Rockstar Closer Radio: Lawyers Video Studio with Gerry Oginski

Posted on July 21, 2013

Ryan Stewman



I’ve had a close eye on this week’s guest for a while now. I first met Gerry Oginiski through mutual contacts on facebook. One of the first things I noticed about his posts was they contained lots of videos. I watched a few of those videos and knew Gerry Oginski and I were like-minded. Gerry Ogenski  

Gerry Oginski is the founder of Lawyers Video Studio and also a New York malpractice attorney. In 2006 he started creating youtube videos to educate people online who were searching for certain legal information. Gerry noticed, the more videos he made, the more cases came to him. People were watching his videos, learning and asking him for his expertise.  

The topic for this week’s podcast/radio show is video marketing. My guest walks us through the who, the how and the why to make videos. He goes on to tell us best practices and how to engage your viewers. I’m honored to have Gerry on the show. He has recorded over 800 personal videos and uploaded them to youtube. Not to mention the 1000s of videos he’s helped other entrepreneurs make for their businesses.  

If you are not using video in your every day marketing strategy, you are leaving a lot of could-be happy clients behind. During the show, we take away every excuse you could have for not using video. Gerry is even nice enough to teach you what types of videos you need to make now! You’re in for a great show!

Be sure to share this on social media. I bring you this content and in exchange I ask that you help do your part in spreading it. Enjoy the show. 

Gerry Oginski

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