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This week, star of TV show Million Dollar Listing New York, Fredrik Eklund, announced he is teaming up with Hardcore Closer (me) to bring a powerful, 7 week, working mastermind to entrepreneurs. The announcement was made on Thursday during the Million Dollar Mixer in Dallas, Texas. Fredrik high kick in dallas  

Fredrik has personally designed 7 very specific trainings that he wants to teach real estate brokers and other business folks. Mr Eklund is not only a real estate guru, he is a businesses magnate as well. He owns multiple successful companies, on multiple continents. In the 11 years Fredrik has been in New York City real estate, he has sold over 2 Billion dollars worth. It’s as if Fredrik is NYC’s own 11 year stimulus plan! Surely there is plenty to be learned from someone who has done billions in business.  

Fredrik Eklund ImageFredrik and I plan to do this mastermind group where the majority of interaction takes place on facebook. We will interact, comment, chat and post in a private facebook group just for paid members of the mastermind. On top of that, each week, Fredrik and I will go over a live training with homework for the members of the group to complete. Fredrik will also be doing at least 2 LIVE Q&A sessions with the group via google hangout.   I’ve been working with Fredrik very intensely over the last few weeks and I can honestly say his program is going to be a game changer for so many people. Not only that, but he has priced this program so that even a beginner on a shoe-string budget can afford to join the group and learn.  

Probably the coolest thing I was able to convince Fredrik to do for the mastermind group is to take us on a journey a little deeper into who he really is. We all get to see one side of him on national TV but what does the real Fredrik Eklund do to keep all of that energy all the time. What are the real things that drive him? Members of the group will learn all of this and more.   If you are even slightly thinking you might be interested in joining the Million Dollar Mastermind, you better sign up quick. We’ve sold 83 spots in 39 hours and there are no signs of slowing down. For all of the information and the complete layout of the training program please go to  

Be sure to share this on your social media outlets. It’s rare that you get a chance to work in a pretty intimate setting with a celebrity. Let alone, a celebrity who happens to have done billions in business. I’m excited to get this thing rolling with Fredrik. So far, he has been a blast to work with!


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