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Get Rich Quick Schemes Really Work [Ryan’s Rants]

A few months ago, I was up early
one Sunday morning, as I turned on
my TV, there was an infomercial on.
This Big Shot internet guy was telling
the world how “easy” it was to make a
GO-Zillion dollars (real numbers y’all)
by being an affiliate marketer.

Being no stranger to that arena,
my ears perked up, and I bought
what he was selling for $20.
(Alert #1 went off when the product
was only $20…)

When the package arrived, needless to
say, it was not “easy”! There were at
least 6 months worth of hard work, invested
money and dedication involved, before
a real person could make any money doing
what was “advertised”

All this made me think, and as you probably
guessed, I put my thoughts on video here.



RockMelt is the Best Browser for Realtors and Mortgage Marketers

I was watching CNBC the other morning
and Eric Vishria [CEO] was on talking about
his company “RockMelt”. From what he and the CNBC
crew were saying, it was the BOMB, so I took
a look at it.


It was as if Eric had secretly read my
mind on what a REAL BROWSER should be.

If you are a Realtor or Loan Officer that spends
a good amount of time on Facebook or other
Social Media outlets, you have to download
RockMelt. It is an internet dream come true.

Take a look for yourself

Tracking your influence as a Realtor or Loan Officer on Social Media sites

When you put a link on facebook and/or twitter,
do you ever wonder if anybody bothers to
click your post? social media for sale
As a Realtor, when you list a property
for sale on your facebook page, do you
track the clicks? How much would your
clients love you, if you could report that
their home received 101 clicks from your facebook post?
Loan Officers, you need to see this too. What better
way to know if “someone” is interested in interest rates.
(nice play on words there huh?)
Watch this quick video and it will explain it all.


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