Rockstar Closer Radio: Mental Toughness for Life with Scott Lopez

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Ryan Stewman



Sometimes the conversation just flows naturally. The energy from some of my guests has been contagious and today’s show was one of those times. Scott Lopez and I really had a deep talk about what people are truly facing in today’s society. Scott Lopez

Scott goes on to tell us about the asset known as “Mental Toughness” which is rare today. He even goes on further to explain how mental toughness coexists with the world class. I learned a new way of thinking today. I’ve always associated the middle class with a socio-economical standing. You know, business, money etc… But there’s more than one set of middle class. And it’s a LOT bigger than just the middle.

This is one of my longer shows, and we got kicked off the air at the end! When the energy and content is flowing only pulling the plug can kill creativity. You’re going to love listening to this podcast in your car or in the gym over and over. Be sure to take some notes, there is a lot covered in this one!



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