10 Ways To Generate Mortgage Leads Quickly From Social Media

Posted on March 10, 2017

Ryan Stewman



My mortgage origination career ended in 2010. Leaving the mortgage business was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done in my life, and I’ve had to do some really hard things. In 2009, I closed 183 loans. By the time I left the business in March of 2010, I had already closed 77 loans.

Even in 2008, the year I discovered Facebook, I would get leads from the first HUGE social network.

I had an online social media strategy, long before it was mainstream. I’d close 3-4 deals a month just from posting on Facebook. 
When I left the mortgage business, I decided to start a new life helping loan officers close loans from social media leads. In the last seven years, I’ve helped thousands of LOs close billions in loans from leads generated on social media sites. I’ll share my top 10 ways to prospect on social media with you, but it’s up to you to take action. 
Real Estate Groups: Facebook and LinkedIn are loaded with real estate groups. My client Eli Torres has a group on Facebook called “Real Estate Happy Hour” and the LOs that frequent that group and engage, all get leads from it. 
Send DMs Asking For Referrals: First off, you should be connected to every client you close on your PERSONAL Facebook page. Every time you close a loan, ask them to connect. Then periodically, check in with them through DM and ask for referrals (in a cool way.)
Searching Hashtags: Realtors love hashtags. You can search common hashtags like #realestate followed or preceded by the city you live in like this: #DallasRealEstate
These hashtags are usually loaded with agents. Hashtags work on pretty much ALL social media sites, too. You can search the same hashtags on different sites over and over. 
Garage Sale Groups: A garage sale is what’s called a “trip wire.” A trip wire sends a signal to the base that someone is in your territory. A garage sale is a signal that the homeowner is about to move. Why else would you want to reduce the amount of shit you own? Asking why people are having a garage sale is the key to pulling prospects out of these groups. 
Sharing Realtor’s Listings: When you connect with an agent, and you see them share a nice listing, share it with your audience for them. This alerts the agent that you’re trying to help, plus your friends may see the listing and ask you to get them a loan for it. Don’t share shitty listings, though. It’s bad form. 
Lucky 7 Method: The Lucky 7 Method is a simple way to prospect 90 people a month, without being pushy, awkward or weird. It works like this; each day, do the following: comment on one agent’s post, leave a post on another agent’s wall and send another agent a DM. Do this every day for 30 days, and you’ll have connected and conversed with 90 agents. 
Share Pictures From Closings: When you close a loan, ask the family to take a picture of them with the papers, and send it to you. Then, post the picture, tag your clients and the agent. When you make the post, be sure to add a call to action at the end. You know, something like “If you’d like to be as happy as the Smiths fill out an application at…”
Creating A Syndicate: A syndicate is a group of people conspiring to take common action. You can get a couple of agents, a title rep, credit repair person, insurance agent and home inspector to help you comment and bump your posts. If you share a closing picture and your syndicate shares it, you’ll get 5-10X the exposure. 
Creating Videos: Videos, especially live ones, get a ton of exposure and engagement on social media. Video is the new public speaking. When you step out of your comfort zone and use video to attract, educate and even close prospects from social media, you’re utilizing the most powerful marketing tool available right now. 
Leaving Comments: Have you ever noticed that you have to log-in to some social media sites in order to leave a comment on their websites? Surfing your favorite site and leaving comments is a good way to prospect and generate leads. I used to comment daily on the KW blog, and I’d get 100+ clicks and 2-3 leads every time I left a comment. 
If you’re an LO who’s closing at least $2 million each month, I can help you double your business in 12 months. I have a proven track record of helping LOs earn multiple 6 and 7 figures annually from using my program and strategies. I’d like to help you have the best year of your life. Not only can I help you with loans, I can help you improve the overall quality of your life. Fill out the form at www.breakfreeacademy.com/tribe 

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