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I started this radio show over 2 years ago to be able to give back to our community. I started this show to help fix with “info needs” and problems that we face as entrepreneurs. Because of my background there are quite a few people that listen to this show and read this blog from the real estate niche. That audience includes but is not limited to, realtors, loan officers, insurance agents and title companies. Since there are so many of you in the real estate community, I get to hear a lot of DIRECT PROBLEMS that you are facing. On of those BIG ASS PROBLEMS I hear all the time from agents and LO’s alike, is “How can I tap into the high-end or luxury real estate market?”

It’s every real estate person’s dream to sell million dollar properties but so few of you actually ever even make an attempt at it. This leaves the market WIDE-OPEN for people like my friend Anthony Russo with Power Sold Academy. He saw first hand, this same problem but took a different approach at it. Anthony saw the place where so many agents are dropping the ball. Anthony Russo, being the entrepreneur that he is, took action and found a system that allows him to move high-end properties, with multiple offers in as fast as a weekend. The Power Sold System that Anthony Russo not only teaches, but actually does himself, if one of the most innovative and effective real estate selling strategies that I have ever come across. Anthony has the ability to secure an agreement on a million dollar piece of real estate for a $10 check. That’s right a $10 check. So after hearing many of you talk about wanting to “tap into the luxury market”, I sought out to bring you a solution to that problem.

I believe that if you work it, the Power Sold selling system will add an extra $100,000 to your bottom line  by only doing one deal a quarter. Enjoy the show, it’s full of great marketing info on how to sell high end luxury homes in a weekend with only $10 down. If you are looking for someone with expertise in marketing and lead generation, let’s talk about your business. Fill out the form below the radi show replay and let’s talk about how I can help your business.

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