The Reason Real Estate Agents Are Not Sending You Their Loans

Posted on April 15, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Have you ever taken a moment to count all of the different vendors trying to get in with Agents? Let me tell you, no matter what you sell to Realtors, you are not alone. Real Estate Agents are one of the most sold to niches in the USA. You probably haven’t considered all of the constant sales pitches Agents are sucked into. This is just one of the many reasons Agents are notorious for not answering the phone.   Let’s take a quick count of some of the services and products Realtors are propositioned with. Mortgages, title insurance, home warranty, home inspection, appraisers, web designers, lead gen companies, contact management systems, flyers, mailers, biz cards, signs, and I could keep going for a long long time but you get the point.  not buying   So let’s think. If all of these different vendors are attempting to sell stuff to Agents, then Agents must be really good at hearing or rejecting sales pitches. Many people say “Agents are cheap asses.” While that may have some truth to it, the bigger truth is if your stuff is not being bought by Agents, maybe you sell shitty stuff. Maybe Agents aren’t cheap. Maybe your shit is just not valuable to them.   You’re going to have to prove to Agents you are who you say you are and you can do what you say you can do. Most seasoned Agents have heard it all before. They have go-to excuses to thwart off sales people just like you. I’m sure you have heard a few. I know I have…   Agents want results. They can get any service or product they need at anytime. Realtors complain to me all the time about vendors calling them with philosophical sales pitches. You know. When people call them and say things like “Would you like to meet for lunch and talk about how we can help each other?” How more open-ended of a BS question can you get?   If you are going to work with a serious Agent and expect serious volume from them, you are going to have to bring serious value. You need to bring your A-Game and a bag of magic tricks to awe them. If not, you will get nowhere. I promise.


I know what value Agents are looking from Loan Officers. I’ve help countless LOs attract their dream Agent. I’m like Hitch for the mortgage and real estate industries. If you would like to know how you can add the value to an Agent to create a lasting referral relationship fill out the short form below. If I like what I read I will be in touch for a free strategy session with you.


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