Rockstar Closer Radio: Warhorse Strength with Victor Bell

Posted on July 24, 2013

Ryan Stewman



This week my guest asks us all a very important question. Are you a champion? Seriously, are you a champion? Are you winning at life? Not just your job, not just at home, not just in one area or another, we are talking about life. Champions are born but rarely developed. As iron sharpens iron, it takes a champion to develop a champion. As my guest Victor Bell says “Even a warrior knows a champion when he sees one and he respects him immediately.” Victor Bell  

I’ve gone to great lengths to get this week’s guest on. Victor Bell is a native Texan who has been transplanted to Hawaii to settle down. Victor is a champion. He’s intense in every area of his life. I’ve known him for quite a while on a highly personal level. One of my favorite things I’ve heard Victor say is “When are you going to stop coming in 2nd place and calling it first?’ That is powerful. So many of us BS our way and inflate numbers to make us sound good.

Warhorse Strength Training is an intense event designed to break men down in order to build them up. We’re talking remote island, fear of death, no turning back off the grid, life changing stuff here. Victor trains military special forces, MMA fighters and even heretic entrepreneurs.  

There is no gimmick in Victor’s delivery of info on the show. There’s no sugar-coating it, no BS and straight talk from a real MAN who has been there, done that, and survived. Tune in to hear Vic’s crazy life story and how he changes the lives of men by challenging their hearts.  

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Warhorse Strength with Victor Bell  

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