Creating Structure in a World of Chaos

Posted on November 24, 2013

Ryan Stewman



You’re probably like me in regard to just being good at what you do. You do 99% of what you need to on auto-pilot. You’ve never really considered or stopped to think about your step-by-step procedures. You know you need systems to help with creating structure in order to grow but who has time to map that shit out? You do. And you better do it now because it won’t get any easier to do.    

Your excuses won’t work here. I’ve got a busy schedule and ADD just like you. Guess what? I’m not on adderral either. Are you? So you have ZERO reason not to put exact systems in place to enhance your business.  

Systems suck, this I know. If you don’t have them them in place you can’t strategically grow. So many managers, entrepreneurs and small business owners make the mistake of trying to train their replacement every time they hire an assistant. Furthermore they wonder why the good assistants eventually bail on them and become competition. It’s because you’re training replacements not assistants.

Why is this? Because you don’t have systems in place.

Hell, I’m just as guilty as the next person. I’m by no means a procrastinator, but I put shit off due to my massive implementation affliction. Every time I have put them in place, my life and business improves and so does the quality of content my clients, followers and connections receive.

Structure is needed in a world full of chaos.chaos

Allow me to give you some solid advice here. I know it’s free, so take what you will of it. Over the next month as you get your new deals/clients coming in, document each step you walk them through. Keep an online notepad like evernote, and add to it with each step and interaction. To take it one step further, mark down how much time you spent on each of these items as well.  

After you have completed the entire process with your client, go back over your list. Dissect which steps and activities that you don’t enjoy. Maybe the ones that are not your strong points. Maybe they take up too much of your time and you could use it to attract and help more clients. Those are the tasks you want to hire and train an assistant to do. Nothing more, nothing less.  

When you train an assistant or other employee, you don’t train them to be you. You train them to do a job. This way there is no confusion from either of you. Contracts and agreements have to be in place.  

As your team takes on more tasks and responsibility, you can grow your brand and attract business on the next level. You need to spend your time where your business and your clients are best served.  

I don’t do my own taxes, hell I couldn’t even tell you how much I make. I have people who handle that for me. I’m good at making it, not counting it so why would I spend my time doing that? I suck at editing videos and it takes me hours to do it. I hired a videographer to handle it for me. He shows up, we shoot, he leaves, video appears on my youtube channel, end of story.  

It’s also crucial that you understand who to hire. Maybe you don’t need an assistant. Maybe you need a book keeper. Maybe you need to hire a marketer or a salesman? Outsourcing doesn’t cost you money, it makes you money.  

Like I said in the opening paragraph, this is free advice, take it for what you will. I promise you, it’s worth a few dollars to your business if you implement it. I wish I had something to sell you. I don’t. Well, unless you look to your right and see those banners. Yea those. They have free videos and shit you can buy. Do me and you a favor. Buy something. BOOM!  

Oh and share this too ;-) If you want to talk to me about how you can join forces with me and kick everyone’s ass around you, fill out the form under this sentence. Yea, that one.

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