ReWire 623: Being Future Focused 

Posted on August 12, 2020

Ryan Stewman



Too many people are struggling with thinking of what tomorrow will bring. 

A powerful common trait of the big players out there making big things happen is how they think about the future. 

They are constantly looking towards the future. 

They are making plans for next month, next quarter, next year, shit even the next decade.

See when you get focused on what and where you wanna be in the future you will know what actions you need to be taking to do so and then get busy on them. 

The more you are future-focused the more planned out you be and when you’re well planned you can perform at higher levels. 

You gotta get focused on being future-focused if you want an elite future. 

In this episode of “The ReWire Podcast” Ryan Stewman talks about being future-focused.

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Being Future Focused 

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