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The Never Ending Process of Leveling Up

Work’s hard, it seems like it never gets easier. Especially when you are always striving to improve your situation. No matter what level of life you’re living on, we always want more. We’re always looking to improve our situations. It’s human nature. level up
The thing is, very few of us actually DO improve our situations. Matter of fact, most people make the worst of their situation – they ignore it.
I’m one of those guys who when I hear something that I know I should be doing, I can’t ignore it. I just do it. It eats a hole in me until I get it done. My conscious won’t leave me alone. I believe this is life’s way of forcing me to level up.
You’re gonna have to level up too. If you expect the economy or some comeback to propel you to your goals for 2015, you must be on shrooms man. If you want more in 2015 than you had in 2014, you’re going to need to level up and do more. Pretty simple.
I’ll tell you ALL about it in this podcast. Enjoy but more importantly, implement. AND… if you’d like my help implementing than simply fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

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Rockstar Closer Radio: There’s NO Such Thing As Competition

If you let what the dude down the street does distract you from your game plan, it’s your fault, not his. The way I’ve always done business is to create compensatory arrangements as opposed to competing against.arm wrestle
There’s an opportunity in every hand you shake. It takes a master salesman to be able to spot it. It takes a Closer to be able to profit from it.
As salesmen, when we hit slumps we tend to blame those around us instead of taking personal responsibility. You blame the competition for false advertising, you blame your boss, your operations team and anyone else you can.
Instead, I challenge you to take a step back, emotionally uninvest yourself in the situation and find a way to get paid.
Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share it!

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Rockstar Closer Radio: There Are NO Victims Here

This week I decided to fire up the old mic and make shit get real. FAST. I’ve been doing sales calls lately and I hear a lot of people still victims of the past. You can’t be a victim but in that time and circumstance. psycho
It’s impossible for people to play the victim over one instance for long periods of time. But they do it anyway and defy the rule. Some people walk around holding complaining about shit that happened 15 years ago like it just happened. It’s time to get over shit and move on.
So what you lost the sale? Who gives a fuck if the client was a dick to you? Move on and quit letting shit that has already happened affect you in the present. There’s no changing the past until they get us a damned time machine.
This podcast is for the complainers out there. It’s also for the victorious. If you’re a winner, this show will empower the fuck out of you and make you want to even further murder your competition. For the victims out there, maybe this is the slap in the face you needed.
If you’re ready to join me for a Break Free Academy exclusive, live event then fill out this application. From there we will schedule an interview with you to see if you got what it takes to BREAK FREE!!! Also don’t forget to share the show yo!!

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Rockstar Closer Radio: How To Quit Screwing Around Immediately

Yea. Yea. I know it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. Don’t hate me for it. I’m not dead and I damn sure haven’t quit. I just wanted to see if you’d miss me or not. ;-) lazy
I’m gonna turn this radio show into a radio station and my new show will be called “Talking Shit with Stewman” here on the Rockstar Closer Radio Network. Prepare for some badasses to have shows on this channel that will blow your mind.
If you haven’t been over to www.ShowUpandClose.com you are missing out on the good shit. You can grab your FREE copy of my “Selling with 6 Cs” video in exchange for your name and your real email. Seriously, don’t give me that fake one or the one you never check.
In this show I’m going to explain to you the power of being a decision maker and why decision makers run shit. You’re gonna learn how to get up off your ass and make a difference in your life. Everything on this planet is trying to kill you. Make the most of your time here.
Besides, decision makers experience less regrets. They are too busy making decisions for the future to worry about the past.
Later in the show I teach you the three steps to taking action. To give you fine folks with severe cases of ADD the quick run down there are:
-Act Before Thinking
-Keep Doing It anyway
-Never look Back
Enjoy the show and don’t forget to share this on your fancy social media networks. If you’re ready to fucking dominate in your market (no matter what you sell) then fill out the form below and let’s have a talk about how I can help you blow up and GET PAID!

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From Goal Planning to Expected Outcomes

Yep, it’s that time of year when everyone makes resolutions to do more than the year before. Sadly though, come next month most folks will have already given up on their new set of goals. Quitters all around us. Take notes. Your competition’s weak.
Back to the story…
So why call it a “goal”? Instead set expected outcomes. Why not expect the metric you set, to be reached? The language most people speak is not a language of action. It’s a vague, legalistic, language that gives us an out. Makes it easier to convince ourselves we didn’t fail. We say “My goal is to make $100k in 2014.” What we should be saying is “I will make at least $100k in 2014 through my hard work, persistence and skillset.” See the difference?
Check out this week’s show and don’t forget to share it on social media. Also don’t forget to do the shit we talk about!!!
Our minds hear and interpret your speech just like it does so for others when they speak to you. Keep in mind the first thing you have to sell into action is yourself.
This is our new format and first podcast of 2014. Give me some feedback on the Selling with Sean portion and let us know who you’d like us to have on and what you want to hear us address in the community. If you want some help with your expected outcomes fill out this form and let’s chat.

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Rockstar Closer Radio: Seventy Percent Social Media with Jared Christiansen

Thank God for facebook! I’ve met some of the coolest people ever on Zuck’s site. One of those cool ass people is a realtor from Fort Wayne, Indiana named Jared Christiansen. Now let’s get it straight. It’s not Christian-sen it’s Christi-an-sen. Just letting you know up front. Jared Christiansen

In all seriousness Jared is not on TV every week. He’s not some popular online coach. He’s a regular (I use the term loosely) agent in middle America. The fact that his average post on facebook gets dozens of comments and 100s of likes, makes facebook a game changer for him.
Jared is proof that if you know how to work a crowd on facebook you can generate endless leads from it. So really he’s not “regular” in any way. He’s actually quite extraordinary. He and his wife Amanda sell a lot of real estate and on this week’s show he tells us why and how.
Jared tells me that 70% of his business comes from facebook. Fort Wayne is not exactly a huge city yet he uses the power of facebook to generate referrals and leads from coast to coast. You can learn a lot from Jared and that’s why I brought him on the show and picked his brain. Enjoy Closers.

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Rockstar Closer Radio: Keepin it Real with Kate Buck Jr

This is one of my favorite shows so far. I’ve been such a HUGE fan of KBJ for a few years, it’s crazy to think she is my friend now. I’m not just talking facebook friends either. I’m talking we’ve met, she is who she says she is on facebook and I’m proud to call her a friend. KBJ
As you may know, Kate was on one of our hangouts a few weeks back. She always has great information to share so I bribed her once again to come share it with us. We talk the future of technology and social media. We discuss whether facebook will remain the dominant force in social media or will something like snapchat take the belt from them.
Kate tells us the super sneaky way she stays on top of technology and emerging platforms. It’s such a no-brainer way to keep on top of latest trends, anyone can do it. Isn’t it funny how the common sense tactics are the best?
Towards the end of the show we go deep. We talk about the future of the KBJ brand and name. What it was like to go through the life transformation she just emerged from and more. Matter of fact, after the show she sent me a personal message saying being on my show was like being on Oprah’s couch! I guess that’s a compliment, I’m not an O fan.
This show is a must. Go to iTunes and subscribe to the podcast. You can catch all the episodes including this one, on your phone and the gym/car. Also, don’t forget to share or better yet, click on one of the ads to your right and buy something! Enjoy the show.

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Rock Star Closer Radio: Every Entrepreneur is in these two businesses only

We all think we are in the real estate business or
social media marketing business, but the truth is
that none of that matters if you don’t realize the
core business that you are in. Not every Entrepreneur
knows exactly what it is that drives and grows their
I’m a HUGE believer in breaking complex ideas and issues
down to their simplest form. That’s what people pay me to
do. I take their big ass problems and solve them by taking
my clients through small, easy to implement steps, that compound
over time, with consistency.
In this week’s show, I break down exactly what those two businesses
are and why mastering them is crucial to every businesses survival
moving forward.
Once I’ve broken it all down and explained what two businesses
we are in, I go on to talk about what it is going to take
legitimately and confidently raise your prices in 2013. If
you want to make more money this year you are going to have to
do one of two things.

Thing 1:

You are going to have to go out an acquire more customers.
Ultimately in most cases this means more work. Maybe even
just from a management standpoint but more customers almost
always equals more work.

Thing 2:

You are going to have to raise your prices. If you are looking
to make more money in 2013 without having to work harder, you are going to have to raise your prices. To think otherwise is
simply foolish and mathematically impossible.
At the end of the show, which is full of killer, useful content
by the way, I give you information to a website to visit. You
can accomplish the same thing by filling out the form below, right
here on this blog page.
I don’t say this very often, but you probably want to grab a pen
and paper for this one. I’ve got a powerful lineup of pros on
the roster for the year and I definitely could not start the year
off without a BANG! KABOOM!
Enjoy the show and be sure to share this information with a friend.

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Rock Star Closer Radio: The Go-Giver’s guide to endless referrals with Bob Burg

This week, the star of the show was my guest Bob Burg. Bob Burg is a New York Times best-selling author among other things. Bob co-authored the best-selling book “The Go-Giver” Right from the moment I introduced Bob, I could tell he was sharp. Not just in the sense of being a fast talker or whatnot. Sharp intellectually. He spoke with the vocabulary of an educated man. When I pointed this out live on the show, Bob stated that it was because he is always reading books.

There is no such thing as “Giving Back”

The biggest take away I got from Bob Burg on the show today was when he talked about his dislike of the term, “giving back”. He said to use the phrase “giving back” is to assume you took something in the first place. He pointed out that there are no Robber Barons here (and those called such in the 1800’s were not, either).
As sales people we don’t take from our community, we enrich and give to it in the first place. We don’t give back when we have success, we simply continue to give. Bob told us that we need to sell as a service. A true salesperson is one that has conviction. They are convinced their product is the best, and they look for every way that their product can benefit their prospect.
Over the course of the year, the same underlying principle can be heard from all my guest. That principle is to listen. Bob said it best when he talked about finding out what your clients and prospects really want, and then helping them achieve that goal through your products or services. Bob Burg and I both agree that in 2013 and beyond you’ll understand that sales is all about guiding them into making an informed decision that serves their needs. 
You can no longer corner a person into a sale. Even if you can, they  won’t be back. You can however, guide them into seeing the value in  what you offer them. Many times people by the person and not the product any way. As the last Rock Star Closer of 2012 I can honestly say it has been an amazing year in review. I’ve had so many sales pros, entrepreneurs, millionaires, and celebrities on my show that I can’t believe it. Today’s show was no exception. Enjoy and have a safe and happy New Year.

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Great Online Marketing Ideas on How to Convince the Readers to Take Action

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Rock Star Closer Radio: Adapt or Die with Robert J Russell

This week on the show I was fortunate enough to
have Robert J Russell as my guest. A few years
ago I had the pleasure of being a guest on
the Robert J Russell Radio Show. Matter of fact,
it was my very first time to ever be on the air.

Back when Robert let me on his show, I was marketing
health products online. I went on his show rambling
about energy drinks and glutathione levels. Looking
back, I’ve come a long damn way lol.

One of the main reasons I asked Robert Russell to come
the show is his expertise and long time experience in
the sales world. Robert is the kind of guy that has
been there and heard that bullshit story before. He
is known for never sugar-coating anything, including
sugar. The good part about a person with that kind
of attitude is that they will never steer you wrong.

Robert and I talk about the evolution of communication
and how he has had to adapt his business to the way
things work now, in 2012. Mr. Russell is quite the
foreword thinker when it comes to marketing and the
internet. We go on to talk about some of the biggest
mistakes agents are making in their business right
now. He even tells you why you are wasting your
money if you print paper flyers to place on your
for sale sign.

Robert Russell is also known for his unique ability
to convert For Sale By Owner (FSBO) leads into
listings. He gives us a few tidbits on how he
is able to do so much volume and what’s working for
him right now.

One of the highlights of the whole show was when
Robert talked about his ability to market any listing
worldwide due to him being an accredited international
realtor. Turns out, he is currently marketing a huge
amount of beach front property in the Dominican Republic
for a mere $63,000,000. He offered to knock a cool
million off the price if I was interested, but I think
that deal was only for me ;-)

The last thing Robert leaves us with is his 20% rule.
He says on your facebook personal page, you should
only talk about your business 20% of the time. The other
80% should clearly be spent talking about drugs and binge
drinking. Just kidding…sort of… The other 80% should
be spent talking about who you are and what YOU like. I
have to say, I couldn’t agree more.

Enjoy this week’s show:

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Rock Star Closer Radio: Get Off Your Attitude with Ryan C Lowe

This week I had the pleasure of having
TWO awesome people on Sales Finesse

It’s a first for the show.

Nick Carpenter hosts the show with
super awesome guest Ryan C Lowe.
Ryan C Lowe is the author of
“Get Off Your Attitude” and he’s currently
wrapping up production on “Get off your
attitude in sales” as well.

I’ve known Ryan for at least 5 years,
and I can honestly say he is always
wearing a smile. He is one of us,
he practices what he preaches. He was
a high level executive when I first
met him. In recent times he left
corporate America to pursue his
dream of changing people’s lives,
starting with their attitude.

There are some really good “take aways”
on this week’s episode. Not to mention
the fact that Nick Carpenter does a better
job hosting the show than I do.

Check it out:

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