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Techniques Realtors Can Use To Triple Their Twitter Exposure

Twitter is ranked number 8 of
all the websites, in all of the
web, and there are billions of
websites on the web. With that being said,
do YOU think twitter is a big deal?
IT IS! [in case you thought otherwise]
There are over 140 million users
on twitter and 340 million tweets
a day. That’s a busy site, with a
lot of noise. You can totally use
twitter to grow your brand in ways
that facebook will never allow.
But I know, you don’t have time.
You don’t know what to say. You don’t
know what the hell a #hashtag is.
It’s all overwhelming, and you haven’t
taken the time to learn twitter, or its
Well, I CAN say this; Action takers run
shit. If you are not the first one to set a
presence on twitter, your competition
will be. The people using twitter are a
different audience than facebook users.
Even if they were the same audience, you
stand a better chance of reaching someone
on twitter, than on facebook. Why, you ask?
To make your life easy, I came up with
techniques realtors can use to triple
their twitter exposure. These techniques
are easy, and effective. All you have to
do; is DO something.
Twitter is important. You need to make it
important to you, before your competition makes
it important to them. If you start now, and continue
to keep a presence on twitter, I promise, consistency
will carry you to a new level on there.
Here’s a quick video showing you proven
ways to engage on twitter.



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How to use Social Oomph as a FREE Twitter auto responder for Realtors and Loan Officers

Want to send a direct message (DM) to
everyone who follows you on twitter, but
don’t have the time? Social Oomph is the
best free twitter auto responder out there.
Social Oomph does a lot more than just set you
up with a twitter auto responder, it also has a
plethora of cool dashboard tools for the majority
of your social networking needs.
Many of us are not sure what to write when we set
up the twitter auto responder. While can’t tell you
exactly what to write, I can tell you a few things not
to write in yours.
First thing, Do not offer someone a business opportunity right off
the bat. You jut met them for Christ’s sake, how can
you right off the jump try to sell or pitch them on something?
Would you do this in real life? Are you this awkward in real
life? Chances are you said “no” to those questions so don’t
try to come off this way on twitter.
Second thing, Do not try to get your followers to connect with you
on another social network. Again, you just got them on twitter,
why would you ask them to move networks with you? Just because
you want to leave, does not mean they do. Think of it as a
girl/guy you just met at one club, you would not immediately
ask them to leave with you for another club. They would be like
“why are you here in the first place?”
Third thing, Don’t try to get them to retweet (RT) your stuff.
People RT things they like not things you ask them to. If
you really want people to RT you then you need to start by
RT’ing them first.
Twitter and social media in general are just like real life.
Take a second and think about things before you do them. There
are unwritten rules on social media just like life. Trust me
though, the two are almost just alike.
Here is a video I made to show you how to set up a free twitter
auto responder using Social Oomph. Enjoy the video and tell a
friend about this blog.

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