Two Easily Implemented Facebook Engagement Tricks for Realtors

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Ryan Stewman



If you are serious about social media and especially facebook, then you know the name of the game is “facebook engagement”. It’s simple, the more people like, share and comment on your posts, the more outsiders can see your posts and the word spreads. Your #1 goal on facebook is to solicit engagement.

Within the last 2 months facebook released an update that makes it easier to get engagement from your fans/friends. It’s just like anything else though, you have to take action and do something to make it happen.   There are 2 things going on with facebook right now, that are keeping them on top of their game. You have to remember, google+ is trying hard all day everyday to catch up with FB. With that in mind, FB has to really keep their eyes out for what’s working.

Thing #1: if facebook takes a look at which 3rd party suites and apps are successful, and if they like them,they are buying them and or taking their idea and programming it into their updates. (That was the longest run-on sentence ever) Facebook is looking to see what people like and what works. They are also looking to either buy up or incorporate popular 3rd party “apps” into their programming.

Thing #2: facebook is listening to the feedback we are giving them. The Wall St crowd does not like “The Zuck” very much and his stock price reflects it. This is because “The Zuck” still listens to us, the users, more than he does his investors, when it comes to programming new stuff. When is the last time you have sent a suggestion or complaint to Facebook? Next time, instead of posting your frustration, send a message to facebook about it. Facebook is known for listening to us. They re constantly monitoring all walls, looking for feedback good and bad.

As demand rises from us, and Wall St, facebook will continue to roll out new stuff, that is user friendly, every chance they get. Facebook wants to be just like google. You can literally run your whole computer and have everything you could ever need, with all the free stuff google supplies. The Wall St investors have this same vision for facebook.

These two tricks are simple and will help improve your etiquette on facebook. I’m glad to see they are listening. I just hope they incorporate hashtags one day soon.   Enjoy this week’s video:  And share it on social media!


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