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What do I do? I work like a motherfucker in business and in my home. I cuss a lot. I smoke, drink and occasionally say things that may piss you off. I've been told I'm one funny sonofabitch too. My Job: I'm the best in the world at what I do. I help high-level sales people (mostly in the real estate industry in one form or another) reach levels of achievement in their work and home lives they never imagined possible. I raise leaders who have so much confidence about themselves and what they do, they operate from a space of POWER that few on this planet even know exist. Yea! I'm that guy. My Family: I'm married to Ashley who holds the title as the longest sales cycle of my life. It took me almost 12 years to lock her down, but I finally closed her in November 2009. I got the CUTEST kid EVER too. I know we all say that shit, BUT I MEAN IT. My son Jax is also a better salesman than I am (ask Sean Mathies) he's the future!!! My Strategy Here: I don't just say random shit on here for my own ego. (ok maybe sometimes) I'm doing my part to bring information and understanding to a society that needs it. I'm on here to attract the right people and repel the rest. If you don't like me or what I have to say, I completely understand if you never come back. Never take what happens on here personally. Just move on and get over it. I believe we are leaving our legacy here on the internet. An online journal of our thoughts with social proof and interaction. It's a beautiful, amazing thing that our future generations will thank us for. eat your heart out. Lastly: While you're here, read some shit and buy some shit

Protect Yo Neck From Facebook Contact Thieves

When you come up, everyone wants to be you. Problem is they believe you’re the shortcut they can gain from.  Poachers and scavengers are all around.  You gotta protect yo neck son.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve tagged one of my friends in a post and then the rabid, starving wolves of internet sales hit them up to buy their shit or attend their event.  It’s fucking rampant out here. chained phone


If you’re like me, you’ve worked your ass off to make the connections you’ve made.  Those connections are worth millions of dollars in my case, so I take them very seriously.  After all, if other people are out there distracting them and taking their money, there’s less of their attention and money for me.  I’m the one who worked to attract them, I think it’s only fair I do what I’ve worked for… to earn their business.


When someone steps in on your territory, as a man, you can get angry.  I’ve called people out on social media, the phone and in person.  The minute you drop your guard on here, the minute you get punched in the face.


Having badass connections in your database, is like having the hot chick on your arm at the club. Every dude in the joint is waiting for you to drop your guard so they can make their move on her.  Unless that chick is 100% loyal, ride or die type, you gotta protect yourself from losing her.


The same parable applies in having the top producing referral partner.  Everyone wants their business and most are just waiting for you to fuck up.  On one hand this keeps you on your toes, but on the other, you never get a chance to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


Unless you’re like me and 100% free, you can’t call people out and get shit straight in the public eye.  Due to your job, family, the law or whatever, you can find yourself just frustrated as fuck without an outlet to vent.


instead of letting the scavenging bastards rape and pillage your hard earned contact list, why don’t you make your friends list private.  All you have to do on facebook is go to your friends list on your profile page and edit privacy.


This makes it impossible for outsiders and even insiders to scavenge your contacts for their own greedy purposes.  This doesn’t mean they won’t still take every chance they get to send friend requests to those you tag and who tag you, but hey, it’s a start.


I firmly believe the real money is in the list,  Facebook friends are just another list of contacts for you to make offers to.  But also a cool list of people you can tell dick jokes with.  At least mine are.


Speaking of contacts, my Break Free Academy events connect people who close millions of dollars in business.  If you’d like to find out more about it, simply fill out the form below.


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The Shaking Heads of Haters

It’s hard to focus on what matters when you’re head’s on a swivel. Notice when people shake their head with the “no” gesture, there is no way to keep the eyes focused? That means if you’re shaking your head you’re out of focus. haters-xyz
Why do haters hate?
I’ve never met a hater doing better than me. Even when I was in prison, the lowest point in my life, the only people who hated me where the ones who couldn’t hustle. The ones that weren’t as smart, as sharp, or willing to hustle as hard.
The outside world is the same. The people who talk shit and hate on you, may appear to have “it” going on, but trust me, no one hates one someone below them. It’s not cool to pick on the weak.
Early on in my career I faced the haters. They commented on my posts. They made fun of my videos. The wished failure and harm to me. I fell for their tricks a few times. Each time I fell for it, I learned a new lesson.
As I matured (I use the term loosely) I learned to ignore them. The more I left them in silence, the louder they would get. The more I ignored them, the more they would compete for my attention. #humans
As you grow and make more income in your business, the haters will pop up. They may not full on, frontal attack you like they do me, but they will be there none the less. Behind your back, to your connections, on social media etc… They’re out there. Trust me.
The sooner you adapt to this and get over it, the faster you can move on and continue to grow.
You see, the shaking heads of haters can’t focus. Their head is too busy shaking back and forth to keep their eyes on what matters. Their life is a constant swing from left to right and they can’t stand to witness someone who has their head on straight.
Meanwhile YOU have your shit together and are everything those pieces of shit wish they could be. Especially in your home town. The people closest to you will no doubtably be the first ones to hate on you. Prepare yourself, if it’s not already happening.
The mere fact that people hate on you is a good thing. You should pat yourself on the back for being a badass. There is no hero who doesn’t attract villains and victims. Stay in the hero role and fight your ass off my brother.
Next time someone hates on you, thank them. If they hate on you on social media, you get a chance to demonstrate your diplomatic skills for all of your fans to see. Haters are good for edgerank!
Lastly, don’t be a hater. No matter how hard it may be at times, avoid the urge. Don’t get caught up and distracted. Stay in the fight and stay positive towards everyone you come across. Until they hate on you. Then fuck em.
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Sales Lessons Learned From a Greedy Las Vegas Casino

If you want to fuck your clients over while padding your pockets beyond imagination, listen up, that’s exactly what Casinos in LV do.  The good news is they are masters at making you feel good about it.  This proves that marketing and language trump


If I were to tell you to make an investment that was 27 to 1 stacked against you, you’d tell me to get fucked.  Yet if I involved cards or dice, you’d probably be all over it.  It’s an amazing thing to see how making something fun will cause millions to spend their life savings.


The days of everyone being treated like gold at the casino is gone.  Old school casinos did it right.  These new ones like Aria and the likes, don’t give a rat’s ass about their clients.  Unless you’re paying attention, you’d never realize it though.


Think about it.  The level of greed is so strong in Vegas that they took the time, effort and money to set weight traps on the hotel room food that charge you even if you accidentally knock something over.  If you take a look at any casino on the strip, they have scaled each and every detail they can, and turned it into profit.


The odds are against you.  It’s ok when the casino holds the advantage but if you have an advantage like card counting or something that makes the game even, they won’t have any part of it.  The casino is only happy as long as it’s winning.  They don’t care if they take your life savings.  These folks sleep every night while cheating millions of people out of their money but using smart marketing schemes.


You may have heard the phrase “Everyone’s a winner” and there could be nothing further from the truth.  In most cases you bet $5 and win $2 but since you won, you feel like a winner.  Until all your cash is gone.


So what lessons can be learned here?


Let’s start with the things the casinos do well and relate them to you.  First the psycho babble and NLP language the casinos use is powerful.  It’s literal double speak.  They say one thing and mean the complete opposite.  If you read the signs on the games, they would have you believe you will be rich in one spin or pull.


Also have you noticed most of the ads on the buildings on the strip include, satan, sex, drugs, or other weird shit?  This is to encourage visitors to do things they normally wouldn’t do.  Apparently the shit works really well too.


The one thing casinos have for sure mastered is the art of getting every dollar they can out of the patrons.  Think about it.  The jewelry mark-up on the strip is out of control.  If anyone wins good money, you are immediately drawn to spend it on dumb shit at the malls next to the casino.  They literally can’t lose.


Most people who go to Vegas do dumb shit and harbor a lot of guilt from it. The casinos know this and will use it against you in a heartbeat.  There’s more than one reason there are cameras everywhere.  If you win big money and have skeleton in the closet, they will find it.
The truth is, casinos print money, If I remember right the Wynn was profitable in less than 48 hours.  Like most places that print money, they do so on the backs of us poor suckers who use them.  These casinos are willing to do whatever it takes to make a buck.


The lessons here are really more about what not to do.  When you spend a week in Vegas and you’re a marketer, you have a lot to study.  Most of us are not willing to fuck over our clients any way possible to get paid.  But if you want to see a good example of that, just look at a casino.


IDK why people gamble or how those casinos stay open but one thing I can promise is that I want my clients to MAKE money, not for me to TAKE their money.   I’d rather be broke with successful clients than rich off other’s misfortunes.  I’m weird like that though…


The reason I was in LV was for our latest Break Free Academy event.  All 12 attendees left with leads and deals in the works.  We spent three days locked in one of the casinos printing our own money by giving good will, not evil.  If you’d like to know more about Break Free Academy simply fill out the form below.


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Salesmen Lie and I’ll Tell You Why

I’ll just assume you’re not shocked at the revelation that salesmen lie. To take it one step further, it’s a safe assumption on my end that a salesman has lied to you. Before you judge them as snakey con artists, which some are, let me share with you the reasons most lies fly out of the mouth of salesmen. salesman
I’m not making excuses for salesmen to lie by writing this. I’m not condoning lies, and I think if you have to lie to close a sale, you’re more of a con artist than a salesman.
I mean, let’s get real. Lies are prone in every industry. From little white lies, to small ’rounded up” exaggerations, all the way to flat out fiction. It happens in corporate boardrooms all the way to the assembly lines. From the guy bragging about the fake chick he fucked last night, to the CEO fudging projected numbers. It’s gonna happen.
Matter or fact, the world we live in teaches you to lie almost as soon as you learn to speak. For example, I have a 2 year old son. When he first learned to talk and I would ask him “did you get in my drawer?” he would say “no” knowing he was in there. Telling lies is just part of human nature.
Let’s look at the top two reasons everyone lies.
People lie to protect themselves.
When my son told me his first lie, it was because he knew if he told me the truth he would get put in timeout. He didn’t want time out so he chose to lie to protect himself from timeout.
People lie to protect others.
People who get caught cheating generally lie to protect the other person. They feel guilt and shame and don’t want to impose those feelings on someone else so they lie.
These are just two examples out of an unlimited amount to pull from. The bottom line is that people lie for two main reasons. Yes there are others, but it’s those two that recur the most.
Now that we’ve identified the core reasons everyone lies, let’s dig deep into the mind of a salesman and find out why they have a reputation for lying more frequently than others.
Salesmen lie for a variety of reasons. Some out of greed. Others out of ignorance. Some do it because they are assholes, and they can get a way with it. Any reason to lie is wrong, but let’s face it, we all do it.
Most salesmen tell lies about their earnings. If I had a dollar for every time I heard million dollar producer, I’d have 2 million dollars. For example, when a realtor says she did a million dollars in sales last year that means they earned a whopping $30,000 commission. Yep, that’s less than 3,000 a month in income. Million in sales sounds better huh?
Salesmen lie about their numbers because they don’t know them. It always amazes me when I see people who don’t watch, track and count their money daily. I check my bank account 2-3 times a day. Every time I make a sale, I record the amount paid and future amount owed. Most sales guys couldn’t tell you how much money they made last month.
When you’re in sales, you tend to get caught up chasing deals as opposed to counting the cash from the deals that have already closed and passed. This leads you to give false numbers from the sheer fact you have no clue what the real numbers are.
Don’t forget sales is not for the weak. A lot of people think they will do well in sales and they are unpleasantly surprised. When you are not good at something but to ego driven and stubborn to quit, you start to operate from desperation. When humans get desperate they will lie about anything to get their way. Desperation leads you to operation purely from selfishness.
Then there’s the big one; Greed. Some people are just assholes and will stop at nothing to make a dollar. They don’t care who the person is, their circumstance or anything. They are just greedy fucks who will lie cheat and steal to get in your wallet. Try your best to avoid them.
If you take a deep look at the reasons for these lies, you’ll realize they don’t just pertain to salesmen. They pertain to humans in general. All humans lie. Make no mistake about it.
The reason people perceive salesmen as liars more often than others, is because consumers always want to blame others instead of taking responsibility. I bought a motorcycle the other day and the room I signed papers in had audio and video surveillance. The salesmen told me “you’d be surprised at what people will do to try to get out of a bike note.”
Just admit it. We all lie. Now with that out of the way, stop judging salesmen so damn hard. If you get lied to and sold by a salesman in 2014 it’s your fault. We have google right in the palm of our hands. Only laziness would prevent you from doing your research and due diligence before purchasing from anyone.
Bottom line: If you get lied to and sold by a salesman, it’s your fault.
Be sure to fill out the application below and join us for one of our upcoming Break Free Academy events.

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The Real Reason You Never Have Time

I hear it all the time. The go to excuse of lazy people everywhere. “I don’t have time.” It’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, an excuse. You make time for what matters.Whatever-Clock-compressed
The real problem is that people with no time have their priorities fucked up. They make time for fun, clubs, travel and everything that doesn’t add real value to their life, but can’t seem to get ahead in the areas that matter, like business.
Not having time is completely psychological. It’s all in your head. You’ve got the same 24 hours today as you had yesterday and tomorrow. What you do with them is strictly up to you. You can choose not to make the time, but you can’t say you don’t have the time.
People who say they don’t have time actually mean they don’t want to make time. They are too busy living a life of comfort. Making time for something that will bring massive value to your life usually has hard work attached to it. It’s all about making the effort vs staying comfortable.
I know plenty of busy people who make time for the shit that counts. They either wake up earlier, make sacrifices in other areas such as entertainment, or rearrange their schedule to accommodate what matters most to them. I promise you partying and vacation are not what matter most to successful people.
I hear excuses every day. The most popular one is “I don’t have the time” It’s everybody’s go-to excuse because it’s easy and only lazy people have go-to excuses, or any excuses at all for that matter.
When someone pulls the “I don’t have time” excuse out, what they are saying is that they don’t want to make the effort. It’s never about the time. Time goes on with or without us. It’s about the effort you put in during the time you have.
People who don’t have time are self sabotagers. They’ve learned to live comfortably in the world they created. They feel like they worked so hard just to get where they are at, that they can’t imagine risking or adding more to their mismanaged time load.
Those same people usually have time each week for the club and American Idol. The same people who can’t commit an hour a week to growing in some area of their life will spent 30 hours on a Breaking Bad bender and swear “it’s addicting”
The real reason you don’t have time is because you are lazy, scared and weak. I put in effort 20 hours a day for about 13 months. Drove my wife nuts, abandoned all entertainment and straight hustled content out. It was hell. It was hard work and it wasn’t always fun. I stuck to it relentlessly and now time works for me.
I worked my ass off creating things that would create time for me. Sales pitches on automation, video sales letters, blog posts like this and everything in between. I did it when I surely didn’t have time but I had a sure vision of what could be.
I made the time for what counts. I turned off the TV, the movies, going out, spending extra money and everything it took. I didn’t just make time, I made an effort and drastic change. I was willing to sacrifice then to reap the rewards I have now.
Next time someone tells you they don’t have time, you tell them “we all have time, choose what you do with it wisely.” Then look on their facebook page Sunday morning and see where they spent 8 hours Saturday night blowing money and time on something they won’t even remember.
If you’re ready to make the time to take your life and business to the next level, fill out the form on this page and apply to join us at Break Free Academy. I’ll show you how to make time, if you make the effort.

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Why You Keep Losing Clients to that Slimy Bastard Down the Street

We all know him. The snake. The fucker who’s somehow always poaching your shit. If you’re a producer and you think for one minute that someone’s not trying to take your clients at all times, you’re delusional. slimy salesman


When I was in mortgages, I heard salesmen bitch about the other companies having lower rates and fees. I hear agents bitch about someone charging only 4%. I’ve heard insurance agents say their premiums are higher than the other guy.


Don’t believe me? Then why do people buy their clothes at the mall and not wal mart? People buy clothes at the mall because they want quality. The same thing goes in every other industry too. Even commodities.
It’s never about money. The more you let it be about the the money the more that guy will take your shit. It’s about the service and quality of the person providing the service.
I sold domestic cars for the highest priced dealership in the metroplex at one time in my life. Most dealerships liquidated cars. We charged a premium for the same cars you could get cheaper up the street. I killed it there. Know why? Every customer that come in needed a car and I was really good at finding out why.
Once you “find out why” you step into a whole new dimension of sales. You’re no longer selling your stuff. You’re selling the solution to their why, by using what you’re selling. When you can operate from this side of the sales game, that snakey fuck up the street, with funny hat, and shit eating grin, don’t matter any more.
Most of us don’t even know what the dude who snakes our shit looks like. We never hear a name, only a company. He’s not going to tell you how they find him. Rest assured he’s out there waiting for you to fuck up.
So how do you keep people from stealing your clients?
I’m not one to lose clients to competition [using the word lightly] because I have a plan of offense. I know if I can discover the why, solve their problem and bond with them, most of the time their conscious won’t let them leave me. This is the law of reciprocity at its finest.
If you solve the problem behind the why, there is no reason for them to shop around. If you are the best at what you do, you should get paid more than that scumbag up the street. Matter of fact, his clients should be paying more and coming to you.
Let’s get real here. It’s not like the asshole up the block has rates, fees or services that are exponentially less than yours. In most cases we are talking about a few bucks a month or maybe 1000s over a long period of time they won’t use anyway. So it’s not like you are fighting that big of a fight anyway.
If you lose clients over pennies and dollars, you must suck at what you do. Money is never the root of problems on this planet. Money is always the focus of problems on this planet. There’s a big difference. People have a root problem and you can solve it. It just takes money to do so.
If you want to keep that bastard from snaking your shit, simply start serving your clients by fixing their ROOT problem and not the BS money story they tell you. Move over to the brighter side of sales and watch that piece of shit competitor of yours perish.
If you want help kicking his ass, I’m your guy. I can show you how to serve your clients beyond expectation, market to perfect clients only, place irresistible offers in front of eyes that buy and close leads like a boss. It all starts by joining me and several others for 3 days at our Break Free Academy event. Fill out the form below for details.

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The Sales Cycle of Self Sabotage

Due to the nature of my business, I have the esteemed pleasure of watching people beat their chests about sales on a regular basis. Most of it is bullshit. It’s one of the worst parts about being me. I smell bullshit a mile away. sabotage
When I smell bullshit, any interests I had in the person immediately goes to the wayside. I couldn’t count how many people I see braggin on social media and starving in real life. It’s fucking sickening.
So I got to thinking; Why is it that some people in sales can fool the masses but can’t accomplish true success?
It’s all psychological bullshit. Let’s go really deep in the rabbit hole. When I tell you what I tell you, it’s from experience. Self realization leads to certainty which leads to more closed sales.
Some salespeople feel that they need an angle that no other sales guy has taken. They will lie, cheat and steal in order to hold on to that angle. In the mean time they know subconsciously that they are doing the wrong thing and because of that sabotage real sales to boast about the fake ones.
It’s fucking crazy, I know. The sad part is it’s true. They fear real success because that means they will have to show up and actually play all in, instead of faking all in from the sidelines.
Self Sabotage is a cold hearted bitch.
Most salespeople are afraid of the word “yes.” As salesmen we feel like we need to work extra hard in order to close a sale. If it’s too easy we call it a “laydown” and talk to ourselves like we don’t deserve it because we didn’t work hard enough.
It all stems from our roots. Back in the caveman days we used to have to hunt, chase and kill our prey. The meal (payout) was always a reward for hard work. Naturally after over 2000 years of feeling like we have to work hard to eat, sitting behind a desk or talking on a phone doesn’t appease the need.
Why do we bitch when sales are too easy to close?
About two weeks ago Sean and I did a big deal with a big celebrity. We went in and he already knew us and was ready to sign without even hearing a sales pitch. We did the deal and when we left Sean said “Man, something was not right. That was way too easy.”
I went on to explain to Sean about the cavemen and our natural tendency to fuck sales up if they are too easy. We tend to want to earn our meal, not have it given to us.
I also explained to Sean that sales begins at first impression. The moment your prospect sees your first advertising piece, the selling process has begun.
In my marketing campaigns I use email, text, video and social media. My goal is that by the time I get in front of, or on the phone with a prospect they know the drill and are ready to make a decision. This all starts with them seeing my marketing pieces.
Don’t be afraid of the word “yes”. Matter of fact when you get easy yesses from laydowns, ask them for their friends and people they know. As a salesman you don’t have to work hard and fight objections with every prospect you come into contact with.
Embrace the word “yes” and use the power of yes to propel you into the next sale. When sales are going smooth and easy it’s a sure sign your marketing is working. Whether it’s from referrals or from fresh leads that you put the right message in front of, keep it up.
Many times us salesfolk will destroy something good in order to feel like we have work to do. We tend to love the building process but think we don’t deserve the finished product and the ease it provides us.
Next time you get an easy yes, hit that client up for all they got. Friends, family, coworkers etc.. Hell, get them to mail their contact list for you. The easier sales are for you, the more you will enjoy and appreciate your commission and job.
Bottom line, embrace and love the easy “yes”, don’t fear the close and think it was too easy for you to deserve. If you’re not getting enough easy yesses then your marketing is probably not serving you well. I can help you with that. Fill out the form below and let’s talk about it.

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Rockstar Closer Radio: How To Quit Screwing Around Immediately

Yea. Yea. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Don’t hate me for it. I’m not dead and I damn sure haven’t quit. I just wanted to see if you’d miss me or not. ;-) lazy
I’m gonna turn this radio show into a radio station and my new show will be called “Talking Shit with Stewman” here on the Rockstar Closer Radio Network. Prepare for some badasses to have shows on this channel that will blow your mind.
If you haven’t been over to you are missing out on the good shit. You can grab your FREE copy of my “Selling with 6 Cs” video in exchange for your name and your real email. Seriously, don’t give me that fake one or the one you never check.
In this show I’m going to explain to you the power of being a decision maker and why decision makers run shit. You’re gonna learn how to get up off your ass and make a difference in your life. Everything on this planet is trying to kill you. Make the most of your time here.
Besides, decision makers experience less regrets. They are too busy making decisions for the future to worry about the past.
Later in the show I teach you the three steps to taking action. To give you fine folks with severe cases of ADD the quick run down there are:
-Act Before Thinking
-Keep Doing It anyway
-Never look Back
Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share this on your fancy social media networks. If you’re ready to fucking dominate in your market (no matter what you sell) then fill out the form below and let’s have a talk about how I can help you blow up and GET PAID!

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7 Simple Sales Hacks For Closers

As a salesman, you should always be sharpening your sales sword. Every day you should be arming yourself with more tools that will help you sell more shit.SALES HACKS
Think about it. You’ve got continual opportunity to generate new leads and make more sales every day. What would one more sale a day, or even just one per week do for your income?
The problem most salesmen face is boredom. We get stuck in a rut and get comfortable doing the same things over and over. In order to be truly effective you have to consistently grow and improve.
When you find yourself in a sales slump and you can’t seem to break out the main thing you need to do is switch things up. I’ve got a few cheat codes for the sales game. Yep, I said ‘cheat code’ like left, left, right, right, up down, up down, B, A, start, type shit.
Professional mind-changers should always strive to improve and arm themselves with new ways to close. Lemme share with you 7 simple yet powerful sales hacks for closers.
Change your ringtone: Music does amazing things to the human mind. Music can alter moods, increase energy and bring back pleasant memories. In the same way fighters come out to theme songs, you should have your ringtone be your theme song. Every time your phone rings, the fight is on.
When you get in a rut, changing your ringtone is the best $.99 you could spend. Think about it. When the phone rings you instantly get a charge of euphoria from your mostest favorite jam.
Stand up when you sell: So many people don’t take advantage of this simple performance enhancing move. When you stand up you project more power than when sitting. Most so-called sales people are lazy as fuck so they sit on their ass selling nothing.
Smart sales people will take every angle they can. Even when you are on the phone and your prospect can’t see you, you should stand. Hell, I prefer to pace. It keeps energy flowing and raises the momentum of the call in your advantage.
Sit when you listen: On the flip side, you should be seated when listening to your clients concerns and objections. This relaxes you to where you are not as tempted to interrupt and verbally vomit your BS all over your prospect and blow a sale.
A good salesman knows selling is solving. In order for you to solve you need to listen. Control the pace of the conversation by sitting when spoken to and standing when speaking. You’ll find the scales will tip in your favor time and time again.
Use the mute button on the phone: While you’re sitting there quietly listening to the story the prospect is telling you, go ahead and mute the phone. This way you are less likely to interrupt. As salesmen we get excited. Especially when we think we have the answer to your problems.
I’m even known to talk over prospects with the mute button on. I’ve yelled, screamed, cussed and cried all the while my prospect had no idea due to the fact that I’ve completely quieted my end of the conversation.
Send them an intro video before the call: Sales starts at the first impression. People buy from people they know, like and trust. You might as well go to work letting them get to know you. Video is one, if not the most, powerful ways known to send a message.
It takes 7 touches for someone to become familiar with you. By the time you get on the sales call you’ve already been in front of them two or three times. Also, this gives them the ability to put a voice with a face. While you are talking on the phone to them, they will picture you from the video you sent.
Text them 5 mins before you call: These days over 86% of ALL phone calls go unanswered. This means almost every call you make results in voicemail. People don’t want to talk to strangers and if your number is not stored they probably won’t answer.
People do get texts though. About 5 mins before your scheduled sales call you should send the following text “Hey (name) it’s (your name) and this is the number I will be calling you from for our appointment in 5 mins. Looking forward to it” You’ll find yourself with a higher show rate just by giving a little heads up.
Find common Facebook connections: Social proof is a really big deal these days. The whole 6 pixels of separation really works in your favor these days too. Even if you’re not friends with someone, Facebook will tell you what common connections you share. This is a powerful conversation opener.
Think of the power behind the phrase “hey, I heard you know (what’s his name). He’s a great guy. I’ve known him forever. How did you meet him?” This immediately tears down the wall around any prospect.
I could literally go on all day long with simple, yet powerful hacks like these. You can spend three days learning them all first hand from me. I do this thing called ‘Break Free Academy’ for entrepreneurs like you. We work hand and hand over three days to create scripts, videos and lead funnels tailored to your specific business.
BFA is open to ALL entrepreneurs. If you have a business and sell stuff there’s a chance this program is for you. The reason I say ‘chance’ is this is not for everyone. It’s for badasses that want to fucking dominate what they do. It’s not for pussies who want shit handed to them. Fill out the form on this page and we will get you into the interview process with one of our members.

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How to Properly Profit from Your Passion

About 5 years ago, I was doing what most of us do. I had a corporate job making sales for the machine. In my case it was mortgages. I loved helping people buy their dream homes but I hated the paperwork. I felt like there had to be a better way to serve those around me.image4

As much as I loved my clients, I really loved the people I worked with. Well, that’s not true, let me clarify. I loved the salespeople I worked with. They gave me energy and it was always a cool feeling when they came to me for advice.


In 2010 I lost my ability to originate mortgages. My license was not accepted and I thought my world was ending. I’d been making significant money for years and in an instance it had all gone away. I was beat but not beaten.


One night I was smoking some good shit over at a friend’s house and I had that “AH-HA” moment. I had been good at mortgages and the crews everywhere I worked always asked me for help, why wouldn’t I start charging to help?


I made a really shitty landing page and video from my laptop and made an “infomercial” about they way I did millions in monthly mortgage closings. The video sold some but not a ton. It gave me the light that shined and showed me I was on to something.


From there I went all in. I offered to manage any and every LO and Agent’s social media that would let me. At one time we were posting 5 times a day, on three platforms for 70+ people. That’s a lot of writing but it didn’t matter. I was passionate about helping these people who took a chance on me when no one believed in social media.


From there I learned more lessons about myself and the marketplace. I got to know how people responded to certain types of posts. What private messages resulted from the posts I made and more. I got inspired every time one of my clients got a deal from something I did or taught them to do.


The only problem was that I was charging only $100 a month and it was a SHIT TON of work. I was splitting the money in 3 ways too. So I was bringing in thousands for my clients and pennies for me. It was a good thing that I loved what I did.


Then one day after many of my clients experienced dramatic results I decided to raise my price. I had numbers, info and proof of what could be done. I didn’t have to fake it to make it. I got some people to take a chance on me, it worked and now I wanted to profit immensely from my passion.


From that point when I made sales calls, I had real numbers. I could say things like “out of 70 clients 61 of them are 6 figure plus earners. They’ve each increased business by a medium of xyz…” When you have facts and numbers people take you seriously. My price went from $100 to $1000 overnight.


Guess what? When my price jumped to $1000 more people jumped on board. Turned out, people wanted me to teach them what I did and not just do it for them. They were more than willing to pay a premium because they had facts about ROI.


My next problem was keeping up with clients. When I got to 10 clients that I was doing weekly calls with, I struggled to keep them handled and sell new clients into the business. Balance was impossible it seemed.


That’s when I came up with the mastermind format. Instead of 10 calls each week I could make one conference call and we could all contribute to each other. This also empowered the group to give more feedback and continue to be competitive.


My next problem was that some of my clients that had been with me 6 months or so were way more advanced than the newbies coming in. It created overwhelm for the new people. It would frustrate the group because newbie questions would take up time from the advanced guys.


The recorded calls and hangouts we had done over the previous six months explained everything the new people needed to know. So I created a flow system to keep the new folks on track and learning and the long time clients super happy too.


These are only a few of the problems I’ve run into running this business. Each time we found an answer and each time things worked out for the best. If you find yourself hating your work, yet loving those around you or those you serve, maybe it’s time to think about shifting where your income comes from.


It takes work, but it’s not hard to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Many of my clients go on more vacations, work remotely and work with only people they want to work with.


If you have a passion and you’d like to Break Free and start getting paid what you’re worth from the marketplace, fill out the form below and let’s set up a time to get you started!


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Just Make a Friggin Video About It

One of the most frequent answers I give to my clients is “just go make a friggin video about it.” It’s actually my #1 go-to. These days we have video cameras on us 24/7, yet very few people or businesses are taking advantage of the power of action
I mean – think about it…
Ever since you were a little kid, you’ve been sat in front of a TV (video) and told to pay attention to the TV because there are important people on there. Whether it be news casters or celebrity actors, the TV has always caught our attention. It’s as important of a program too to our society as school. Kids spend more time with TV than school in most cases anyway.
The reason video has always commanded attention and granted instant authority, is the fact that cameras were really expensive. Then after you bought a camera, you needed editing software and that shit cost a grip of cash too. Add lights, time learning how to do all this shit and you were in a lot of debt back in the day.
That’s not the case any more though. These days you have a HD camera on your smartphone, YouTube is your TV channel and if you know what you are doing, you can build your own audience and empire.
Take Jenna Marbles, for example. She uploads a video she records from her laptop camera onto YouTube and it instantly gets millions of views. Why? Her message reaches the right audience. She knows who she is talking to and her message is what matters, not her production quality.
Most of us salesmen find ourselves repeating the same shit over and over. From our sales pitch to answering the same processing questions again and again. Video is a great way to not only duplicate yourself, but duplicate your sales pitch and frequent answers you give as well.
Think about it, next time a customer hits you with the good old “when does XYZ action happen?” you send them a video with you explaining it all and say “I’ve made this short video for you that will walk you step by step through that exact process.”
First off, your clients will most likely respect you more due the fact you got on camera. The reason most people don’t make videos, is because they are scared. This again, drums up the respect you get when you step out in front of the lens.
Second off, they will understand your tonality and mannerisms more. When they read your future emails they will hear your voice in their head and most likely visualize the image of your video as they read your words.
Third of all, video can be your sales pitch. If I make a sales pitch once on video, I don’t have to repeat it again. I can simply send that video to whomever or upload it to a webpage that people will watch it from.
It’s really simple shit and everyone should be doing it.
Let’s get into a deeper reason why you should be doing videos. If you die today, what records of your existence is there? Wouldn’t it be nice to see videos of your ancestors? Instead all we have are faded black and white photos of a few generations ago. If you don’t leave videos behind it will be as if you never existed in a land of people who DID make them.
You’re robbing your future generations of getting to see the real you and who you are. Many of you that read this sell real estate. Some of that real estate will be famous one day. Don’t you want to leave your legacy online letting others know you played a part in history?
The next time you find yourself with a great idea, tip, message or sales pitch, pull out the selfie machine and record that bitch. You deserve to stand out and that starts with video. My clients who use video get more engagement than those who don’t. Bottom line.
If you want my help with video ideas, marketing funnels and all around badassery, fill out the application to join me for 3 days of intense sales and marketing mastery. There’s nothing else on the planet like this.

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Why You Need to Pull Your Head Out of Your Ass Immediately [Ryan's Rants]

head up assThese days it’s as if most people just walk around with their head up their ass. Seems as if all the hemorrhoids in the world couldn’t force their head back on their shoulders. From people driving in traffic, to people texting and walking. Head up ass syndrome is running rampant.

Not having your head inserted directly into your rectum is good for your health. People tend to like and follow people who are not confused and know what they are doing. On the other hand, dumbmotherfuckers get laughed at and run over. Getting run over is bad for your health.
Plus, for all of us that DON’T have our heads up our asses, it’s really easy to take advantage of those that do. I know it sounds like we are ripping people off but if they are going to rip their ass and stick their heads up it, we reserve the right to get over on them a bit. It’s a nice edge to have.
We live in a land full of snakes and a sea full of sharks. Everywhere you go some mean ol’ advertiser is trying to make a dollar off of your ignorance. The more ignorant you are, the more you pay for wisdom. The problem with having your head up your ass is that you don’t know you’re ignorant. And that just burdens the shit out of all of us.
Humans are exhausting, and humans with their head up asses exhaust you beyond all recovery. You don’t have to stay in this perpetual state of anal cranial submersion. You can shake it off and act with a purpose but it takes effort.
I think a lot of people’s reason for this rectal insertion is lack of effort. It takes effort to make decisions and take action on those decisions. Everyone chooses to remain ignorant. It’s 2014 if you don’t know something, the internet will teach it to you and for free in most cases. Ignorance is a disease like cancer eating away at those who suffer from it.
Here’s how to pull your head out if it’s stuck in there:
Step One: Wake up with a purpose. When you rise in the morning have your day mapped out. It’s really quite simple. Each evening pull your head out of your ass long enough to look just 24 hours in the future to see what you’ve got going on. This will help you avoid being late to meetings and making it apparent to those around you the depth of your shoulders crammed up your ass.
Step Two: Do some research. You don’t have to show up everywhere you go lost these days. It’s 2014 and pretty much everything you can think of, even if it’s brand new, is mapped out on the internet. You can have ALL of your questions answered ahead of time so you seem competent when you arrive there. This also saves those around you time as well. They will thank you for not having your head in your ass with little gestures like holding your door open. Like a boss…
Step Three: If you don’t know ask. Nothing is worse than an ignorant know it all. Those fuckers deserve their head smashed in. They are truly a burden to society. Don’t be one of those guys. If you don’t know something ask a person, phone or google. It will give you the right answer so you don’t fuck something up for everybody else.
Step Four: Pay fucking attention damnit! I swear, every time I see someone cut over in traffic last minute across four lanes to their exit, I want to run them over AFTER slapping the shit out of them. I’m baffled at the amount of people who don’t pay attention. We have gps literally everywhere. Looking both ways before crossing the street is a good idea too. Not to mention just overall being aware of what goes on around you is good for your health. Dumbass.
I can’t do everything for you and if you are shoulder deep in your own intestines I can’t pull you out in four steps. You’re gonna need to find help. Good luck with that. For the rest of you laughing your ass off at this, I know you enjoyed it. Allow me to rant with my colorful language for you. Share my shit for me. I got ya dawg…
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Sex, Lies and the TRUTH About Sales

Let’s talk dirty!!! Look; no one told you that you’d be hated once you became a salesman. Being in sales is like being a hooker. Everyone wants what you got, but they feel embarrassed when they have to go to YOU to get it. You don’t have to feel cheap though. Plenty of hookers make big money. sex lies the truth
While you’re reading this, let’s just put it all out there. Sales is hard as fuck. I know some asshole out there is saying something like “I swing a hammer for a living, talk is cheap.” They only say that because they can talk. If they could, they sure as hell wouldn’t be swinging a fucking hammer for a living. Being an effective salesman, or as we call them “Closers” is not for pussies.
You not only have to be sharp witted, you’ve also gotta have enough confidence to ask the questions and say the things that most won’t ask or say. Then, when you have the courage to ask the questions, you have to withstand the wrath of that person who wants what you have, yet feels the need to act as if they don’t in some sort of effort to conjure a sense of self preservation or some shit.
At the end of the day this is mentally exhausting. The brain controls the body. When the brain is beaten, the body is exhausted as well. Most Closers spend more energy pacing the floor, yelling on the phone, typing, texting, running down the hall and all the other shit we do as rituals of our craft than people give us credit for. Most salesman are thin and good looking, they’ve gotta be doing something to keep in shape. That something – is selling.
Speaking of good looking, I’m pretty sure people in sales get laid more often too. My thinking behind this is multi-fold.
First: Sales people are super persuasive so we tend to get what we want more often than the average man. As a man the thing we usually want is sex. IDK a single effective salesman that don’t get laid as he sees fit.
Second: Chicks dig confidence. We can all agree the best salesmen have big time confidence. When you can use text or spoken words to ask for big time checks, it’s pretty easy to ask a girl to dance or even to go home. And if they say “no” as salesmen we know it’s “on to the next one” like any other form of prospect.
Third: Don’t forget the money. There’s no such thing as a successful and broke salesman. You can be one or the other, but ya can’t be both. Success in sales means one thing – money. For Closers that money buys nice cars, good threads, a phat crib and the best service anywhere we go. Chicks really like everything I’ve listed in this paragraph. #score or if you’re Jordan Belfort, you just spend the money on hookers.
Here’s the truth about sales: The shit ain’t easy. It comes with a BIG price. You’ll lose friends along the way. Your family will avoid you. You spouse may hate your work (or my case my phone) The list goes on and on. People will be REALLY REALLY jealous of your success. Hate that you drive nice cars and live in a nice crib. Above all that, it’s your job to keep positive and push on. Stay in the fight more than anyone else. It’s the Closers way.
Allow me to simplify…
…If you think that after watching the Wolf of Wall St and Boiler Room that you’re just going to jump in the game and earn major bank, you are sadly mistaken. That’s not even how shit works in sales. There’s a reason both of those movies end with FBI agents. Most salesmen spend years learning a real product. We master every objection because we’ve heard them 100s of times. Sales is a personal development course with a pay plan attached to it.
Next time you’re in the presence of a salesman treat him with respect. The shit you see on TV is only about 1/3 true. Respect the fact that he’s there to serve you so he can provide for his family. Also keep in mind he could probably take your girl from you too, if you’re a dick. Just sayin…

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The Genius Behind Remax’s New TV Ad

Game recognize game right? I was watching TV the other day and saw a commercial for Remax. This particular ad was one of the best reframes I’ve ever seen. It said “Instead of your dream house, let us help you find the right house.” Talk about a reframe for a time when inventory is low and buyers have to take what they can get!!!! Kudos Remax ad team.  remax
The commercial goes on to talk about why your dream home may not be the right home. Things like the home needing major repairs, being in bad areas etc… They also tell the viewer to trust a Remax expert to find them the right home. It’s almost to insist the agent knows what they need, not what they want.
In a normal market this type of ad wouldn’t fly. If this ad was running in 2006 people would think Remax was a pompous ass. In today’s market of limited inventory, and frustrated buyers who’ve fought for multiple offers on multiple homes, it’s perfect.
You see, Remax’s ad team knows that today most offers on homes are turned down. This is due to limited inventory. The hottest homes in areas are selling well above list price. While this is a sellers dream, it’s a buyer’s nightmare. Funny thing, most sellers are buyers at the same time. Without having a home to move to, this keeps sellers from accepting some offers too. If they sell their home, they have no where to go.
Many Americans were fortunate enough to receive super low interest rates on their mortgages in recent years. With rates from 2-4% on average, it’s hard to justify selling your home when y you can rent it and generate cash flow. I could go on and on with plenty of reasons why this market is tough. Point is, Remax reframed it to ease the frustration and anxiety like true pros.
Watch the commercial here and leave a comment below with your thoughts.


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Customer vs COSTomer

Man oh man am I going to hit some nerves here and bring some serious bullshit to light. You need to hear this and if you are a violator [COSTomer] you REALLY need to hear this. Call it a reality check. pink slip

One of the most perplexing questions to ask salespeople is “Is it better to turn down good business in order to only conduct excellent business?”
Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about. Let’s say you’re a real estate agent. You want to make more money. Your time is maxed out and the only way for you to earn more income is to sell homes with a higher value. This means your average transaction needs to be $900k up from your average of $300k. Do you turn down the $300k clients in order to focus on only selling to $900k clients?
Some of you might be sitting there wondering why you would turn anyone down at all. It’s not so much about turning down business as it is attracting the excellent business. We can agree that a 900k client talks, acts and thinks differently than the 300k client. If you are going to attract more 900k clients you are going to need to market to them. This new marketing might and should abandon your average 300k client.
There’s always a risk. We’ve been programed to believe we have to be busy to earn money. We say shit like “I worked my ass off for this.” for notoriety. When you are doing 3 times the volume with 1/3 of the clients there will be a slowdown. Each client that shows up is now worth what 3 clients were in your past. You will get less leads at first and it will take you time to brand into the new market. This keeps most from taking the steps and abandoning what needs abandoning. Many fail before they even start.
The reason I got into all of that is to show you that who you consider a customer might actually be COSTing you money. The very type of person you see as income could potentially be an expense you didn’t know you had. Like most surprise expenses, this can be a BIG BITCH.
You have to be 100% clear on WHO it is that your WHAT can be sold to, in the most profitable and efficient way possible. Customers are people who pay you for what you do in a manner and amount you are happy with. Most Customers also send you referrals because they like you so much. COSTomers are people who pay you money, yet wear you out and keep you distracted.
Truth be told, not all COSTomers pay. I remember when I first got into marketing I would spend money to create big lists of COSTomers. All they wanted was free shit. They never bought and they demanded I continue to deliver free shit. They would share it on social media, but only their COSTomer friends would see it. After all, like attracts like. This cost me time and began to wear me the fuck out.
Once I freed myself from the COSTomers and focused 100% of my efforts on serving the existing customers I had, I began to attract more. As I attracted more and more perfect customers, the COSTomers just seemed to go away. My message no longer catered to them. It was rough at first, I was basically starting from scratch. once I went through the “cleanse” that’s when things really took off for me.
I lost facebook friends. I lost so called, real life friends. I pissed business acquaintances off and so on. The cool part though, was that I was 1000% ok with it. Matter of fact I wanted to run them ALL off. The less of my time and energy them demanded, the more I had to give to those who reciprocated my energy.
Now that we are in the 2nd quarter of 2014, I suggest you take inventory. Step one is awareness. Go through your client base and identify who it is that’s COSTing you. Identify them and cut them loose. One of the best feelings in the world is to refund and fire a client that sucks. I encourage you to do it every time you get one that sucks.
Once you identify and fire those COSTomers you have, the next step is to remove ALL marketing material you have that attracts COSTomers. Now that you’ve identified the problem, it’s time to cut off the supply.
Next step is to go through your list and identify Customers. I’d personally call them up, thank them for being cool and ask them what attracted them to you. What they like about you the most. Take notes. Do more of that shit.
The last step (that I’m sharing here at least) is to create new marketing material that will attract Customers and repel COSTomers. It’s simple. All you have to do is offer more of the shit your Customers like and none of the shit your COSTomers want. That’s the sweet spot Jimmy.
If you’d like my help increasing your customers without COSTomers getting in the way, it’s time we talked about this thing I got going on called Break Free Academy. It’s you and 9 peers for 3 days in Dallas with Sean Matheis and me. After that we personally mentor you and give you the game to reach your goals hardcore style for the next 90 days. Fill out form if you’re interested. We’ll talk and see if you got what it takes to BREAK FREE.

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Top 30 Hardcore Badasses of All Time

A few days ago I commissioned a painting of Bruce Lee from one of my favorite artists Rob Secades. I was telling Ashley (my wife) how I was going to hang the painting in my office. She suggested I get more paintings of badasses for my office. She’s full of good ideas like that.
I did what any other social media expert would do. I asked facebook who they thought were the baddest assed mother fuckers of all time. Surprisingly, most everyone’s answers were similar. Lots of actors, historic figures and athletes.
I started off with a list of 20, but I couldn’t get everyone I wanted on the list in with just 20 spots. So I expanded it to 30. Look. Don’t freak the fuck out on me here. I’m aware I put Jesus on the same list as Genghis Khan. Also, don’t bitch about the order they are in. It was hard enough to order these BAMFs as it is. I don’t need your 2 cents. If you want, make your own fucking list.
Let’s skip the rest of the explanations and get to it. Without further stalling, I present to you the Top 30 Bad Assed Mother Fuckers of ALL TIME. I’ve also added details to why they are on this list according to my opinion. bruce lee
1. Bruce Lee: Bruce blew mother fuckers minds when he hit the scene. He basically brought martial arts to the USA. Until he existed everyone thought bigger was better. He proved that was not true. At 135 pounds he stood the most powerful man on Earth. PLUS he kicked Chuck Norris’s ass. Hence why Chuck ain’t on the list.
2. Tupac Shakur: You may know Tupac (2pac) as just a rapper but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Tupac was an extremist. He was not a rapper. He was an intellectual poet speaking from a streetside view. He said shit rappers today wouldn’t dare say. If you listen to the shit they don’t play on the radio, you will realize Tupac stood against everything and was not afraid to say it. That’s probably why many think the “industry’ or Government killed him.
3. Elvis Presley: Elvis changed the way people danced and listened to music. In a time of great turmoil due to race issues and wars, Elvis helped bridge the gap missing in America. His music had people of ALL races sneaking out to dance together to it. He wasn’t afraid to be himself. He went all in and is still one of the most famous names of all time. Even his name is sacred. When’s the last time you met someone under 50 names Elvis?
4. Genghis Khan: Most of you probably wonder how the hell the mascot from Genghis Grill made this list. You need to listen to “Wrath of the Khans” by Dan Carlin. Genghis is the most deadliest man to ever walk this planet. He killed 100s of millions of people from China to Europe. His legacy is so brutal and deadly he’s left out of most schoolhouse history books.
5. Michael Jordan: The coldest dude to ever hit the court. You can ask anyone on the streets “Who’s the best basketball player of all time” they will ALL say Jordan. If they don’t say Jordan, they are douches. This guy has more championship rings than fingers on one hand. He’s such a badass that he’s 51 and still an underwear model.
6. Joe Rogan: Joe is my #1 all time hero. I just love his brutal honesty. He’s hosted Fear Factor and practically every UFC fight this last decade. Many don’t know this, but Joe is a serious intellectual. He’s smart as shit and has NO PROBLEM speaking his mind. You know you’re a badass when you host the UFC and still talk shit without issues.
7. Dave Chappelle: “I’m rich biotch” hot damn I love Dave. Dave is one of the only people on the planet who cashed his chips and retired before he expired. At the peak of his career he said “I’m out. I’ve made millions and I’m just gonna go live now.” The media tried to paint him as crazy but he knew he had to get out before they tried to turn him into a puppet. Funny thing about Dave is that he still has a shit ton of money. He’s a smart, badass.
8. George Carlin: In a time when no one wanted to question religion or politics, George decided he’d spread the work via jokes. He’s one the rare comedians that can make you mad, laugh and feel fucking stoopid all at the same time. He said VERY unpopular shit for his time. Without fear or giving a fuck he stuck to his guns and died a legend.
9. Abraham Lincoln: Most people associate Lincoln with freeing the slaves. While he did play a big role in this, his real badassery comes from the real reason for the Civil War – The Federal Reserve. When Lincoln was president he was fighting for freedom for ALL Americans from massive debt. Lincoln was a commoner who’d been BK and faced many failures. When he got elected he fought ALL forms of oppression. Total bad ass mother fucker.
10. Martin Luther King: To be a black man in the 60′s was hard enough. You had no voice, no rights. MLK was not going to sit on his ass and take that shit. He took his mission to the streets and raised awareness for civil rights like none other. He knew he’d end up dead. He knew everyone wanted to kill him. To the point the Gov had him killed to silence him and them pinned the murder on a white guy. That really happened and the FBI paid a settlement to Corretta King just a few years ago. Fucking Legendary. Henry Rollins
11. Henry Rollins: In my opinion, Henry Rollins is the King of Hardcore. From his music, to his lifestyle to anything this badass does. He’s all in and not afraid to be himself. He was punk when punk wasn’t cool. He was willing to fight for his right to be who he wanted to be. Even his later TV roles have all been him playing a badass. Plus he’s pulling to end all wars. I hope he can accomplish it. War sucks.
12. Steve Jobs: I’m typing this right now on a MacBook Pro while streaming my iPhone to an apple speaker. Fuck YEA!!! Steve changed the world as we know it. Without lifting a fun or swinging a sword! Steve left Apple in the 90s and everyone thought it was going to die. He came back in the 2000s and turned it into the most profitable company in the entire world. From failure to absolute power, that’s how badasses roll.
13. Chuck Liddell: When the UFC first gained momentum and popularity it was Chuck Liddell who introduced our wives and girlfriends to bloody noses and instant knock outs. This dude went from being a CPA to beating the living shit out of anyone who got in the ring with him. Chuck was such a BAMF other BAMFs got their hair cut like him to show how fucking bad ass they were!
14. Nikola Tesla: Nikola died broke and in debt so you and I could enjoy electricity. That fucker Thomas Edison would have you believe it was all him, but that’s not true. Nikola was one of the rare humans who actually wanted to help us over make money from us. I’m able to use my laptop and see in the dark because Tesla devoted his entire life to creating power.
15. Felix Baumgartner: In case you don’t know Felix, he jumped out of a space station with nothing but a spacesuit and parachute. I’m not sure what qualifies someone as a badass in your book, but this is THE definition in mine. When I watch the replay of him jumping, I get chills. It’s amazing to see what can happen when they bar is set to new heights. RedBull gave him wings to fly down from space. FUCK YEA!!! eminem
16. Marshal Mathers: Arguably the best rapper to ever live. Eminem came out with a style no one had ever even dreamed of. He said whatever the fuck he wanted and dealt with all the shit storms that came with it. At one point he was one of the most hated entertainers ever. He taught us that if you don’t have haters you ain’t doing it right. Go whiteboy Go.
17. Jesus Christ: Jesus is such a badass people go to hear stories about him told from pulpits in glorious building 1-5 times a week, 2000+ years later. People purpose their entire lives around his teachings. What most people don’t know is that Jesus was a warrior. He and his gang of 12 didn’t fuck around. They called out Pharisees and ultimately was commissioned to be killed by his Government. All the while bringing a message of love and peace when it seemed there was none for him. That’s why we love him, yet have never even met him.
18. Ron Paul: This guy technically should be our president right now. The media shut him out even though he was winning. He’s predicted every crisis and war we’ve got into, since he started making predictions. He’s called out the entire congress from the floor! He chose to live a humble life and not take bribes or extort people in the normal political way. He’s exactly what ALL politicians should be like, yet none are anything like him.
19. Travis Pastrana: Can you do a double back flip? Can you jump off the grand canyon on a dirt bike? Travis can. He can also do just about any other fucking insane stunt you can think of. He makes Evel Knievel look like a little bitch. Travis must have nuts a big as boulders. This is a guy who will break his bones, laugh and then get back up to ride again. Fuckin a TP!!!
20. Elon Musk: In our lifetime our transportation methods will change. Elon will be the main reason for this. From vacuum trains to space travel, Elon will be the one that brings them to our planet. He’s already changed the way we do global currency exchange. Most don’t know but he basically invented paypal. This guy is in it to win it. In 15 years I wouldn’t be surprised if Tesla is the #1 automaker on the planet. Willie Nelson
21. Willie Nelson: If I could smoke weed with anyone, it would be Willie. Matter of fact if you have the ability to make that happen, hit me up. Willie was a badboy in an industry that only wanted good Christian folks playing music. He smokes weed and picks guitar like no other. When Willie got in tax trouble he started Farm Aid to keep moving on and helping millions of farmers in the process. He gave the Gov a big middle finger and lived to smoke a joint and tell about it.
22. Tiger Woods: We guys could all say Tiger is a badass because he fucked more bitches than Ron Jeremy and Wilt Chamberlain combined. Not to mention he has a wicked drive. He was such a sensation at a young age, he has one of the most profitable divisions of the #1 sports apparel company on the planet. He changed the entire image of golf. Tiger fans yell they don’t clap.
23. Mike Tyson: Mike is such a badass, no one would ever tell him to his face he has a funny voice. Hell, I’m scared even typing about it. I remember as a kid watching Mike come out to DMX and beat the living fuck out of whatever poor bastard they talked into getting into the ring with him. He proved to us how easy it was to blow a fortune and no one say a thing to you about it. He also beat that dude’s as in the Hangover.
24. Sanjay Gupta: My man! Sanjay took a very unpopular stance with modern medicine and made it popular. He’s one of the few big name Doctors to get 100% behind medical marijuana despite great criticism. He’s not afraid to tell the truth in an industry full of lies and greed. He’s even garnered his own PR to make entire shows dedicated to bringing the truth to the world about the powers and benefits of cannabis.
25. Michael Irvin: What isn’t badass about Mr Irvin? Dude was the best receiver to ever play the game and didn’t give a fuck. He drank, smoked, took drugs, fucked hoes and still showed up 100% ready to kill it on Sundays. You could count on Mad Michael to win the game. Plus he has always kept it real. He’s owned up to his shit and basically said “That’s just how I do me. Fuck it.” That’s f’n gangster. Travis Barker
26. Travis Barker: If you say the drummer from Rush is the best ever you are fucking old and delirious. Travis Barker is the best drummer to ever walk Earth. If you are the best ever at something, you are automatically a badass. He took the simplest guitar riffs for Blink 182 and made amazing drum tracks that changed the way punk rock sounded. Listening to Travis drum, you’d think he has 4 arms to drum with.
27. Carl Sagan: The nice scientist devoted his life to “figuring” stuff out from a worldly view not some ideology. He didn’t get angry or speak out against churches and mainstream beliefs, he just debunked them with logic and science. Most of what we know about the cosmos and evolution are derived from Sagan’s research. He was such a big thinker in a powerful way, it was impossible not to include him on this list.
28. Martin Luther: Most of you have no idea. Martin Luther was an instigator. The modern day Bible exists because of him. In a time when you weren’t allowed to read or question authority, he translated the bible and nailed it to the church door with serious questions. This sparked a war and forever changed the way the world would look at religion. He had questions he was willing to die to get answers to.
29. Chris Kyle: The deadliest man to ever join the American military. His bullet to death ratio is nearly 2:1. He has more kills recorded than any other sniper in history. He created one of the biggest private security firms on the planet and was the target of many Government on many occasions due to his ability to kill fucking anyone from anywhere. This guy is missed my ALL of us Texans especially.
30. Floyd Mayweather: It is what it is. You can’t beat his ass. No one can knock him out so shut the fuck up. Floyd is out of his mind and will be broke as Mike Tyson 5 years after he can’t fight any more but until then, I’m not talking shit to him. He’s a fast mother fucker and all he knows how to do is win. That’s badass to me.
Well, there you have it. Many of them killed for political reasons. All of them gangster as fuck. One day, some how, I’d like my name to be on that list. Wouldn’t you? The good die young, I want to die a badass.
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The Intention of Your Words vs The Reality of Your Actions

This one might strike a nerve, so if you’re a weak ass person don’t read this. It will only piss you off. Sometimes self inventory does that to folks. Maybe that’s why so many people don’t take self inventory. Most of them are too busy trying to blame/fix others. Lies-and-Truth
You fucking talk too much! Yea that’s right. I said it. It needed to be said. You go around telling motherfuckers how you are doing this and that. How your life/biz/marriage is greater than ever. It’s not reality though. It’s a false reality that ONLY YOU seem to believe exists. The rest of us can see right through it.
You say you are getting shit done but are you? You tell us about the hustle and grind but we see you wake up at 10am every day. You tell us that you have all these things going on but we can’t see any of it. It’s all in YOUR head. To you, everything is going full steam because you’ve convinced yourself it is. To us, we see that you talk a lot of shit but never back it up.

This hurts your sales game more than you could ever know.

When you tell your clients you will do something for them and then you end up postponing and apologizing for not delivering, they know. That sneaking suspicion they had when you closed them the first time, was true. They knew better and now you just proved them right. This. Right here. Is where ALL your referrals are lost.
You may not even feel the pain because ignorance is bliss but trust me, if you’re not getting referrals from ALL of your clients, they know. They know you talk too fucking much and don’t back your claims up.
The days of the over-promiser and under-deliver-er are gone. Thanks to yelp, social media and the innerwebs, you will be exposed. People will tell their story and you will lose out on referrals. The worst part? If people tell the internet you suck, you lose a ton of internet referrals. It’s only a matter of time before someone files a report somewhere that ranks #1 on google when people search you.
I get it. When you made the promises you had every intention of delivering. You wanted these things to fall in order and your prospect/client to be ecstatic with your services. Or did you lie to yourself about the whole process? You see, if you knew what you were offering and promising was not feasible, then why the fuck put your reputation, your company’s competence and your clients hardship on the line? So you could make a few dollars? C’mon man…
If you don’t care for your clients more than you care for yourself, you will lose out in a BIG WAY in this modern social media economy. You might say that’s really hard to do. I say it’s really easy to do. You just have to know how to do it. Let me share some tips with you.
It all starts with client selection. One of the best decisions I’ve made in my personal career is to not take on just anyone with money as a client. These days in order to work directly with me, you must pass through two layers of resistance in the form of my other clients pre-screening you.
I operate this way for a few reasons. Reason one is I know myself. I know I’m always hungry and always want to help everyone. I also know my style is not for everyone. Since I know this, I put blockades in place. For myself and the potential clients I take on. The best part of this is that they get a chance to meet other members before they become one. I’m never asked for references. If I was, I’d tell them they’re not a fit anyway. Talk is cheap.
It’s not easy to be highly selective of who you take on. Just like it’s not easy to make sure your words align with your actions as much as possible. If I make a promise or claim to a prospect, you better believe I keep that shit. As far as I know, I’m the only coach out there willing to hit the phone for my crew. They know this and because if it, I’ve never had to. My Tribe knows I’m more committed to their success than they are.
Let me give you an example. When a client comes on board with me, the first thing I tell them is they MUST DO everything they ask their referral partners to do. How can you tell someone something works if you’re not doing it yourself. More than anything else I’m teaching authentic leadership. I’m teaching a crew of people to do EXACTLY what they say they do.
If my LOs go out and tell agents they can generate leads by posting on facebook, yet the LO is not regularly posting on facebook, how can the agent believe them? There is no demonstration of results from the person making the claim. When your words and actions don’t line up, you are fighting more objections beneath the subconscious than you could know.
If you’re a social media expert and you tell people they need to be creating videos and posting them to facebook, yet you don’t have any videos, people will question your worth and integrity. Lack of integrity is a HUGE deal killer. All we’re ever trying to do is gain a client’s trust and if you blow that, you can kiss referrals goodbye.
If your words and action are not in alignment and you are not earning/living as much as you’d like to be, it’s time to take self inventory. It may hurt but look at it like surgery. It’s painful to recover but feels way better in the long run.

Quit focusing on just making a sale. Focus on showing up big for your clients and keeping your word against all odds. This drives up your confidence and ultimately leads to you having everything you want. You attract it because you’re in alignment with your words and actions. If you want some help, fill out the form below. Let’s talk about how I can help your words and actions line up.
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The Difference Between A Lead And Information

About a year ago today, I was at this place in Anthem, Nevada called “Spa Nations” with some smart people. It was a “get shit done” gathering and Kevin asked everyone in the group what they needed. Wanted_More_Leads
The number one answer as he asked the question was to each person was “I need more leads.” Each time someone would say they needed more leads Kevin would dissect their business and show them that was not their problem, they had leads, they just needed to convert.
When it was my turn, I said “I need more leads.” I think I was the only person that gave that answer that he said “ok” to. I was introduced (in person) to AJ Roberts aka sexy man beast aka strong ass dude who showed me how to generate leads on the innerwebs quickly.
AJ took one of my videos, and showed me step by step how to create a funnel around it. Within 2 hours I had about 12 leads already. Or did I? You see, there’s a difference between leads and information. The longer I continued to work with AJ over the months, the more refined my funnels became.

Allow me to share the biggest sales lesson I’ve ever learned.

A name, phone number, email and address from someone is not a lead, it’s just information. A lead is a name, phone number, email and information from someone who can buy and wants to buy your shit. Everything else is just information. Information can turn into a lead but it’s not necessarily a lead.

Track with me here…

That first video AJ created the funnel around had a strong call to action [CTA] at the end, just like all my videos. That CTA was “Fill out the form below for a FREE marketing strategy session with me.” I attracted 100s of potential clients. I use a service called wufoo, and each time a form is filled out I get a notice. I would get 12-30 wufoo forms a day.
Be careful what you ask for. I didn’t know exactly what a lead looked like. I was happy to be on about 5 strategy sessions a day. I helped a shit load of people for free. Most people on these strategy sessions didn’t even get an offer from me. 99% of them were not a fit for what I do. I helped them right then on the phone with all sorts of free greatness, but they weren’t what I look for in my tribe.
I got burnt out on free strategy sessions. They were taking away from my time helping clients. I thought to myself, “how can I attract ONLY the right kind of person to fill out these forms?” So I changed up my CTA to “Fill out the form ONLY if you are willing to invest hard work and money into growing your business.”
Needless to say my abundant flow of forms filled with information stopped. I went from an average of 20 forms a day to 2. Yes, my shit was chopped down 90%. Guess what? Each time I got on the phone it was a sales call not a strategy session. The people who showed up were ready to make a move and weren’t fucking around for the most part.
My sales crew freaked out. Their “lead flow” went down dramatically but the quality of the lead was on a whole new level. Now, my guys only had to make 1-2 calls to make a sale vs 7-11. It was scary as hell for all of us at first, but once we realized we made the same money, provided for clients better and worked less, we realized we hit the trifecta.
Here’s the point: Just because you have people applying for your free shit doesn’t mean they have any intention to buy. Some of you love the game of converting people who really weren’t there to buy. I know it’s a good feeling I used to chase that high too. Just like every other high, that one comes with a low. They back out, don’t produce or worse yet, ask for refunds.
Instead, try dialing in your marketing to only reach the perfect person you want to work with. I’ve tried to help the masses, it doesn’t work for me. It may work for you, I’m just saying it don’t for me. Instead, I focus on helping a very specific person that I can be 100% sure they will get large results from what I help them with.
Information is the name, address, email and phone number of someone who saw your ad. A lead is information from a person who is willing and a great candidate to buy your shit. Once you know the difference and dial in on exactly who you want to work with, your quality of life will go up. I promise.
I’m doing a LIVE 3 day event in Dallas, Texas real soon called Break Free Academy. I’m going to help 20 people break away from doing free shit. Free shit cost you money and can break your business. Once you break free, your sales power goes through the roof. Fill out the form to speak with me about the details. BUT ONLY IF YOU’RE SERIOUS AND WILLING TO INVEST IN YOURSELF.

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