commie bastards

How Realtors Are a lot Like Communists

I’m probably gonna get shit for this post but I’m used to that. What I’m about to point out has to be said. There has to be light shed on it so the madness can [..]

smiling cat

The Science Behind Selling with a Smile

Back in the day when I did one of my first 5 podcasts, I recorded a whole episode about the power of smiling. Sounds simple and stupid, but the power of a smile is undeniable in [..]

bull balls

3 Ballsy Moves that Lead to More Closed Sales

Yeah. Yeah. We all know you’re reading this because you want to close more sales. Who doesn’t want to close more sales? Losers and lazy people don’t want to close more sales, which for [..]


From Goal Planning to Expected Outcomes

Yep, it’s that time of year when everyone makes resolutions to do more than the year before. Sadly though, come next month most folks will have already given up on their new set of goals. Quitters [..]

scared of sales

The Scariest Part About Being in Sales

We’ve all heard it. People say things like “You have a great personality, you’d do good in sales” but there’s more to it than personality. You need things like finesse and [..]


5 Habits of High Powered Performers

In my years as a BAMF salesman, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many high level performers. From professional athletes, to CEOs, Entrepreneur Millionaires and I even met a billionaire once. Money [..]


Creating Structure in a World of Chaos

You’re probably like me in regard to just being good at what you do. You do 99% of what you need to on auto-pilot. You’ve never really considered or stopped to think about your step-by-step [..]