How to Help Agents Promote their Listings using Pinterest

Posted on July 02, 2013

Ryan Stewman



It’s no secret, all of the active Agents are out there scrambling to get more listings. Most real estate agents have 2-5 pocket buyers, right now, ready to go. The only problem is a lack of housing inventory to sell those pocket buyers. The single biggest complaint I hear from Agents is that the people who are current homeowners who would love to take advantage of the current market and sell their home, can’t because they are scared because they may not be able to buy a home once theirs is sold. It’s quite the vicious cycle.Pinterest  

With all of this in mind, Loan Officers need to understand how big of a deal it is when a Realtor gets a listing. Once an Agent has an active listing, the leads pour in. Open houses, shoppers, offers, contracts etc all come from listings. Listings also help the Agent grow their brand using signs, cards, flyers and ads pertaining to the specific property. This is a n Agent’s chance to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to hyper-local real estate brand awareness. i.e. farming.  

One of the best ways to help Agents get exposure on their listed properties is to syndicate the listing. This can be done on trulia, zillow, and all the other fancy real estate sites. Syndication can also come from exposing the listing on social media. After all, people are connected to people in their local market on social media. That’s pretty much how it works. If you want to help your agents generate as much buzz and biz as possible from each of their listings, you need to teach/help them to syndicate.  

Facebook, twitter and linkedin are all great places to share listings for Realtors. Liking, commenting and sharing an Agent’s listing will boost that listings post into your friends newsfeeds. This simple strategy helps the agent to grow their sphere and market to people they would not normally get exposed to.   One little known secret about social media is how Pinterest is the only SM site out there that allows do-follow links. In other words Pinterest has some google juice if you know what you are doing. You can also use Pinterest to dazzle agents when you show them how to backlink their single property listing site to Pinterest’s news-feed. It takes hardly no time at all and makes for a great way to prospect agents without buying lunch or making cold calls.  

I made this short video for you in order to demonstrate how easy it is for you to create a Pinterest pin of your Agent’s listings. Watch this video and use this tactic to attract the agents you want to work with, to you. Enjoy, but more importantly, share this blog post on social media and with someone you love/like/hate. Thanks for playing…  


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