10 Solid Scripts To Handle The “It’s Too Expensive” Objection

Posted on June 15, 2016

Ryan Stewman



The other day, I ran a contest on my Facebook fan page, to see who had the best script to handle the “it’s too expensive” objection. I counted over 100 scripts on the post. It’s gold. You can read it here. My man Adam Kanoff won, with his simple, yet profound script on quality.

Saying “it’s too expensive” is second nature to buyers. But did you know it’s actually a GIANT buying sign? When their mouth says, “it’s too expensive,” their subconscious is saying they want the product, they just haven’t seen ALL of the value yet. It’s your job to continue uncovering their problem and positioning your product as the solution. #value

Below are my top 10 favorite wordtracks from Hardcore Closer fans.


This one was my favorite. I sent Adam an autographed copy of my book. It’s short. It’s to the point. It’s relatable. The best wordtracks are the easiest to recall and use when the need arises. Any prospect, no matter what you are selling, can relate between bitter and sweet, which makes the conclusion to buy a more sensible choice for the prospect.


I love this one, because it insinuates that the competition is inferior. This wordtrack makes it appear as if you’ve addressed this on a company-wide level and are well aware of the value you bring. When the prospect realizes the objection is nothing new to you, they gain confidence from your certainty. 


Always agree with the prospect. Never add another layer of selling to your workload. This script even goes as far as to compliment the prospect. It also lets them know you’re paying attention to them. You appreciate that they appreciate the finer things. And the finer things cost more!


This is the ultimate “press forward” close. This guy assumes the objection is complete “BS” and closes right over it. Asking for the business again. Most salespeople won’t ask twice. This guy knows how much humans hate saying “no.”


Depending on what you sell, you can reframe your prospect’s purchase as a savings instead of a cost. “Invest a little now, save in the long term.” Most analytical types will take you up on a long-term solution to savings.


This guy nailed it, too. Often, salespeople will jump the gun and ask for the business, when they haven’t taken the time to build the value. You can’t skip first base and get a home run unless you pay for it..


This is the classic reframe on the ol’ “you get what you pay for.” There’s a good chance the prospect has paid for something cheap and been let down before. This response serves as a great reminder of that experience and most likely your potential client will want to avoid it.


Danny makes a great case, too. If you offer to meet or beat their expectations, there is no reason to shop around. Once you make the offer to them, they will give you the real objections. Then you can handle what needs to be handled.


This is the script you can use to uncover the real objection. The price objection is not always the actual problem. You might need to fish out a subterranean objection. Then of course, press forward and ask for the business again. 


This guy assumes he’s the last stop for the day. He’s at least open to his client shopping around. Truth is, with the Internet, most prospects have done research and already know what they need. They simply fear making the decision. 

Here’s the thing about objections: they aren’t “NO,” they are excuses not to take action. Most people have made horrible choices in their lives and they spend the rest of their lives avoiding the suffering of that pain again. An objection is actually the ultimate buying sign. They didn’t turn you down; they gave you a reason for negotiation. 
If you’re looking to step up your closing game, I’d suggest you check out my sales program Show Up and Close. You can get the first video in the program free, by clicking the banner below. Also don’t forget to share this with your sales team, your boss and on social media. Let’s go close some business! 

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