Say “Bye-Bye” to Business Cards with the Socialink App

Posted on July 08, 2013

Ryan Stewman



Last Friday on the Social Media Maniacs show, one of our guests was Michael Jacobs. Although I had never met Mr Jacobs prior to the show, I was intrigued with the story he shared and his overall style. An entrepreneur sees a need and fills it. It’s just a long, fancy word for problem-solver. My new friend Michael is just that.socialink  

Michael created the SociaLink app to make connecting with people on facebook, twitter, linkedin and instagram. These days, when you go out in public and meet new people and get business cards, you lose them of don’t follow-up. We tend to forget who we met or what we said to them within days of meeting someone. I’ve been saying for the last 3 years that business cards are old news and connecting on social media is how to do it.   Social media connections are the best Rolodex you could want. Your connections can pick and choose how and when they engage you. People can get a sense of who you are way better online than from some 3×4 piece of stock card with fancy logos on it.  

SociaLink makes connecting easy too. No more searching each network or asking which platform your new acquaintances use. All you have to do is ask if they have the SociaLink app and if so turn it on. You can share your information on up to 4 different social media networks.  

You can even use the SociaLink app with style. If you are at the bar, turn off your linkedin connection and connect on facebook only. If you are at a networking event and want to keep it classy, turn off facebook and just connect on linkedin. Michael Jacobs thought of it all for you. Hell, he even made it super easy. This app and Mr Jacobs have been featured in Entrepreneur Magazine as well as several other publications.  

If you have an iPhone, by all means, go to the iTunes store and download SociaLink for free. It takes all of 2 minutes or less to fully set up and it’s easy to use. Here is a video with the details about how it works and why you should use it. Enjoy and share this!

Socialink App


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