Beware of Fake Ass Gurus [Ryan’s Rants]

Posted on April 26, 2013

Ryan Stewman



I see ads all over the internet and facebook regarding people who offer to mentor and coach people to greatness. Every time I see these ads I look up the person and their accomplishments. I am very protective of my tribe and I want to make sure my folks don’t get taken advantage of.  

What scares me is when I see these “gurus” using technology to pander primitive marketing strategies. Or even worse, they are competing for business against their clients. So these gurus make sure you don’t get the technology they use. This insures them you will always be one step behind them. Fake Gurus  

Anytime anyone is seeking a coach, mentor, specialist or whatever you want to call it, you need to make sure the mentor has YOUR best interests in mind and not their own. You can call it what you want but what you are seeking is a partner. Someone to help you, push you and get you to the level you want to go to. A mentor has to be there for YOU not vice versa.  

When I put what I do for a living into perspective, my only goal is for my clients win. I want them to win by any means they can. I want them to want to win more than anything in their lives. Win in business, family, lifestyle and overall happiness. It’s not about me…it’s about the results of what I do. I care and love each of my clients (that’s why I’m selective) and if they lose, I lose. I love winning, but I hate losing even more!  

I’m not naming names or pointing out anything that shouldn’t already be obvious. All I’m saying is be aware and if shit don’t smell right, don’t get involved. Take yourself back from the sales situation you are in with the guru and ask yourself “is this person teaching me the same strategy that got ME to buy from them?” You should always ask “How did you get me as a customer?” Chances are that is the real process you need to be using in your business.  

I haven’t done a Ryan’s Rants yet in 2013 so this is my first one. I’ve been pretty happy lately and I haven’t had a reason to bitch. Until this started stirring up inside of me. Enjoy the rant.

Beware of Fake Ass Gurus  

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