How To Get Over 200 Facebook Comments Fast

Posted on April 20, 2013

Ryan Stewman



One of the hardest things for human beings to do is to be authentic. It’s been my experience if you point the finger, you are generally hiding something. I’ve never been one to point fingers and I try to always be true to me first. If I’m true to me, I can be true to others.  

That being said I ran an ad on facebook this week. The ad got a 10% click through rate and was a big hit. The only bad comments I got were in regards to the word “shit” being in the video. Now first off, if “shit” offends you, you are fucked. Second of all we all cuss.


I completely understand why religious people and fancy people don’t cuss but at the same time why try to control others? After the person posted on my ad about how offended they were it made me think. Why do people get all ass hurt about cussing? if you think about it, the word “fuck” is used on primetime TV in England like the word “horse” but yet “bloody”is forbidden. It’s all in our heads man…  

So I posted on facebook about it and asked my friends opinions. That’s the cool thing about facebook, if you ask questions yo200 commentsu get answers (engagement) if you make statements you, well… make statements. Engaging content always ends with questions. Tell your audience you want to hear from them. No matter what they may have to say.    

People gave opinions alright. Matter of fact there were several arguments and people deeply offended. There is a lesson here though. The lesson is about knowing your audience. I know who I want to work with and how they speak. I speak the same language to attract them. In my world that language is cussing.  

The other lesson learned from this post is if you make your wall and facebook page a safe place for anyone to say anything, you will get more engagement. See, I could have easily stepped in and said “please stop fucking fighting on my wall” but I didn’t. I want people to feel ok with coming to my wall and saying/posting anything. I’m social and that’s what it’s all about right? Notice the amount of comments I made as well. I engaged my friends and thanked them as they posted.

Get Over 200 Facebook Comments Fast

Here’s the post feel free to join in the conversation. It’s public so anyone can leave a comment.

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