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You Can’t Win BIG and Play Small at the Same Time

The other day I was on a mountain in Oahu and a friend of mine was talking to me. He was telling me how we are ALL born relentless and as we age society teaches us to relent. All kids are born fearless....

chained phone

Protect Yo Neck From Facebook Contact Thieves

When you come up, everyone wants to be you. Problem is they believe you’re the shortcut they can gain from. ¬†Poachers and scavengers are all around. ¬†You gotta protect yo neck son.




The Shaking Heads of Haters

It’s hard to focus on what matters when you’re head’s on a swivel. Notice when people shake their head with the “no” gesture, there is no way to keep the eyes focused?...


The Real Reason You Never Have Time

I hear it all the time. The go to excuse of lazy people everywhere. “I don’t have time.” It’s ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS, an excuse. You make time for what matters.


The Sales Cycle of Self Sabotage

Due to the nature of my business, I have the esteemed pleasure of watching people beat their chests about sales on a regular basis. Most of it is bullshit. It’s one of the worst parts about being...

sex lies the truth

Sex, Lies and the TRUTH About Sales

Let’s talk dirty!!! Look; no one told you that you’d be hated once you became a salesman. Being in sales is like being a hooker. Everyone wants what you got, but they feel embarrassed when...


5 Reasons Why Your Prospects Keep Telling You NO

When you made the decision to jump into sales did you think it would be this hard to get people to say “yes” to shit that could improve their life? Fuck no you didn’t or you wouldn’t...


The Difference Between Experience And Expertise

Lots of folks out there these days calling themselves “Experts”. I have conversations with people everyday who are failing at their job, but want to coach others on how they should do theirs....


Why Are Salesmen Such Gluttons for Punishment?

What is it about being a salesman that makes some of us self loathe so much? Why do we feel like we have to work so hard for each sale? What’s the psychology behind EARNING the...

commie bastards

How Realtors Are a lot Like Communists

I’m probably gonna get shit for this post but I’m used to that. What I’m about to point out has to be said. There has to be light shed on it so the madness can stop.

Tony Romo

Are you the Tony Romo of Sales?

Could you imagine waking up being Tony Romo on Monday morning after having one of the best games in Dallas Cowboy history, but still losing? The guy can’t win a game to save his team it seems....