5 Under-Appreciated Things About Real Estate Agents

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I hear quite a few people complain about real estate agents. From loan officers to title companies and beyond. What most people don’t understand, is what it is actually like to be an Agent. Did you even know that real estate agents are one of the most sold to niches in the USA? There are more people trying to get business and money from agents than almost anyone.

Agents are grossly under-appreciated. You probably have no idea how much stress an agent has to subdue. In today’s market of limited inventory and multiple offers, agents are having to work their asses off just to get a house secured for their clients. Realtors work their tail off to make stuff happen for their clients. Now are they all perfect? By all means “HELL NO” but at the same time, the majority of them work their fingers to the bone trying to make it happen for those they represent. Below is a list of the 5 most under-appreciated things about real agents.  

Number 1:

The market across the USA right now, has limited inventory and in most cases houses end up in multiple-bid situations. Clients get impatient as well as vendors like LOs and title companies tend to point the blame at the Agent but they are limited to sell only the houses on the the market. It took me 7 offers to finally get one accepted so I could by my home. I can imagine what the average consumer has to deal with.  

Number 2:

I hear a lot fo complaints about Realtors not answering the phone. This always cracks me up. Yes, there are some Agents who suck on the phone. However, a productive Agent is pursued by title companies, loan officers, credit repair people, sign people and everyone else you can think of. If they answered every unknown number that cam across their phones they woul dnot have time to sell any houses. Be patient with Agent’s. if you’re worth their time, they will call you back. P.S. Texts work better…  

Number 3:

Your job probably consists of 9-5 Monday – Friday or something like that. Agents work after hours and on weekends too. An Agent’s job never ends. When the client gets off of work they want to see homes. Realtors have to be ready to show those homes. Same thing goes for the weekends. While you are barbecuing and all that fun stuff, Agents are out hustling properties. Have some respect for the hours they put in for you.  

Number 4:

One of an Agents key jobs is to negotiate. What you also have to know is that is the key job for the Agent on the other side of the transaction as well. So while you may get all upset because you didn’t get every little thing you asked for, such as closing costs, the appliances, paid survey etc… You need to understand there is most likely an equally skilled agent on the other end fighting for his or her clients as well. A good Agent will fight to get what their clients want but at the same time, knows not to push the line and lose the deal.  

Number 5:

It’s expensive to be a Real Estate Agent in 2013. Agents have to buy lockboxes, signs, websites, flyers, contact management systems, biz cards, MLS dues and a million other things just to be in business. The common misconception is that Agents are all ballers and 6% commission is a rip-off. That’s not true at all. After marketing fees and dues, Agents make about 1.5% per transaction on average. For all their hard work, it’s totally worth it. Plus we all know, you get what you pay for.   So the next time you need an Agent for whatever reason, be mindful of what stresses they are under and how hard they work for their clients. Agents have faced tough markets since 2008 and while business is picking up now, inventory is still limited. I guess the bottom line of this post is, Agents work hard and we need to stop under-appreciating them. Bottom line.   *Be sure to share this on social media*


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