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Fear is bullshit! And if you wait for a perfect plan to come together, you are already predestined to fail. It’s natural for us to look at someone and judge how easy it was for them to accomplish a task, like being in front of the camera. One thing is for sure, practice makes permanent.Jody Jelas  

This week on the show, we have the beautiful, talented, sassy, Jody Jelas as our guest. Jody hails from the far away land of New Zealand. Being on a small island has not dwarfed her reach at all. She has a world wide audience larger than most prime-time TV shows. I brought her on the show to talk about her story and how video has changed her life.  

Jody Jelas has only been making videos for about 18 months now. Prior to video blogging, she was a traditional blogger. In a super short time, she has been able to attract top talent to hire her from all points of the globe. She tells us how her blog became popular very quickly. She also explains to us that once she added the element of video to the mix, her traffic skyrocketed.   As I said before, it’s easy for you to see Jody’s videos and think she is a natural at being in front of the camera. While that may be the case now, it has not always been this way. She even threatens to show her very first video to us, just to demonstrate how far she has come in a short time. I personally know the feeling…  

We go on to talk about her BOOM formula for marketing yourself. She tells us why she created it, who it is a fit for and how you can get your hands on it. If you are not already subscribed to Jody’s blog, be sure to go there and sign up. She will not disappoint you. The bottom line is, as Jody so clearly puts it during the show “If I can get in front of the camera with this kiwi accent and make it happen, anyone can.”  

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Make Things Go BOOM with Jody Jelas

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