Rockstar Closer Radio: The Biggest Mistakes Sales People Are Making Today

Posted on March 28, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Yesterday, I was sleeping in bed at 7am next to my beautiful wife. I was awoken by not one, not two, but three text messages in a row. With it being so early I assumed one of my friends or clients needed me immediately. I sprung up out of bed only to see this text message.  

text 1

text 2

text 3

  Can you imagine my rage? I don’t get to sleep past 5am very often. It just so happened that this guy messages me but crack early with a 3 part text sales pitch. WTF? I was not asked “how are you?” or “Are you alive still?” nothing.   I’ll admit, I was quite an asshole to the guy, but I felt like he needed someone to be straight with him. I also felt if he was doing this to me, how many other people where getting hit up? I might have saved the guy from a bunch of angry ex-friends. Sales Mistakes   So the incident got me to thinking…   I started thinking about what common mistakes sales people are making that end up giving the whole sales industry in general a bad name. Unfortunately, this not the first time I have received a sales pitch as foul as this text. Because of what I do for a living, I am constantly pitched with biz ops and all sorts of cool stuff. I’ve had to learn to say “no” over the years, and sadly it has become a lot easier due to these types of interactions.   This week’s show is all about the average sales mistakes and how you can avoid making them. I line everything out in clear format so you can rate yourself on if you are an asshole salesman or a person providing value to clients.   I also got a private message from a SEO friend of mine, Charles Key. In his message, he told me I should live stream the radio show to my YouTube channel. Well, I did, and I have to say, it was pretty cool. I think I will continue to do a live show once a month. Thanks, Charles.  


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