlandish expectations of what goods and services cost. The internet never details the situation when people talk about outlandish good deals.


The way to be proactive about price stalls, is to ask and address it up front. When you ask the prospect how much they plan to spend, it’s up to you at that point to help them spend it the best way possible. Yes, they are most likely going to give you a low ball offer. That’s cool, show them the low ball product. Then elaborate on why the next one up is really what they need.


If you get the big objections handled up front and early in the sale, the little objections later in the sale will be like taking candy from a baby. You’ll shut that a$$holeish voice down from the back of their head and pad your pockets with the fruits of your labor. Not to mention hooking the prospect up by ending their search and selling them what they needed.


If you’re looking for sales training that’s no fluff, no gimmicks and all straight talk, you’ll love my Show Up and Close online sales training program. It’s 28 audios designed for you to listen to every day before you hit the sales field. By repetition you’ll arm yourself with the best sales strategies that exist. Check it out at


If you’d like to talk about hiring me and what it takes to personally work with me, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch. Make sure you share this with your co-workers and friends on social media. I appreciate you helping me spread the word.


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6 Reasons You’re Blowing Sales and Losing Money

I don’t know about you, but when I blow a sale, I want to kick myself in the nuts. The only upside to losing a sale is the lesson learned from it. I’m not trying to learn too much though, if you catch my drift. 


When I started off selling, I didn’t have someone pointing out the holes in my game. I, much like you probably did, learned my stuff from taking action, reading books, and trying new stuff that I had seen others use successfully. It made for a long learning cycle, that’s for sure. Allow me to shorten it for you.


Often times as salesmen, we will know something but simply forget it. How many times have you heard an old school close and thought man, I forgot about that, I need to start using it again? It happens all the time. We get caught up in the game and simply forget.


Allow me to put you together. If you’re blowing sales, there’s usually some fundamental issues you’re not addressing properly and all it takes is a reminder paired with action. Here are the top 6 reasons people blow sales. Remember it this time!


You Talk Too Much: Shut up! No seriously. Sometimes all a salesman needs to do to close is shut the F up. You have no clue how many times I’ve watched a salesman talk his way OUT of a sale. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. The prospect wants to buy and the damn salesman says too much.


Decisions cause collisions. The more you give someone options, the less likely they are to make a choice. This prolongs the sale with objections like “lemme think about it”.  People need to be led to the choice that’s best for them. You can’t do that by talking too much.


You’re Over Promising and They Know It: Ever get that it’s too good to be true feeling? Yeah, so do your prospects when you’re laying the BS on too thick. If you can’t do it, don’t say it. They will most likely accept things the way they are, you don’t have to offer the imaginary.


When you say something you know you can’t do, your body puts off a vibe. The prospect can feel that vibe in your body language through a phone line. Just tell it like it is and show them why they need what you sell. Drop the BS. It only comes back to bite you in the end anyway.


You Make It About You and Not Them: The prospect doesn’t care about you or your background. What they do care about is how what you sell can solve their problem. What is it with salesmen who think they need to give you their background? This isn’t a dating profile it’s a sales conversation. Unless you’re what’s for sale, talk about what you sell, not who’s selling it.


The prospect cares about what it is that you sell, can do for them, not what you can do for them. Matter of fact, the less you talk about what you can do, the less they’ll ask you to do it. It’s a win win for everyone. You’re a nobody, your product is the hero.


You Quit On The First Objection: The first objection is always a test. 99% of salesmen fail it. Most sales guys just accept the first NO thrown out in the process. The first NO is just a test to see how much you are willing to make the sale. If you quit in the sale, chances are you’ll quit in the delivery. They can smell it a mile away.


Just like you have trial closes, customers have trial objections. All they are doing is testing the waters and seeing how you’ll react. Knowing this and removing your emotions like fear from the conversation will close more sales and give you nuts like King Kong.


You Believe Their BS [Buyers are Liars]: We lie to ourselves on a daily basis, what makes you think buyers aren’t lying to themselves when they say “I didn’t come to buy today“? Just take a minute to think about the BS stories we tell ourselves every day. Your prospects are the same. They have the same stupid self limiting beliefs that most everyone has.


If you know what you sell will help them, it’s your job to sort through the noise in their head and give them clarity about why they should buy, why they deserve it and how it will positively impact them. Don’t let their lies cost you money.


You Don’t Properly Ask For The Business: Sometimes simply asking for the business will get it. Problem is many salesmen think they asked for it but in the prospect’s mind they are left hanging. Saying you’ll follow up, call them or reach out is not asking for business. When you make an offer you need to clearly articulate what it is you have and the terms alongside it.


The keys to making a clear offer are as follows: Verbalize it, put it on paper, get it signed. If you follow those three steps to making an offer, you’ll get a direct NO or a YES. That’s all we want in this game. A clear answer.


Ok, so now that you’ve been refreshed on why you’re not getting all you can get, when are you going to implement these back into your business? I didn’t write this for my help, I wrote it so cool ass people like you will read it and put it into play in their every day sales lives.


If you’d like more help on your sales game I’ve got the prescription for you. I’ve created a program that’s designed for you to listen to one audio a day every day for the rest of your career. You’ll become a machine through repetition. The site to check it out and even get a free video is


If you’d like to have a serious sales conversation with me about retaining me to help propel you to the next level in your sales career, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch. Meanwhile if you enjoyed this post share it on social media or email it to a friend. Thanks in advance.


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5 Steps You Must Walk Every Prospect Through In Order To Close The Sale

The best salesmen I know have selling systems in place. They use these selling systems to remove their emotions from the selling equation. They follow their systems to a T too. Just like soldiers doing rifle drills blindfolded, the best salesmen have a process they could do blindfolded. 


I remember when I was a ‘good’ salesman and thought I had it going on. I could overcome objections, give witty responses and close deals. Then, one day when I hired a mentor, he put me together. Meaning, he gave me a system to go with my selling instead of me just grasping at random closing techniques.


I can honestly say it changed the game for me. 


Removing the emotion from the salesman side of the sales conversation is a huge advantage. Again, just like soldiers who are trained to pull the trigger without thinking, or emotion, salesmen can be armed the same way with words.


Once I learned this simple 5 step process, my closing ratios went up and my sales calls flowed way smoother. It ends up being a better experience for the prospect too. Everybody feels great about the process and everyone wins when I close. Can’t beat it.


Having a proven sales system in place will turn a good salesmen into a BAMF Closer.


I’ll share with you the 5 phases every sales conversation must go through in order to close. It’s fair to mention that there’s a million ways to spin this so I’m not going to take all of your time over elaborating on this. Remember, the simpler things are, the more likely they are to work.


Bonding is the first phase that you must enter when you start the sales process. It’s the easiest phase to complete, but it is not to be skipped or ignored. This is where you show the prospect that they are a lot like you or a lot like others you’ve helped.


People identify with three main things. Where they are from, their name and what they do for a living are usually the three most important identifying factors for a person. Asking where they live and knowing someone there or having been there helps. Addressing them by name is also a bonus. If you can share a story they like or get them to laugh, you’re gold.


Trust is the next phase. You’ve got them to bond with you and like you, now they need to know you’re not full of sh!t. Anyone can easily tell a story and relate to someone but what about earning enough trust to get them to open their wallet? It’s as easy as social proof.


Social proof is when you show the prospect examples and testimonials of past and current clients who’ve achieved what the current prospect wants. When they see others, especially people they know, who’ve got what they want, they will let their guard down. Show them how you’ve helped others.


Interest is phase three. Now that they like you, trust you and know you, you need them interested in your product. During the previous phase, you showed them social proof examples of results they want. Now is the time you explain to them how they too can get the same results using your products.


They now see what’s possible and are most likely visualizing themselves experiencing those results. They want it, it’s just a matter of knowing the details. This is where you don’t talk numbers but you talk benefits and ONLY benefits to the prospect that matter.


Desire is the next phase that comes into play. Now that they see results and have built interest in what you have, they need to have a reason to buy. That reason could be saving money, beating competition, cutting down on overhead or time efficiency. Your job is to keep asking questions and fact finding until you build that desire.


When they start asking you how much it cost or how long until they can get it, you know you got em. Those phrases are buying signs which means they have desire to purchase assuming it all works out in the numbers world.


Offer is the most important part of the process. After all, it’s the close. Sure you can use little trial closes along the way before you make the offer, but unless you’ve completed the 4 previous steps, your offer won’t be seriously considered.


Once you have built the desire and they want what you have, it’s your job to perfectly present the offer to them in a manner they can’t refuse. As soon as you make the offer, ask them “what’s next?” This keeps from there being any awkward silence after the offer, as well as keeps the momentum flowing.


Before the very next time you get on a sales call, print this sh!t and keep it at your desk. As you make the calls, go through the 5 step check list and don’t move on until you’re SURE you’ve completed each phase. In doing this you will watch your normal emotions go out the door.


Once your emotions are gone and you have a system you can trust in place, your closing ratios will skyrocket, your prospects will treat you better and you will close more sales. I didn’t believe it either, until I just did it. Next thing you know, I’ve got people like you reading blog posts like this.


If you’re looking to step your sales game up in a major way, have a selling system in place that’s proven to work and practice at it every day, take a look at the free video at  As always if you’d like to talk about hiring me as your personal sales and marketing consultant simply fill out the form below.


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Using Your Addictive Personality To Your Advantage

Most of us salesman have addictions. If it’s not drugs, it’s gambling, the opposite sex or whatever you weirdos are into. It’s no secret that we are an addictive bunch of thrill seekers. The thrill of hunting prospects is how we make our living. We’re always looking for a high that can replace that thrill. 


That high doesn’t exist though. There’s no high better than closing a sale and getting a big a$$ paycheck from it. I’ve chased it just like you probably have and I’m reporting back that it don’t exist. Now that you know this, what’s next?


The next step is to channel that addictive personality of yours into something productive that produces income and fills the thrill so there’s no more void. I’ll bet you’re thinking “Ok Ryan, that’s nice and all but if it were that easy…” Track with me here, I’m gonna do my best to deliver you from bondage my brother.


First thing you have to do is create new habits. Notice I didn’t say get rid of old habits? That’s because if what worked for me, works for you, they’ll drop off. Creating new habits isn’t exactly easy but the process to getting there is. Habits aren’t formed overnight. Even the ones you want to form.


Creating a habit simply comes from repetition. Nothing more, nothing less. If we fill your time with rewarding habits, you’ll not have time for the negative ones. When I say negative, I mean the ones you know you need to ditch. In order to create a lasting habit you need to repeat the ritual of creation every day, sometimes multiple times a day, for a minimum of 21 days.


Yes, that’s three weeks of practice to make it permanent. Like I said earlier, habits aren’t created overnight but they are easily created.


How do you create new habits? Good question! Lemme tell you. First you need to make a list of new habits you’d like. For example, if you stay up late drinking, you need to make a new habit to wake up early. At first it’s gonna be a bitch, but if you bite the bullet you’ll end up going to bed earlier and drinking less. Knowing the consequences of one habit against the next, causes you to get clear on which one you really want.


I like to pair my habits. For example, I not only get up early, I get up early with a mission. That mission is to have all emails, texts, chats, blog posts and gym time out of the way before 9:30am. This keeps me from staying out partying on weekdays. I know that if I do stay out, I’ll suffer from it. In one of two ways. Either from being tired and strung out or from the guilt of not doing the work I’m supposed to.


It’s hard to get ourselves to believe our own lies, but when we do it’s dangerous. When you don’t believe your inner excuses or lies, you feel guilt when you don’t keep your word. I find that the guilt of breaking a promise to myself weighs enough to keep me in line most days.


What you’ll find is that the thrill of the gym or more sales or whatever you do, will fuel your adrenaline way more than any quick fix drug. I’m not telling you to quit drinking and drugs, I’m just telling you how you can create new habits that counteract to them and force you to choose.


I drink. I smoke. I’m aware of the consequences of both. Because of this, I use in moderation vs what I used to do and just go all in whenever the mood felt right (every day)


After 21 days of sticking to the script, you’ll find yourself a new you. Yes, it’s going to be hard at first, but as each day goes by it becomes easier and easier. The more you repeat the habit, the more it sinks in and sticks in your mind. Eventually it just happens second nature.


That’s all good about habits but what about addictions?


When you’re an addict like me, you seem to find yourself consumed in one form or another with something you like. If you like the wrong things, all that needs to be done is shifting your focus. Often times we love one aspect of the thrill but hate another.


A good example of this is loving to close sales but fearing the prospect declining your offer. While closing a sale is the best high there is, losing one is the pits. It sucks big donkey you know what. Especially if it was a deal you were relying on.


Eventually one of two things happens to a salesman. Thing 1 is they get enough “NO” answers, that the pain of NO outweighs the pleasure of YES and they stop calling. Thing 2 is they create the habit of ignoring NO and keeping blocking it from effecting their confidence.


You’ve got to learn to use the pleasure of winning to outweigh the pain of losing. What I’ve done is just like ignoring the voices telling you to get high, I’ve ignored voices that say “no”. It’s not that people don’t tell me “no”, it’s that when they do, I block it out and move on to the next one. I block out the bad to make room for the good.


Another example is us being addicted to our phone. Sometimes it’s sports, sometimes it’s social media. If you’re going to have the habit anyway, make it productive. Instead of scrolling ESPN, scroll linkedin. If you’re going to be on Facebook, use that time to prospect instead of trolling.


It’s as simple as switching a few things up over and over until you’ve fooled your brain into thinking that’s the way it’s always been and that’s the way it needs to stay. Only 3 weeks and you’re good. Can you do it?


I’ve channeled my addictive personality into something positive and you can too. You can find better ways to live your life before it’s too late. I’m no life coach but I got a sh!tload of life experiences. If you’d like to find out what it takes to work with me direct, and create winning habits, simply fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch accordingly.


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