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I contribute to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Addicted2Success, Good men Project, Lighter Side of Real Estate and Huffington Post. I’ve got more Salesman of The Month plaques than I can count. It’s crazy to think of what all I’ve done from just taking action and working hard.

Hardcore Closer is an online learning resource for salespeople. We sell e-learning products in the advertising, marketing, funnel, sales and social media arenas, as well as do personal coaching and live events. Our flagship program is called “Apex” and it’s the most powerful mastermind network in existence. It has everything you need in order to start marketing your business online and crushing your competitors.

This website is full of awesomeness. Don’t forget to sign up, read my emails and of course buy my shit. You’ll find no fluff here and only knowledge gained through experience, not theory or idea.

I’m Ryan Stewman CEO of Hardcore Closer and it’s nice to meet you.


  • The difference in my skill set by joining Apex has catapulted me up the sales and marketing ranks, but more importantly, it's given me the network of successful, hungry and intelligent business owners and investors that create new level of aspiration for me. Levels I didn't know existed. Even if you join for the network alone, you will win. The skills, knowledge and know how you pick up is just a bonus.

    Rad White

  • Apex for life.
    Best investment I've ever made professionally and personally.

    Jonathan Lautermilch

  • I’ve been learning from Ryan Stewman's program for over 4 years. I'm generating 500+ referrals a year BECAUSE of this program. For 3 years in a row, I'm the +1 referred Insurance Agent in all of Kansas City by realtors and lenders. BECAUSE OF WHAT APEX TAUGHT ME! No coincidence!

    Jessica Stroud

  • Apex entourage is where it is at! Classes on demand to watch, Podcast, Coaching, Mentoring, and networking all in one. I mean where do you get to get around so much positive people who all join's together to help each other win. The first year I watched and soaked it all in. I mean I wanted more out of my profession. ( I am an Financial Advisor) I have to find all my leads. I went from an annual income of $48K in 2016 and in 2017 I crossed 6 figures for the first time my life. All I did was learn to generate leads and that was a game changer for me. Second I learned material that was foreign to me like social media marketing. Third I learned to leverage the Apex community to network and pass referrals to each other. All in all well worth the price I paid to be apart of this group. Ryan is someone that has life hit em and he hits back harder. No one is responsible for your success except you. You can whine about success or go make your success. Surround yourself with Ryan and the Apex Entourage and you too will level up.

    Joey Davis

  • Apex member for life here! There is no better family to be a part of. When you join us be prepared to level up in you faith, family, fitness and finances just to name a few.

    Anthony Hudson

  • Joining Apex has been one of the best investments in myself that I’ve ever made! The support and training I’ve had, thus far, has been amazing. Don’t cheat yourself out of being great....

    Toni Giddley

  • You know I followed Ryan Stewman for 2 years. 2 years this guy kept showing up in my life. And then I decide you know what, I’m going to try this out. I signed up for Break Free Academy. I came out to meet with Ryan and after our first meeting, I met Ryan and I walked away and said man this guy is going to change my life. When I joined Break Free Academy it was about increasing my mortgage business. But as we got into it we decided that you know what, that was going to come organically. Now we’re just changing my life and working on all my extra goals. I owe it all to Ryan Stewman. I would not be here without him. He’s a real guy.

    Watch Video Testimonial

  • Last year, I invested with Ryan Stewman to join his Apex program. Now, they say scared money doesn’t make money, and until now I thought they were full of shit. But it’s true. I was terrified to hand someone I’ve never met before my own fucking hard earned money. When Ryan and I talked on the phone, he asked me what my goals were. I told him I’d like to get to $100k a year. And he laughed at me.The fucking asshole laughed at me, and said that’s it?! I’ll get you to a million. Then I laughed. Thought to myself, “yea, OkAy...” But he told me if I followed his program and out in the work that I’d see the results. It wouldn’t be overnight, but if I stuck with it, shit would seemingly happen.So me being tired of beating my head against the wall and expecting different results, I took the leap and joined. Now, I’m a huge fan of actual results and evidence to support them. So, I took my QuickBooks reports, comparing last year to this year. The results speak VOLUMES about what hard work, believing in yourself, and trusting the process. I went from $67k to 123k within the year. I’m not being some brown nosing fan boy. I’m being real with y’all and sharing MY results. Can’t wait to see what the next few years have in store for us!

    Jeremy Baum

  • I’ve gained more momentum and made more shit happen in the last three weeks than I have in years before. I was hesitating to join. Waiting for the “time to be right.” The right time is now for the people on the fence. The new doesn’t wear off of this—I see the highest achievers pushing forward and guess what? In Apex, that’s a trickle down effect. It’s there if people want it. Honestly, I can’t imagine anyone willing to put in the work NOT wanting what we have going.

    Apryl Hall

  • Apex was the first mentoring/coaching program I’d been apart of and it’s completely changed my direction in life, not to mention the opportunities it’s presented me. Being around the other members virtually and in person has raised my awareness, shifted my paradigm, and pushes me to do more and stay in the uncomfortable. You the man Ryan Stewman💯

    Chase Scroggins

  • This program will change your life. One of the best decisions I ever made was going Apex.

    Chuck Barnes

  • I sell real estate in NE FL. Apex and learning and practicing the #gcode changed the game for me 100%. My mindset changed completely. I now see the world from an abundance mindset, and practice gratitude in everything I do. I now have a strong and powerful network of brilliant people from all walks of life and locations who I can bounce ideas off of, seek advice from. We learn and grow together in business and life. I learned how to attract my perfect customer and become more organized and focused in my business, and my income has grown exponentially as a result. I went from bartending, barely scraping by- to making over six figures a year! I have also become fitter and healthier than I have been in 20 years! In Apex we don't just learn how to do better in business, we learn how to be a BOSS in life.

    Kari Craig

  • It’s a lifechanger.
    Joined APEX 1,5 months ago and I am in the best shape of my life and became the best version of myself.
    If you want to change your life, go join APEX!

    Kjell Fruytier

  • Apex is the most amazing network of likeminded individuals that I’ve ever had the pleasure of surrounding myself with.

    Since joining Apex I have...Flown on a private jet. Lost 25 lbs. Increased my focus. Boosted my faith within myself. Hired a trainer and consistently hit the gym 4-5 times per week. Have never been stronger mentally, physically, and emotionally. Written and published my first book which went on to become an Amazon #1 Bestseller. Developed two digital training courses. Started two successful Facebook groups. Spoken onstage in front of thousands. Was interviewed on too many podcasts to count. Started my own podcast. Started a second company. Have had numerous blog posts and articles written about me and my business Top Class Installations Inc. Have increased the gross revenue of Top Class Installations by $400k and have actually worked less on the business than ever before. Had the best sales week of my entire life. Closed $140k plus... Connected with the most badass, amazing people who are true experts in their field of choice. Have made multiple investments putting my hard earned money to work for me even while I sleep. Have become an #ApexElite coach at BFA and help others succeed in business.And the list goes on…

    Tomas Keenan

  • I’ve built or bought over twenty companies, currently own over a dozen, and through our national business brokerage I’ve helped others buy and sell countless more. I followed Ryan Stewman for years, figuring out if he was someone I wanted to learn from directly and plug into the ecosystem and program known as Apex. I have no interest in overnight “magic pill” type deals that fake gurus hype up. So if programs can’t deliver and KEEP delivering, then I don’t make time for them and I sure don’t invest in them. Apex is one of the very few programs that has lived up to the expectations and what I need to continue to scale. In the years I’ve been with Apex all of my companies have scaled, and so has my life. I’ve literally done things I didn’t realize were possible - like owning planes, taking off even more time for family, and continuing to buy or build more companies! Thank you Apex, and thank you Ryan Stewman!

    Jeff Dousharm

  • After having been involved in two previous coaching / self development groups, joining Apex by far has offered the best bang for the buck. The life time friendships, and partnerships that I have created are priceless.

    Jamie Hyde

  • I first heard about Apex from my brother during a phone call. He was letting me know about the success he was having using Ryan’s programs. Having worked with my brother in the past and his less than stellar results, I was interested to say the least. I joined to network with other people who are serious about growing their business using social media and everything online to attract more leads and sales. What I found was nothing short of miraculous. Within 2 months of joining, I leveled up to Apex Executives and 2 months later have more than earned what I paid to join. If you’re serious about growth and willing to do the work, this program will not just change your bank account...it’ll change your life!

    Kris Whitehead

  • This is the best decision you could possibly make in your life.
    Apex is a game changer, not only is it a powerful network, but the training and content has you level up. You can either take a year to level up, or less than a quarter with the right people, go apex.

    Marshall Lowy

  • I tell you what, Apex is the truth.

    Never met someone who gives a fuck about you winning more than Ryan Stewman.

    Him and his team truly care about you leveling up.

    Been in since Dec 2016 and it was the best decision I ever made.

    Jose Rodriguez

  • This program is without a doubt a game changer for those who want more. If you feel like something is missing, it’s a tribe of people that support you and want you to win! Stewmans APEX program is second to none! Appreciate all the support thus far and we look forward to many more years of building with the Apex crew! 💯

    Trevor Cowley




This podcast is designed for you to listen to first thing in the morning before you do anything. It’s only five minutes long. It’s meant to inspire you and change the way you think about life, business, and everything else.




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