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About every 6 months or so my pals Sean Matheis and Mark Ritvalski put on a hell of a networking event they call the “Million Dollar Mixer”  The first one was back in December of 2012.  Tonight is the 2nd ever Million Dollar Mixer and the guest of honor is Josh Flagg from Million Dollar Listing on Bravo.Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg is one of the top Real Estate Agents in America.  He specializes in the high-end luxury market. Now when he says “high-end” he means it.  He specializes on high-end homes in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas.  So Josh’s market is the highest of the high when it comes to property value.  

When you operate on that level, you better be a closing beast.  That’s exactly what Josh Flagg is.   On the podcast Josh tells us he has been an Agent over 10 years and that the fame has not changed him a bit. I tried to draw it out of him, but he seems like a genuinely humble guy who just has a passion for the hustle.  You got to love someone who goes above and beyond to make their dreams come true.  Anyone can sell real estate.

Josh Flagg is a Celebrity Real Estate Agent.  We talked about how most Agents have to pay to advertise on the TV or radio and he gets paid big bucks to market his business to a nationwide audience.  He also told me he has connections everywhere so he can help buyers and sellers all across the country.  

From his paid appearances to his speaking gigs all the way to his TV show, Josh Flagg is the Agent of the future and he is living proof of what it takes to make it big in the world.  I’ve got a lot of admiration for people like Josh who will stop at nothing to make their dreams come true.  He’s def a Rockstar Closer.

Tune in to the show and hear what we talked about.

Moving Million Dollar Listings with Josh Flagg

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