Are you the Tony Romo of Sales?

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Could you imagine waking up being Tony Romo on Monday morning after having one of the best games in Dallas Cowboy history, but still losing? The guy can’t win a game to save his team it seems. I’m a lifelong Dallas Cowboy fan from the Dallas area. I’ve been on this dammed emotional roller caster of fandom for many years. One of the highlights of my life was taking a piss next to Troy Aikman and looking over and seeing if he was wearing his bowl rings. (I think he got the wrong idea though, he didn’t look happy) Tony Romo  

I’d love to sit here an criticize Tony for 4000+ words but that’s not why I’m writing this. I could bitch about him taking $100MM and not leaving anything on the books to pay for an offensive line and I’d have the right, but that’s not why I wrote this. Also, to be 100% clear, I have like 0 talent at football. I barely watch it outside of Cowboy games. I’m not an ath-el-lete (lol) but I am a driven, action taker, which is exactly what a pro-baller is.

So let me get right to it:

Tony’s problem is he can’t close. Keep the coffee away from him! He has all these amazing stats, completions, yards, and all those other fancy numbers you fucks pay closer attention to than your jobs and families, but that’s another rant… People either love or hate Tony too. Which is really what you want in life. You will find no fake compliments about how people feel about Tony either. He could easily be the most loved man in Dallas, but for now he’s settling for most frustrating.  

Are you like Tony in your sales biz? Meaning, you make all the calls, take all the leads, send all the follow ups, make all the touches but can’t win for shit. Are you converting your sales or are you just selling? There’s a big ass difference. No one, and I mean no one, should be selling for selling purposes. That shit is for the fucking Canadian pharmacies and other spammers. Don’t waste your time if you don’t come to close. Selling is the most annoying thing for all parties if a transaction is not made. It just becomes a waste of everyones time, kind of like a losing football game ;-)  

Maybe you are closing, if you are reading this, there is a really good chance you’re a bad-ass in sales. But if you aren’t, pay attention to what I’m about to share. YOU PROBABLY TALK TOO FUCKING MUCH! When’s the last time you listened to your clients instead of trying to push them to decide? When is the last time you heard the REAL objection and then offered a phenomenal solution that includes your product or service? Closers do it differently, we listen and problem solve.  

I’m made this super fancy, info-ma-chin, infografic (sic) to explain the complex steps you must take in order to effectively work your way into the wallet of your prospect. In a good way.   whiteboard infographic  

Step 1: Find the REAL need (listen)

Step 2: Offer solution to REAL need

Step 3: Reinforce why they need it (use their words; you listened, remember?)

Step 4: Make your offer with a price attached (“Sir you can buy 3 of these for $40000 and fix that issue”)

Step 5: Over Deliver the goods my man!  

You can take all the glory when you do win, but you better be able to handle the blame when you lose as well. More importantly when it’s down to the 4th quarter objections and we’re talking about the ones that matter, it’s crucial that you not lose focus, not rely on anyone else to close for you, and never, ever underestimate the competition.  

If you are ready to crush this sales shit and quit fucking being a pussy and finally closing deals in a cool way without being a pushy dickhead, I got ya. I’ve got the formula and ability to put a stop to your sales pain and open up the doors of abundance for you. Fill out the form to find out how.   P.S. I think I successfully used every cuss-word I could. We’re talking sports y’all.  

P.S. I think I successfully used every cuss-word I could. We’re talking sports y’all.

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