How Real Estate Agents can use InfoGraphics to sell more homes

Posted on December 03, 2012

Ryan Stewman



If you are a Realtor, you have landed on the right webpage today. I’m going to show/tell you how real estate agents can use infographics to sell more homes. What I am about to share with you will give you an edge. But before I tell you the how, I must first give you the why.

Why Infographics?

Thanks to social media sites like Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook, we are becoming a more visual being than we have been in the past. The old saying “a picture is worth a 1,000 words” is still true. Pictures allow us to formulate our own thoughts and assign an image to that thought. This not only gives that thought a better chance of sticking, it brands the image and the words into your mind, whether you like it or not.   As I’m sure you have noticed in the last year or so, people have been posting those funny e-cards all over social media. You know the ones, they have some sarcastic quote and a simple character image. You have also seen the motivational pictures with images of elephants and the word “triumph” written on them. And if you have been paying attention, these are the posts that are getting shared the most on facebook. It’s because of this trend, that infographics have emerged on to the scene.

How do Agents use infographics as marketing pieces?

When an agent has a listing, they are already doing most of the heavy lifting. As an agent you have pictures, room descriptions, area and neighborhood descriptions that you have already put on the MLS and your website. (assuming you know WTH you are doing) There are always a few good picture that stand out, the POP and get your attention. Use those images and the room descriptions with them to make a part of your infographic.

Showcase What POPs!

This will allow the viewer to see the main, attractive parts of the home to draw their attention in With the right words written in the description, you will further draw in their attention and get them to click on the infographic to view the home.

Hyperlink the infographic to your listing website.

After you have created your really cool looking infographic, you have to upload it on the web somewhere. That somewhere can be facebook, twitter, any social media site, your blog or personal website. Where ever you put it, make sure you hyperlink it to the actual listing website so the viewer can get all of the details.   The easiest place I have found to create FREE infographics is PiktoChart. They have two levels of membership, FREE and premium. They provide easy to use templates and programming that make it easy to use for anyone.   I’ve taken the time to make this video to show you how to use PiktoChart and their features. Use your imagination to sell, sell, sell more homes using this out-of-the-box method, that works. If you want to know about more tools like this that you can use in your business to make more money, fill out the request for a free strategy session and I will have my people set up a time for us to talk. In the meantime, enjoy the video.  



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