Passive Aggressive Cursing Via eCards [Ryan’s Rants]

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Ryan Stewman



If you are a person that cusses in your normal day-to-day life, then you should be the same way on social media. Unless you plan to run for public office one day, it’s best to just be the real you.  

Back a couple of years ago, it was taboo to cuss on facebook. Within the last 18 months, it has become normal, and in the last 6 months, it has become rampant.   So what happened 6 months ago that might have sparked this?   PINTEREST!  

Pinterest did it all. Pinterest it THE place to be for the passive aggressive social media-ist. Pinterest lead to more pictures and videos being posted on other social media sites. It started a trend that is still going.   Some smart person, saw an opportunity to implement the old eCards but with sarcastic and comical quotes. At first it was funny. Then it was entertaining, then clever and NOW ANNOYING.  

We need a new trend! These damned things are everywhere. The best way I know to run off negative stuff is with positivity.  

This weeks rant is a long shot, but still funny ;-)  

Passive aggressive cursing



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