What’s New with the Recent Facebook Mobile App Update

Posted on November 13, 2012

Ryan Stewman



You’re probably wondering what all is new with the recent facebook mobile app update. I’m probably just as hesitant as you are when it comes to doing updates or upgrades on my iphone software. I’ve lost ALL my contacts a time or two and all Apple ever says is “my bad”. With that in mind, it took me a week or so of keeping my ears out before I downloaded the new iphone update. About that same time, facebook apparently released an update to a select group of users. Apparently I was selected to use the update. The recent facebook mobile app update is actually really cool. I’ve taken the time here to get you up to date with the stuff from the update that matters. 

As I’m sure you have heard, facebook bought instagram a while back for a ton of money. On Rock Star Radio a few months ago, I said facebook would incorporate instagram into their interface and hold it all in one spot so they could map the world in pics. The fist thing I noticed about the photo portion of the update is that it now has the instagram editing frames in it. You can now border, shade, rotate and edit your photos before you share them on facebook.


Back in the day you had to take a pic, upload it to instagram, then share it to facebook. With the new facebook mobile app update, it’s all in one spot. The second thing I noticed in the update was the new chat feature on the upper right hand side of the newsfeed. You can now simply click that button and have a facebook chat message with your friends. Seems like good ol facebook is trying to take over all communication. What use will text be if everyone is simply facebook chatting?

The third and coolest part of the whole facebook mobile app update is the multiple photo uploader. You no longer have to individually upload your pics into facebook. Well, I used to use the facebook photo uploader app, but now again, facebook has put it all in one spot. You can now easily select as many photos as you want to upload at once.

*WARNING: if you are not on wifi this may not happen fast or easily. 
Overall facebook is doing some cool things to advance the way we communicate and interact with each other. They are very good at listening to consumer demand and then making it happen. I’d like to see them come up with their own phone plan. I believe facebook is the google of the future. Tons of FREE, COOL products that change the way the world works. “Thank you technology, from the bottom of my heart.”

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