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How to Properly Profit from Your Passion

About 5 years ago, I was doing what most of us do. I had a corporate job making sales for the machine. In my case it was mortgages. I loved helping people buy their dream homes but I hated the paperwork. I felt like there had to be a better way to serve those around me.image4

As much as I loved my clients, I really loved the people I worked with. Well, that’s not true, let me clarify. I loved the salespeople I worked with. They gave me energy and it was always a cool feeling when they came to me for advice.


In 2010 I lost my ability to originate mortgages. My license was not accepted and I thought my world was ending. I’d been making significant money for years and in an instance it had all gone away. I was beat but not beaten.


One night I was smoking some good shit over at a friend’s house and I had that “AH-HA” moment. I had been good at mortgages and the crews everywhere I worked always asked me for help, why wouldn’t I start charging to help?


I made a really shitty landing page and video from my laptop and made an “infomercial” about they way I did millions in monthly mortgage closings. The video sold some but not a ton. It gave me the light that shined and showed me I was on to something.


From there I went all in. I offered to manage any and every LO and Agent’s social media that would let me. At one time we were posting 5 times a day, on three platforms for 70+ people. That’s a lot of writing but it didn’t matter. I was passionate about helping these people who took a chance on me when no one believed in social media.


From there I learned more lessons about myself and the marketplace. I got to know how people responded to certain types of posts. What private messages resulted from the posts I made and more. I got inspired every time one of my clients got a deal from something I did or taught them to do.


The only problem was that I was charging only $100 a month and it was a SHIT TON of work. I was splitting the money in 3 ways too. So I was bringing in thousands for my clients and pennies for me. It was a good thing that I loved what I did.


Then one day after many of my clients experienced dramatic results I decided to raise my price. I had numbers, info and proof of what could be done. I didn’t have to fake it to make it. I got some people to take a chance on me, it worked and now I wanted to profit immensely from my passion.


From that point when I made sales calls, I had real numbers. I could say things like “out of 70 clients 61 of them are 6 figure plus earners. They’ve each increased business by a medium of xyz…” When you have facts and numbers people take you seriously. My price went from $100 to $1000 overnight.


Guess what? When my price jumped to $1000 more people jumped on board. Turned out, people wanted me to teach them what I did and not just do it for them. They were more than willing to pay a premium because they had facts about ROI.


My next problem was keeping up with clients. When I got to 10 clients that I was doing weekly calls with, I struggled to keep them handled and sell new clients into the business. Balance was impossible it seemed.


That’s when I came up with the mastermind format. Instead of 10 calls each week I could make one conference call and we could all contribute to each other. This also empowered the group to give more feedback and continue to be competitive.


My next problem was that some of my clients that had been with me 6 months or so were way more advanced than the newbies coming in. It created overwhelm for the new people. It would frustrate the group because newbie questions would take up time from the advanced guys.


The recorded calls and hangouts we had done over the previous six months explained everything the new people needed to know. So I created a flow system to keep the new folks on track and learning and the long time clients super happy too.


These are only a few of the problems I’ve run into running this business. Each time we found an answer and each time things worked out for the best. If you find yourself hating your work, yet loving those around you or those you serve, maybe it’s time to think about shifting where your income comes from.


It takes work, but it’s not hard to create the lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Many of my clients go on more vacations, work remotely and work with only people they want to work with.


If you have a passion and you’d like to Break Free and start getting paid what you’re worth from the marketplace, fill out the form below and let’s set up a time to get you started!


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The 5 Social Media Prime Times

Marketing 101 taught us all to know our audience.  I’ve taken it one step further by making my clients identify their perfect customer. You see, we waste so much time trying to cast a broad marketing net, when statistics show that niche markets hold the highest conversion rates. It’s easier to catch the right fish if you have the proper lure.
In my time as a high level social media manager and consultant, I have accumulated quite a few clients. So many clients in fact, that my company may make up to 5,000 post in a 24 hour period throughout many different social media platforms. This has given me the ability to have analytics beyond most people’s comprehension. My clients are across many different industries but the one thing the all have in common is they are all in sales. My clients hire me to sell stuff on their behalf using social media and the internet.  Plain and simple, bottom line.
With that in mind, I’m constantly testing and testing and testing again what works. I’ve taken in clients that have only a facebook account with 80 friends all the way to clients that have 30,000+ social media connections. One of the top occurrences I see on social media, after we take over an account is the familiarity factor. Most of my clients are not really active on social media. I take them from 1-3 posts a week to 3-5 posts a day. It takes their audience a month or so on average to get accustomed to this frequency.  Once they do become accustomed, they become familiar and branded. No different than direct mail or an email branding campaign.
In order for me to do all of this without pissing my clients friends off, I have to understand their audience, who they want to talk to, and what they are trying to accomplish. Once I get my head around those three aspects, I can set up campaigns that not only create engagement, they convert friends to clients. If the content I create is boring, too salesy and unfriendly, I could costs my clients, customers.
With all of that in mind, I have discovered that there are 5 social media prime-times. You know prime-time, like on TV when the best shows come on. Yes, it works the same way on social media. In TV land, the prime time to broadcast is between 7-9pm CST only two hours a day. (at least in Dallas where I live) but in social media land, there are primetime spots for 16 hours of each day. But different times mean a different audience. 
There are 5 daily social media prime times. In order to us them and market effectively, you must understand who is viewing, when and why. With all my 10,000+ hours of extensive research and constant split testing, this is what I have come u with.

PRIME-TIME Spot #1 “Early Riser” 5am-9am

The Early Riser spot is a prime-time slot that I fit into. This
slot is for the people who wake up, check email, facebook,
their calendar, and everything else before they get their day started.
As soon as the Early Riser gets up, they are checking email messages
and facebook with their coffee or whatever. The Early Riser knows
that when he/she gets the day started, there will be no time for
playing on facebook.

PRIME-TIME Spot #2 “Employee/Stay At Home Mom 9am-12pm

This time period consists of mainly employees and stay at
home moms. Studies show that stay at home moms are more
likely to surf facebook in the morning times. This is a quiet time for the SAHM and gives them the ability to
have a little fun on social media before they are caught
up in running the house for the day.
As far as the employee goes, this is the time when a couple of
things are happening. Thing #1 is that the employee is driving
to an office somewhere. As much as it pisses me off, people
surf facebook and drive. Thing #2 is the typical employee will
get coffee, turn on a computer, surf around and waste the first
30 minutes of every workday. You and I both know that facebook
takes up a good grip of that 30 minute time period. That’s why
many companies have facebook blocked. But everyone has smart phones
so what good does that do?

PRIME-TIME Spot #3 “The Foodie” 11am-2pm

Remember back in the good ol days of facebook when you
could take a picture of your lunch and everyone would
like and comment on it? This still happens on a regular
basis. People are known to surf facebook to see what their
friends are doing for lunch. Because of this trend many people
have got accustomed to checking facebook before they go to lunch.
This primetime slot is also a time when people are standing in
line for lunch. We can all admit that we ALL stare at our phones
while we wait in any line. Americans will do anything to avoid
eye contact with strangers these days. This is a great time to
make sure your posts are mobile friendly.

PRIME-TIME Spot #4 “Afternoon Delight” 3pm-6pm

This spot is the #1 most heavily trafficked time on social media.
This is the primetime of prime-times. The people surfing during
this time slot are mostly made up of two groups. Group one is the
employees that have finished work early for the day and are killing
time before they leave. The second group is the people all over the
USA sitting in traffic. I hate to say it, but the numbers don’t lie.
It also is a quick time to check social media again before a person
goes home to their family for the evening.

PRIME-TIME Spot #5 “Finisher” 6pm-10pm

This spot is for the folks who make sure everything is all in order
before they call it a day. The person who is making sure all their
loose ends are tied up before dinner time. The person that makes sure
all their tasks are completed before going to bed for the night.
I personally fit into the “Early Riser” and “Finisher” spots, so
if you are posting on social media trying to get a person like
me’s attention, and you are posting at 10am everyday, I will never
see a thing. I’ve got too much work to do during the day and I
rarely have time to check social media once my day begins. But bet
your ass, I’m on it first and last thing every day.
If you have never thought about the importance of time in your 
social media strategy, you need to start factoring it in.  
Social media is becoming more and more intelligent on a daily basis.
Arming yourself with information like this will be the difference between people
who play on social media vs people who get pay on social media. Trust me
on this, my clients and the people around the world just like them, will
take your clients if you are not careful. These are people who are investing
their time and money into learning what it is going to take to market their
business in the near future. I encourage you to take action as well.

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How To Get More Facebook Friends and Likes

The #1 go-to move that people on
facebook use to attempt to get more
fans, is to simply post “like my page”
and then leave the link. Thanks to
facebook’s IPO that method is no
longer a sustainable marketing practice.
The edge-ranking system kills your fan
pages posts in the timeline. Most
of your friends will never see these
types of posts, unless they are paid
or promoted ads.

Here is a cool infographic about
the power of social media.

Anytime technology out smarts
our outpaces us, we have to think
about going back to old school
methods. This week I show you how
you can use old school methods to
get more fans/friends on facebook.

Facebook mirrors life and people
on facebook are afraid to ask for
the business too. Asking on facebook
is not really a call to action, in
my opinion [when it comes to getting
more fans]

Watch this video to see how you
can easily attract more fans using
this simple, old school tactic.

Source: wp.me via Ryan on Pinterest

Two Easily Implemented Facebook Engagement Tricks for Realtors

If you are serious about social media and especially facebook, then you know the name of the game is “facebook engagement”. It’s simple, the more people like, share and comment on your posts, the more outsiders can see your posts and the word spreads. Your #1 goal on facebook is to solicit engagement.
Within the last 2 months facebook released an update that makes it easier to get engagement from your fans/friends. It’s just like anything else though, you have to take action and do something to make it happen.
There are 2 things going on with facebook right now, that are keeping them on top of their game. You have to remember, google+ is trying hard all day everyday to catch up with FB. With that in mind, FB has to really keep their eyes out for what’s working.
Thing #1: if facebook takes a look at which 3rd party suites and apps are successful, and if they like them,they are buying them and or taking their idea and programing it into their updates. (That was the longest run-on sentence ever) Facebook is looking to see what people like and what works. They are also looking to either buy up or incorporate popular 3rd party “apps” into their programing.
Thing #2: facebook is listening to the feedback we are giving them. The Wall St crowd does not like “The Zuck” very much and his stock price reflects it. This is because “The Zuck” still listens to us, the users, more than he does his investors, when it comes to programing new stuff. When is the last time you have sent a suggestion or complaint to Facebook? Next time, instead of posting your frustration, send a message to facebook about it. Facebook is known for listening to us. They re constantly monitoring all walls, looking for feedback good and bad.
As demand rises from us, and Wall St, facebook will continue to roll out new stuff, that is
user friendly, every chance they get. Facebook wants to be just like google. You can literally
run your whole computer and have everything you could ever need, with all the free stuff
google supplies. The Wall St investors have this same vision for facebook.
These two tricks are simple and will help improve your etiquette on facebook. I’m glad to see they are listening. I just hope they incorporate hashtags one day soon.
Enjoy this week’s video:  And share it on social media!

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The Best Way to Post On Facebook to Get Comments

The whole idea of Social Media is
to be social, right? So why not try to
be the center of attention? The more
eyes on you, the more chances you have
to fill a need.

There is a shift going on with
facebook right now, as I write this.
Facebook is changing the way posts
show up in peoples’ timeline or that bar
on the right,that I call the “sideline”.

I did a radio show about this back
a few months ago. You can listen to
it by Clicking Here

This video gives you step by step
directions, and reasons why you should
start using facebook in this new manner.

Source: wp.me via Ryan on Pinterest